35 Best Online Jobs for 2023 (Work From Home & Get Paid)

I have always done several types of online work to earn extra income. I have used these small side jobs to create another type of online work for myself. You could say that I am pretty resilient. No matter what challenges I face, I have always found a way to overcome them.

When I have been faced with a mountain of problems, I have usually climbed it and come out of it better. 

In the normal working world, there are plenty of jobs or tasks you can do to earn money from home. This list was created with the intention of providing as much information as possible. What may sound crazy to you may work great for someone else. Each type of job is organized to give you an A to Z list of what money-making opportunities are out there.

Then each type of job is defined, the duties are explained, other pertinent information is offered, and most importantly, a website (or a few) depending on what is available for each opportunity, along with a description of what the company is looking for.

There are multiple websites for each type of job, as different companies are looking for work-from-home support at different times. This way you have many options to help you in your search.

Best Work From Home Jobs

1. Book Reviewer

If you like to read, this could be a way to earn money. It will not bring you a full-time income, but it can give you access to free books and earn a little money from home. A book review is an unbiased, honest assessment of a book. It can be as simple as giving a one-star rating to a multi-line essay.

Since this book is about how to make money from home, only links for book reviews that come with compensation are provided here.

There are a few other options for book reviews, but they do not come with money rewards. They only offer the glory of getting a free book or posting your review on the respective website.

Kirkus Media: The site itself does not state how much it pays per review, but the book reviewer position is mentioned under the Careers tab and listed as a freelance opportunity, suggesting that some compensation is provided. The site is looking for English- and Spanish-language reviewers for self-published authors. It says that anyone interested in the book reviewer position should submit their resume, a writing sample, and a list of the reviewer’s specialties.

Reedsy discovery: this site works a little differently than other review sites. Compensation goes directly from readers to the reviewer in the form of a tip, with no structured or minimum amounts.

Online Book Club: the reviewer is offered a selection of books to review. He selects the genre or book he prefers and submits a review. The website lists the potential compensation as $5-$60 per review. After you sign up, you will find fine print stating that you must adhere to strict review guidelines and that the first review you submit will not be compensated.

US Review of Books: although the payment amount is not specified, the site states that reviewers are paid monthly for their reviews and that checks are mailed by the 5th of each month. The review itself only needs to be 250-300 words, but there are certain points that must be followed for each book review.

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2. Editing and Proofreading

The Merriam Webster dictionary has three definitions for the word edit. Each of the three definitions begins with two words: prepare, compile, and change. Thus, an editor prepares a text for publication by putting together words that have already been written and then changed. Proofreading is “reading a galley or electronic copy of a publication to find and correct production errors.”

What is the difference between proofreading and editing? Proofreading focuses on stylistic errors in the text, such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax. Proofreading includes all the steps of proofreading and also makes changes to a written work of art or communication to make it more understandable.

Cactus Communications: this site is best suited for editors with a bachelor’s degree or higher and a background in science, humanities, or technology. You do not need to have editing experience, just the right education.

Edit 911: Applicants must have a Ph.D. in English or another field that has a lot to do with writing.

Enago: Extensive experience and education required to apply for a position on this site.

Gramlee: The site states that it is always looking for exceptional editors.

Lifetips: Easy application process for editors with search engine marketing experience and knowledge.

American Journal Experts: This is an academic website that seeks professional editors with scientific knowledge on topics such as math, science, medicine, and physics.

3. Art or Creative Services

An artist is one who engages in an activity that involves the creation of art, the practice of art, or the demonstration of art. A visual artist or creative person working from home might practice their art under many different titles in a variety of roles.

Possible activities of an artist working from home include:

  • Art teacher 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Illustrator 
  • Storyline developer 
  • Photographer
  • Logo Creator 
  • Layout Specialist

A few websites to help guide you down the artistic path:

Cricket Media: Does not accept photographs. Do not send original artwork, as submitted artwork will not be returned.

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy: Seeks submissions of artwork for book covers and book jackets for science fiction and fantasy publishers.

Fun Times: Accepts cartoons and short stories for funny cartoons about politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death – nothing is off limits.

Wild Apple: This site is looking for talented artists to license and publish. Specifically, they are looking for painters, photographers, illustrators, and artists who can create a story with a collection of art.

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4. Customer Service Representative

A person who works as a customer service representative may go by many different names, such as customer service representative, customer service agent, or customer service representative.

It could be any other combination of words that defines the job as one in which a person interacts with customers to answer questions, offer information, collect demographic data, make suggestive sales, handle complaints, process orders, act as an ambassador for the company they represent, and many other tasks and duties.

If you are good with people, have good communication skills, typing skills, problem solving skills, and have the right home environment with the right physical equipment, this could be a good job for you. Most of these jobs require some type of home office that allows for a quiet workspace, different types of equipment, and varying internet speeds and software.

Because these jobs are structured similarly to an “office job” or a “call center” job, they offer and require structured schedules, steady pay, and sometimes benefits.

Some of the companies looking for some type of customer service representative are:

  • Ttec
  • American Express
  • Broadpath
  • Unum
  • Nexrep
  • Sitel

The pertinent available information, such as pay, qualifications, and equipment requirements can be found on their company websites.

5. Chat Agents

What does a chat agent do? Chat agents communicate with customers via live chat or email to answer questions, resolve issues, and troubleshoot problems. Chat agents can work remotely or in a regular office environment and typically must have customer service experience.

For the chat agent position, the candidate must have some level of experience dealing with customers, typing skills, access to a computer and the internet. Communication skills are crucial because that is the entire focus of the position. They must also be able to think quickly, multitask, handle multiple calls simultaneously, problem-solve, and provide the necessary physical equipment.

Chat Shop: The website states that they can only hire candidates from the UK and the US states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. The Chat Shop’s website states, “By combining human chat and AI chat, we ensure that every conversation is focused on the visitors who need it most – the conversations that matter.” It does not specify what the starting salary is or exactly what equipment is needed. It is assumed that you will need at least a computer with Internet access and probably a good microphone and headset.

Kelly Connect: Kelly Connect Services requires its chat agents to have technical skills, customer service experience, communication skills, and a high school diploma or equivalent. In return, the site offers $13.50 per hour with a $1.00 increase after 90 days.

Smith.ai: This company has hours from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST, M-F, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and offers both part-time and full-time positions. For a part-time position, you must be available 5 days per week and 4 hours per day. Compensation was not mentioned, but they say you need it:

  • Internet with less than 50 ms ping, greater than 10 Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.
  • Typing skills of 40 wpm with 100% accuracy.

Sitestaff: Sitestaff is looking for sharp, experienced chat hosts with impeccable typing skills (65-75 wpm with perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling), multitasking ability and strong empathic communication skills. The website does not mention what the starting salary will be.

Outplex: By its own definition, OutPLEX is “a top teleservice contact center supporting recognized brands with teleservices and live chat.” The skills required are pretty basic. You must be able to type 30-50 pages per minute and have excellent spelling, grammar and communication skills. The only physical equipment requirements are wired Internet access and an operating system without MAC with Windows access.

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6. Closed Captioning

Closed captions are the words you see at the bottom of the screen when you watch a video, show, movie, or other audiovisual file. The people who convert these words from spoken form to written form are the subtitlers.

Usually, the process of creating closed captions goes like this. People speak (movie, show, lecture, etc.), a transcription is created where the spoken words are translated into a “script”. Then the script is adapted to the audiovisual material so that the spoken words match the words displayed at the bottom of the screen. This is the subtitling.

There are two types of captioning: real-time and offline. Real-time subtitling is a live broadcast. The subtitler creates the subtitles for all kinds of live programmes, such as news broadcasts or sport events. Working with real-time subtitles is all about speed and accuracy, and most subtitling companies require that you have the proper training, skills, and experience to work for them.

Offline subtitling involves pre-recorded programmes. The captioner often creates or uses a script to match the printed words with the spoken words.

Real-time captioning:

Aberdeen: Candidates must have some experience, accuracy, and crazy speed: 180-220 wpm.

Offline captioning:

REV: This company offers captioning freelance work even to the inexperienced beginner. Beginner beware that even if you pass the test and can start with REV, it is very hard to make money that makes sense if you are not experienced. I was able to take the test in order to be qualified to get started, but then, when I took my first assignment, I realized how far out of my league I was.

7. Email Support

Email support is a form of communication that allows for a customer and business representative to communicate in order to resolve customer questions, challenges, and concerns without both parties having to be present for the conversation at the same time. 

For people who excel at customer service but do not want to or can not be on the phone, this is another alternative to use those skills. Customer service-oriented jobs that require talking to customers on the phone also tend to have more rigorous and extensive physical equipment requirements. Email support does not happen live, so the equipment requirements are a bit less.

ModSquad: The title of the position they are looking for is Community Support Associate, but the duties of this position involve customer interactions via email, so it is in email support here. This company is looking for people with extensive written communication skills, technical knowledge and skill, customer service experience, and preferably a knowledge and passion for live video streaming. The position is advertised as full-time and offers a competitive salary and benefits. There are no equipment requirements, only that ModSquad security software must be installed.

Ynab: This position is a combination of email support and chat. Ynab is looking for part-time support specialists who can work 25-30 hours per week, communicate flawlessly, easily handle multiple conversations at once, and are truly customer focused. The stated salary is $18 per hour during training, with an increase to $20 per hour for permanent part-time. To apply, visit the link and follow the instructions to write a cover letter, answer the questions listed, and submit a resume.

Whoop: Whoop is currently hiring for Member Service Representatives for second and third shifts from 3:00pm to 11:30pm or 11:00pm to 7:30am. This is a multi-faceted role that involves reaching out to and serving customers via email, phone, and chat. The qualifications required all focus on customer service skills such as troubleshooting, written and verbal communication skills, reliability and punctuality, and the ability to remain calm and professional. Some physical requirements are listed such as a quiet, distraction-free workspace, internet with 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. Whoop will provide all equipment needed. Starting salary is $18.00 per hour with benefits and paid time off. Unfortunately, this position is only available in about half the states. Check the website for a complete list as the locations offered are dynamic.

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8. Data Entry

A data entry clerk is an employee who enters or updates data in a computer system. Most of these positions are considered entry-level and are compensated accordingly. The basic requirements are reading, writing, and typing skills.

Axion Data Entry Services: requires 2 to 3 years of data entry experience and a keystroke rate of 15,000 keystrokes per hour. The site states that it offers long-term independent contractor positions only on rare occasions when a position becomes available and to weed out unqualified applicants. There is a fee to register in the database, which costs $5, $7 or $10, depending on how long you want to shop your data.

SigTrack: While this company is not currently hiring, it is one of the few that offers data entry-only positions, specifically to connect grassroots campaigns with freelance data entry workers who update information from voter registration and petitions.

9. Moderator

In the online sense, a moderator encourages interaction in forums, answers questions that arise, updates the website or blog with questions from participants and members. The moderator may also monitor the company’s or website’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to respond and react to comments, posts, message boards, and chats. This position is complementary to that of a Social Media Manager as some of the duties may overlap.

Liveworld: This company calls its moderator position a “social media customer care agent.” In this role, the qualified candidate will monitor social media posts, take appropriate action, respond to customer questions and comments, and keep up to date on new trends and issues. Customer service experience, reliable Internet access, a laptop and, as the job posting states, proficiency in languages other than English are required.

The social element: at this company, the position is called “Community Manager,” and the job ad states that the role is referred to internally as “Engagement Specialist.” They are looking for someone with a strong background in social media, experience with all platforms, and a flexible schedule. Visit the link with your updated resume and answers to the questions posed to inquire about the opportunity.

10. Consulting

Are you already an expert in a field? It does not matter what the field or specialty is. If you have a mountain of knowledge on a particular subject, you are an expert and can be called upon as a consultant.

Whether you are a licensed consultant, a beauty product guru, a knitting enthusiast, a kung fu master, an excellent dog groomer, or a HR bigwig with years of experience and knowledge, you are an expert in a particular field.

Use what you already have to your advantage and call yourself a consultant. This is the kind of home-based business that you need to treat as your own. You should define what your expertise is, where your skills are most marketable, who needs your help, and how to find them.

Once you have defined who you are and what you can do, you can put your skills out into the world through a website, online marketplace, blog, social media and YouTube and build a client base. Again, as a consultant, treat your expertise like a gold mine and build your own business instead of wasting your valuable time.

You could also work for a new website that allows you to pay clients for consulting services on an hourly basis. At Grinfer, you can sign up as a consultant and offer your expertise to anyone willing to pay for your time. You can also easily publish courses to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

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11. Online Poker

Playing online poker for fun is perfectly acceptable and legal in all 50 states. Playing online poker for money is another matter. It is technically gambling, which is illegal in most places.

Right now, it’s only legal in Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. So if you want to try your skill and luck at poker to make money, you’ll have to turn to an offshore poker site to keep the game legal.

Check out these offshore poker sites if poker is your thing and you want to make or lose some money:

  • Ignition Casino
  • BET online
  • Intertops Poker
  • Juicy Stakes

12. E-Commerce Store Owners

E-commerce is the electronic buying or selling of products or services on the Internet. This way of making money has so many different avenues, forks, and side notes that it’s actually its own book. Here I will explain the basic types of e-commerce, and then the rest is up to you.

Remember that e-commerce should be treated more like running a business that you own, and as such you should treat it with the same respect. Do your due diligence. Do thorough research and make sure it’s a path you really want to take before diving headfirst into the business.

There are 6 basic types of e-commerce: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, consumer to business, business to administration, and consumer to administration.

1). Business to business (B2B) e-commerce involves the electronic transaction of goods and sales conducted between two companies. For example, a motorcycle repair shop may purchase repair supplies from a motorcycle supply chain via an online transaction.

2). Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce is the same as above, but the transaction is from a business to a consumer. For example, anytime you order something from Amazon, the business, it has conducted an e- commerce transaction with you, the consumer.

3). Consumer to consumer (C2C) e-commerce involves an online transaction between two consumers. The eBay platform would be a good example of two consumers enacting a C2C e-commerce transaction.

4). Consumer to business (C2B) takes place anytime a consumer offers a product or service to a business, and an electronic exchange takes place. For example, a product reviewer is paid to test a product and issue its findings for said business.

5). Business to administration (B2A) refers to e-commerce taking place between a business and a public administrative entity. For example, anytime a business has to register with a federal or state entity to process their employees’ taxes.

6). Consumer to administration (C2A) is the process of e-commerce involving a consumer and a public administrative organization. For example, when an individual files their individual taxes with the IRS.

Ways that you can work in the e-commerce field include:

  • Amazon FBA.
  • Running an eBay store
  • Running an Etsy store
  • Offering online accounting and tax filing services
  • Run your own website selling items of your choice
  • Start a t-shirt printing and merchandise store on Spreadshirt.com

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13. Programming

Since computer programming is a set of tasks that are pretty much always done on a computer and online, this is one of the ideal work-from-home jobs. You need to have some technical aptitude and a certain level of education to get a job like this.

Some of the job titles included in computer programming include:

  • Software application developer Web developer
  • Computer systems engineer Database administrator
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Software quality assurance engineer 
  • Business intelligence analyst 
  • Computer programmer
  • Network system administrator

These are well-paying opportunities for those with the right skills and training to perform the job tasks.

If you already have the education and skills required for these types of jobs, you probably already know where and how to find the job. Those who are very tech-savvy and are thinking about furthering their education should keep in mind that there are literally thousands of these jobs available for people who are appropriately qualified.

Once you have acquired the knowledge and skills, you will be employable for life, which is definitely an advantage considering that our entire world is becoming more and more tech-centric every day. Job security is crucial, and you will be hard pressed to find a more secure job than this.

14. Telemedicine

All areas of our lives are influenced and driven by technology, even medicine. The advent of telecommunications and ever-evolving technology has allowed more and more medical professionals to work remotely. Where medical professionals and patients once had to meet in person for every problem, there is now a new practice – telemedicine.

Telemedicine allows medical professionals to meet with patients remotely, discuss symptoms and medical problems, get a diagnosis, learn about treatment options and more. Of course, you must have the necessary training and experience as a physician to perform this type of work.

In this regard, these companies also employ technical staff to keep their platform running smoothly, insurance clerks, and sometimes patient intake specialists, appointment setters, customer service representatives, medical billing experts, and transcriptionists.

  • American Well
  • MD Live
  • Doctor on Demand
  • Health
  • Steady MD

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15. Music

If you are a musician and you are good at what you do, you can find many ways to make a living doing what you do. You may not land the next big record deal, but you can certainly use your talent to your advantage. Here are some general suggestions on how you can make money from music.

  • Create a real fan base and hold on to it. These are the people who will follow you everywhere and buy your music and merchandising. Find a target audience and make sure your music marketing strategy is geared towards them.
  • Drive your traffic. Wherever you run your social media, make sure there’s an easy link that also takes people to your music pages so you do not lose potential fans.
  • Advertising is still important. Just because you have the voice of an angel does not mean it will magically be heard amidst all the internet noise. Advertise and bring them to you.
  • Pre-orders are critical. Create and maintain a much larger presence by focusing on brand awareness, preparation and branding.
  • Do not forget about crowdfunding. You need money to keep going. Check out a crowdfunding website and model yourself after what the most successful artists have done.
  • MP3 sales are still a good source of income.
  • Do not forget about CDs. Some fans still want a printed copy after the show.
  • Merchandising your brand gives fans a piece of you to keep with them – use this opportunity as a monopoly.

Some platforms where musicians can earn real money for their work are: Soundcloud, YouTube and TuneCore. You could also consider setting up a room in your house as a recording studio. Not only could you record your own hits and produce an album, but you could also rent out the space to other musicians who need recordings.

You could also become a composer for video games or write background music for videographers. YouTubers need unique music, and you could license your creations to them for use on their channel. Independent video game companies are also always in need of original music for their video games. You could record these at home on your computer and transact them online.

If you are good at writing jingles, work with a local marketing company or commercial production studio. You could also find community groups to perform at special events, or bars and restaurants to work with. With this option, you are not exactly working “from home,” but you are working on your own schedule and on your own terms.

16. Reviewer

Yes, people actually get paid to review books, products, services, and websites. No, it is not a scam if you give an accurate, honest review of the book, product, service or website. The people who are paid to write these reviews are compensated for their time with the expectation that they will be honest and factual.

While there are many companies that pay for fraudulent, highly rated reviews to boost their online presence, there are others that will pay you with either cash, gift cards, or a product. If you are a blogger, a social media influencer, or a YouTube star, then you have access to many more paid review opportunities.

For everyone else who wants to stay under the radar and just make a few bucks or get some free products, check out this list:

User Tests: this site will pay you $10 via PayPal for each twenty-minute video you complete seven days after completing the test. Basically, you download the user testing software, complete a series of tasks while speaking your thoughts out loud, and a week later you get the ten dollars.

Pro Chef kitchen tools: sign up for the ambassador program. Choose a product, test it, and use it. Write a review. Keep the product. Here is how you could summarize the program.

GMYLE: Buy the product. Provide proof of purchase. Get reimbursed for the cost. Test and evaluate the product. Each user is allowed up to 2 samples per month. Seems pretty simple.

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17. Resume Writer

A good resume that highlights who you are and your most valuable skills and qualities can make the difference in getting the job you deserve. For those who have a hard time creating the perfect resume, there are resume writing services. A resume writer will be the one to translate your great skills into the written word for the ideal job.

Talent Inc: This company is looking for writers with at least 3 years of experience who are Microsoft Office geniuses. The website says there is enough work to keep you busy and that you can earn up to $3,500 per month.

The Job Sauce: This contract position is only for the most qualified resume writers. The Job Sauce is looking for individuals who have at least 5 years of resume writing experience, have edited at least 75 resumes, and have a list of other required qualifications. The contractor will be paid per resume on a weekly basis.

18. Video Editor

A video editor is involved in video production and post-production of movies. The video editor’s duties include making decisions about selecting and assembling shots into sequences and adding accompanying sound effects and music to ultimately create a finished film, television show, commercial, promo, or excerpt.

A video editor must be knowledgeable in media production, computer operating software and hardware, and have a keen eye for detail. Online video consumption is growing in huge leaps every year. This means that a job or career path in video editing can be financially solvent and stable.

Many of the video editing jobs and positions I found were on Upwork, an online marketplace for freelancers. Upwork had listings for all skill levels, from beginners to highly skilled professionals.

Because video is so commonly used for marketing, sales, demonstration, interaction, and so many other functions, video editing jobs exist in a variety of industries and business types.

The list below is just a sample of the companies that are hiring now for video editing.

  • Manning Publications: Looking for a developmental video editor to work with video course instructors to create and edit high-quality courses.
  • DoSayGive: Hiring for a full-time creative assistant whose duties include video editing with exquisite taste in fashion, interior, and lifestyle.
  • JOMI: The Journal of Medical Insight is looking for video production staff to film and edit surgical film.

At the time of this writing, some of these positions may already be filled. There are always freelance work from home opportunities on Upwork and other online job boards.

Video editing is a skill that is in high demand and can provide someone with a fair and reliable source of income.

19. Voice Services

Another way to make money from home is to create voice-overs. A voice-over is read from a script and can be spoken by someone who also appears elsewhere in the production, or by a specialised voice actor. You could be that voiceover artist!

These sites will pay you to use your voice:

  • Filmless: This organization is looking for highly experienced individuals with more than five years of voice over experience. They must have a portfolio to showcase their work and a home studio to do the work.
  • Snap Recordings: no information is offered to specify the type of person, skills, equipment or qualifications required for this position, just a form to fill out and submit.
  • Voices.com: this website is an online job marketplace used exclusively for professional voice actors.
  • Voice 123: Another online marketplace for voice actors. There are different rates you can sign up for.
  • Voice Crafters: Only the most experienced voice actors are accepted on this site. They are looking for people with more than five years of experience and a home studio.

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20. Podcasts

It is possible to make money with a successful podcast. It takes time, effort, dedication, discipline, strategy and some level of investment. This is not an opportunity to make quick money or get an instant paycheck.

Rather, it is an opportunity to work from home that you should treat more like your own business where you will see results later.

This is another way to establish yourself as an expert on a particular topic or someone to look to in a particular niche. Consider designing your podcast around a single area of expertise. A podcast, blog, social media, and YouTube channel together can create a brand experience that makes you real money.

This approach is similar to a blogger’s or YouTuber’s job in that there are some common ways to monetize a podcast:

Affiliate Marketing: recommend products and services to your listeners that they like. The podcaster earns income this way by receiving a commission from the product or service provider whose goods they recommended and sold.

Sponsorship: If you are successful with affiliate marketing, you can attract sponsors to fund your podcast.

Coaching: Once you have an audience that knows, trusts and recommends you, you can sell your coaching services. See “consulting” covered earlier in this book.

Courses/Courses: over time, you will identify the recurring questions that need to be addressed in coaching sessions. These questions can be turned into a course. Your knowledge can turn into money. You could sell these courses online to make more money. Try websites like Skillshare, Grinfer, and Udemy.

Product sales: eventually create a product or service that helps your students/listeners solve the problems that led them to your podcast.

Merchandise sales: consider selling t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and mousepads with something related to your brand, such as your catchphrase, logo, or an “inside joke” that came out of interacting with your audience that your loyal followers will understand.

21. Research and Fact-Checking

An online researcher is someone who is able to research the Internet and compile and analyze data from a variety of sources to present to clients in an easily understandable form.

A good researcher is someone who is able to dig below the surface to find the facts from credible sources with accurate information by asking good questions, having a lot of patience, and generally being thirsty for knowledge. Most online research is done on a freelance or contract basis.

Upwork, one of the online marketplaces for freelance work, has many job ads for internet researchers.

You can also find some companies that are also looking for researchers:

Wonder Research: is looking for applicants with strong research skills, preferably with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and pays $15-18 per hour.

BBE Marketing: this company calls its research role “research engineer.” The applicant for this position would research and review data and interact with partners and team members.

Nox Solutions: the Researcher position is a full-time position with 401k and benefits. Nox is looking for someone with research skills and preferably a degree in business administration with a background in a legal firm.

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22. Teaching

Among the helping professions, teachers are perhaps the most important to our society and, unfortunately, some of the most underrated and undervalued. If you have a degree, certification, or set of skills or knowledge that you would like to share with the world, please do so. We all need you.

Udemy: If you have a set of skills or a knowledge base that others might find useful, turn it into a course and earn money on Udemy every time a student buys your course.

VIPKid: An online classroom that teaches English to kids in China. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and then go through an application process. You create a profile, recruit some students, and get paid to teach remotely.

Preply: Preply is an online hub where tutors and students can come together so students can work on their skills in different languages and subjects.

IXL Learning: IXL is a home-based learning website and has openings for math editors, math editors, and Spanish translators.

23. Test Graders

Test graders are also called readers/scorers, and their job is to score students’ answers on exams. Exams may cover subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, or a variety of other topics. They are usually hired on a contract and temporary basis for specific peak times of the year.

Measurement Inc: You will need a Bachelor’s degree in any subject area and a successful interview. Most positions are available from March through June.

Write Score: At Write Score, you only need to have a two-year degree, but you must pass a skills test, then attend orientation, pass skill levels, and finally begin evaluating student responses. The first orientation begins in late July to early August.

Literably: no degree required, just the ability to pass the qualification tests. Literably is an online platform that helps students test their reading level through oral tests. No employees from CA, CT, MA, MT, NE or NJ states will be hired.

24. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative services such as customer service, data entry, emailing, scheduling, and various other tasks for clients away from the client’s office. Some skills and qualifications required to be a successful virtual assistant include exceptional customer service, computer and administrative skills, internet usage, and marketing.

Online job boards such as Upwork and Zirtual regularly post jobs of this type, with a variety of freelance and contractual terms. Some of the listings may be limited to a few days or a single task, or they may be longer-term and require a greater commitment from both parties.

Fancy Hands: this platform only hires virtual assistants. On their website, they state that they have assistants around the world who take the work off their hands by handling tasks such as phone calls, scheduling, data entry, research, shopping, and concierge services.

Use these online marketplaces to search for virtual assistant positions:

  • Zirtual 
  • UpWork
  • Remote.co
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed 
  • ZipRecruiter 
  • Craigslist

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25. Travel Agent

A good travel agent can help you discover the part of the world you want to explore. The job of a travel agent is to help the traveler plan their trip. They help arrange transportation, accommodations, admissions to entertainment activities for individuals and groups, make suggestions for restaurants, and overall ensure that the trip is smooth and successful.

There are two types of travel agent jobs. One is where you work from home and set up your own franchise, paid solely on commission. The other is a more traditional work from home job where you work from home for a company and earn a base salary plus commission, sometimes with benefits.

  • Air Treks
  • BCD Travel
  • CCRA Travel Commerce Network
  • Kemp Travel Group

26. Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is a person hired by companies that need people to review search results. This person helps ensure that Internet searches provide relevant, accurate, and comprehensive results of searches conducted in search engines.

Most of these positions are contractual or freelance. Most companies are looking for individuals who have a university degree. Most hiring companies prefer that the candidate be bilingual and at least proficient in English.

Appen: Appen regularly hires freelancers to work four to five hours per weekday doing a variety of search engine tasks. They are hired after passing a series of exams.

Lionbridge: Similar to Appen, Lionbridge is also looking for freelancers to perform search engine evaluations.

27. YouTube Content Creator

There are a lot of people who want to become a YouTube star overnight and become instantly rich and famous. It’s much harder and involves a lot more work than people think.

The following information comes directly from YouTube and describes how you can build a YouTube channel and work on making money from home. The YouTube Creator Academy sums it up in three steps:

1). Building an engaged audience. Your content can be as good as it is, but you need people to watch it so you can think about monetizing your channel. So make sure you build a community of people who follow your channel to get your numbers up to the level you need. The number of subscriptions, the number of minutes watched, and the number of comments, likes, and dislikes will determine the success or failure of your channel.

2). Join the YouTube Partner Program.<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> If your channel has been around for 12 months, has 1,000 subscribers, and has been viewed 4,000 hours, you can monetize your channel by being able to place ads in your videos.

3). Make money with ads and other options. Ads are the most significant source of revenue from a successful YouTube channel.

Make sure you create engaging content that remains ad-friendly, as some advertisers will use targeting tools to reach specific audiences. You should consider targeting your channel to a specific genre or topic.

You really should not mix different categories of videos on one channel. For example, if you run an ASMR channel, your audience will not necessarily be interested in you also playing Minecraft or posting a vlog about your vacation.

Other sources of income from a YouTube channel can be from:

  • channel memberships 
  • merchandise sales
  • super chat donations
  • brand deals 
  • affiliate marketing partnerships
  • YouTube premium

It is possible to create a revenue stream for yourself with a successful YouTube channel. However, that does not mean it’s easy. 

You’ll have to invest time in research, time in creating content, money in buying the right recording equipment, effort in creating videos, and there will be many challenges along the way. This opportunity to work from home is like a startup business and should be viewed and treated as such.

You’ll have to work hard on marketing strategies, such as choosing the right keywords, hashtags, video descriptions, and titles to get your video recognised by YouTube’s algorithm. Learning how to create an effective thumbnail is like designing a cover for a book. Most people judge your content based on that first 2-second glimpse as they scroll through their feed of suggested videos.

There are entire volumes of books on how to run and grow a successful YouTube channel. Since the topic in this book is not exclusive to this particular home-based business, I encourage you to do further research if you are interested in this job.

Also, a content creator is not only expected to manage their videos and channel well, but they must also excel at social media. You’ll find that most successful content creators also manage a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page for their channel. This can also extend to podcasts, blogs, and even writing an eBook – all on behalf of your YouTube brand.

This job is much more about marketing, brand management, and social media than it is about producing video content. Yes, your videos need to be entertaining, informative and/or engaging, but you also need to make a real connection with your audience (aka your “customer”).

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28. Social Media Influencer

Are you a social media fanatic? Do you spend a lot of time checking your social media and connecting with others on their social media? If so, consider turning that passion for social media interaction into a way to make some extra money or turn it into your profession.

Much like blogging or podcasting, there are a few ways to turn your followers and all those hours you spend on social media into a profit. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to treat it like a business and invest time, money and effort.

Basically, you can use whatever platform(s) you choose to:

  • Build a follower base and network
  • Use the platform to publish ads for monetization
  • Find a niche and become an expert on a topic
  • Use that expertise to coach others on the subject matter
  • Take that coaching experience and create a course that can be marketed and sold

It’s not easy. You need to build a following, develop expertise, invest time and money, do not give up, and be in it for the long haul. Do your research and familiarise yourself with the reality of your venture before you think you’ll become the next YouTube star making a million a year overnight.

Another variation on the idea of a social media influencer is a social media manager.

In this position, you would basically monitor and manage a company’s social media accounts. You need to know the latest trends, how to make the most of hashtags, and what the company’s target audience is interested in. You will be expected to manage the social media account so that the company gains followers who become customers, while keeping the existing customers happy.

Social media manager jobs that can be done remotely can usually be found on job websites like Indeed and Glassdoor. A really good training for social media managers would be Google AdWords certification training (free from Google) or getting a certificate in social media management from an online school like Udemy.

29. Transcription

If you are a talented typist, you should look for a job as a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist is a person who converts audio files, handwritten documents, or other communications into a text format by typing what they hear or see.

Because the process of converting the spoken word into text is extremely fast, most transcriptionists undergo training and use the assistance of a foot pedal so they can type and review the audio file at the same time.

Speakwrite: There is a 5-step process to get hired as a transcriptionist at Speakwrite. You must apply, pass a typing test, sign a confidentiality agreement and provide your work history, complete training, and go over company policies before you can accept paid jobs.

GMR Transcription: This company has a simple online application. After submitting, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to take a test, and then you are off.

Daily Transcription: Daily Transcription’s website states that the company offers higher compensation than some of its competitors, as well as a comprehensive training program for new transcriptionists. The application process for this 1099 position includes a skills assessment test and a transcription test. They strongly recommend the use of transcription software, good headphones, and a foot pedal.

Speechpad: The 1099 position is like the other transcription positions listed with slightly lower pay rates. The website says the pay is between 0 .25and 1.00 per minute. They are paid every Tuesday and Friday via PayPal.

Go Transcript: The website states that they pay up to 0.60 per minute, with average earnings of $150 per month and top monthly earnings of $1,215.

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30. Translation

An online translator takes written or spoken material from one language and uses their expert knowledge of both languages to translate it into another. These individuals are in high demand because people from all over the world communicate with each other over the Internet and need to be able to express themselves clearly despite language or dialect barriers.

Cyracom: A successful candidate must have a degree in interpreting. Individuals who speak two or more languages are sought to work as a telephone interpreter.

Gengo: A Lionbridge Company. The interpreter position pays twice a month. The website asks you to sign up before getting specific information, such as pay or requirements.

Interpreters and Translators: always looking for professional interpreters and translators with good language skills in two or more languages. The successful candidate will be required to pass an oral exam and background check, with preference given to those with a medical or legal specialization.

Certified Languages International: As the need for linguists is constantly fluctuating, Certified Languages International is always looking for highly qualified candidates with court interpreter certification programs such as CCHI, NBCMI, DHS and others.

Language Line Solutions: Qualified candidates are fluent in English and one or more other languages, have some computer skills, and have an exceptional sense of customer service.

31. Writing

If communicating through the written word is your forte, check out some of the following sites. The writing sites, which do not require a lot of experience, are good for beginners and also offer pay for beginners, sometimes even less than two cents per word.

As in any other industry, the same applies here: The higher your education and technical skills, the higher your salary and perks.

A pass education: This site is looking for highly qualified, academic, professional academic writers with college degrees and subject-specific training and experience.

A list apart: A list apart hires writers who have sufficient technical skills and knowledge to write for an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, and information architects. Be prepared to go through an intensive, extensive selection process.

Back to college: paid $55 for 1,000 to 1500 words 30 days after publication via PayPal or check. Topics are for non-traditional students (over 30 years old) who are going back to school.

Bestpickist: writers wanted for informative content and reviews.

BKA Content: This opportunity is best suited for SEO writers, product description writers, and legal content writers. Pay is $1.35 to 5 cents per word, depending on qualifications, and is paid every two weeks via PayPal.

Clearvoice: You need to create a profile and then you are assigned to work. Payment is ten cents per word.

Contentdivas: Writers should be comfortable with content writing and research. The site is looking for writers who want to write regularly.

Content Remarketing: Content Remarketing prefers experienced, strong writers with specializations and expertise on specific topics.

Content Runner: This site matches writers with content seekers for a variety of topics.

Getabstract: To get more information, read an article and submit a brief abstract along with your contact information. The site states that you will be contacted within 10 days of receiving your submission. If you are a successful candidate, you will have access to open freelance jobs.

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32. Website and App Testing

Website and app creators need to know how the application will work in the real world. That’s why they offer users the opportunity to try out their websites and apps in exchange for some sort of compensation for their time.

This will not earn you a full-time income, but it will allow you to earn some extra money on your own time, at your own pace, and with a minimum of equipment. Since each site only offers a limited amount of compensation and the options are limited, it helps to sign up with as many sites as possible.

User Testing: This site requires that you visit websites or use apps, speaking aloud as you complete tasks to create a 20-minute video, and you are paid $10 via PayPal seven days later.

U Test: At U Test, users are asked to “read articles, rate tools, learn new skills, find paid projects, and chat about tech, careers, and trends.”

What Users Do: Here, users are paid $5 for each task successfully completed via PayPal on the 25th of each month.

Enroll: The tests and tasks administered through this site are easier to perform and complete, but that does mean it comes with a much smaller payout.

User Feel: You’ll be paid $10 for each test you take, and each test takes about 10-20 minutes each.

TryMyUI: This site also pays $10 for a test that lasts about 20 minutes. They are looking for a video featuring you using the app or website along with a written response.

Userlytics: The Userlytics platform offers a three-step process: a) register, b) interact with the web or a mobile app, c) get paid by PayPal. Compensation offered per test is quoted as being five to twenty dollars with as much as $90 being the payout for some projects.

Testing Time: Claims that you can make up to $50 per hour taking tests that you qualify for.

Intellizoom: The standard survey pays an average of $2. For the surveys that require you to think out loud on audio and video, you will be paid $10. These payments are made 21 days after the results are approved. The results typically take 3-5 days to get approved.

Validately: This site offers talk aloud tests that pay $5-10 per test, each test takes about 5 minutes. The moderated live tests that are offered require a webcam and pay $25 for 30 minutes.

Ubertester: The pay is not mentioned at the beginning of the sign-up process; it does state that some previous experience may be required.

Loop11: You will need to have a microphone and webcam to be eligible for Loop11. The site has you do a short qualification test before being able to sign up.

UserBrain: This site pays a little less, $3 for each approved test video. Each test video should be able 5-15 minutes to complete, it gets approved, and then you get paid via PayPal.

Testbirds: No payout information is available at the beginning of the signup process. It is similarly structured to other website/app testing sites.

33. Outsourcing Middle-Man

Many companies are looking for people to help them grow their web presence, create content for their blog, or assist them with other tasks. If you are good at both managing people and marketing, you can act as an “agent” for some outsourcers.

Find people who can do certain jobs, then advertise their services to other companies. Raise the price so you can make a profit.

So that you can become an outsourcing agent, here are some steps you can take:

  • Search freelancer pages, forums and websites to find people you can hire.
  • Create a website outlining the services your team can provide, pricing and turnaround times.
  • Start promoting your website on social media, to friends, or through other means.
  • Build your customer base. Do a good job, implement word of mouth programs and collect testimonials from the people you help.

How much you can earn depends in large part on what kind of services you offer, how many clients you can serve at a time, and how well you can market your services.

34. Blogging

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Blog websites are typically oriented towards a single topic. Sharing information with the world via a website or web page is a beautiful thing. So, how do you make money with blog writing?

  • Monetization through CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads placed strategically on the site where the blog is located.
  • Using the blogging platform to be an affiliate and including affiliate links on the website. This is one way to use affiliate marketing to make money, as we previously discussed.
  • Selling digital products for a commission or markup.
  • Selling memberships to various organizations for commission. For example, you could write an article that can be tied to AARP. When the reader buys a membership to AARP, then the blogger receives some sort of commission for that sale.

Creating a blog on a website, establishing a following, and then earning money as a blogger is a time and money investment. A successful blogger would need to treat their blogging as a startup business rather than a hobby or a side venture to see any real money from it.

To get started as a blog writer is simple.

  1. Pickablogname.Choose something that represents your brand. You might also want to make sure that you can get the .com of your chosen name.
  2. Getyourblogonline.Registeryourblogviaanywebsiteorblogcreator site. Some places you could start include Wix.com, WordPress, and Blogger. You can easily use these sites to customize your look.
  3. Writeandpublishyourfirstpost.Youshouldhaveaclearaudiencein mind that matches your brand and what topic you want to write about. I would also say that you should limit your topics to a specific focus. Most readers will be drawn to your blog because they are looking for a certain post about a particular subject. Your readers should know what to expect.
  4. Postregularlyandoften.You should post at the same time each day if you can. Post scheduling can assist with this. Try to think about becoming an expert on your chosen subject matter. This is one way to gain a following.
  5. Promote your blog. Use every social media you can possibly think of to advertise your blog posts. Of course, you don’t want the conversations to always just be about you and your blog. You have to think creatively about the type of posts your readers will want to see and also interact on other’s posts, too.

Learn more: How To Make Money Blogging: The Ultimate Guide

35. Affiliate Marketing

This is performance-based marketing in which an individual earns a commission for marketing another person or company’s products or services. 

The product or service owner can increase sales and traffic toward their product/service when the ‘affiliate’ helps to drive sales towards that product or service, in the interest of earning a commission. In turn, the affiliate can earn a commission without having to take on the cost or the labor incurred when selling products online or from providing the service themselves.

There are many, many affiliate programs hosted by a wide range of businesses, websites, and individuals. The products and services available for sale and affiliation also run the gamut in variety. 

Each entity that offers an affiliate venture will have different rules, policies, earning possibilities, and many other variables to consider. Thoroughly research all your options before making any choices and investing any time, effort, or expense.

Some of the top/most popular companies to be an affiliate for: 

  • Amazon
  • Bluehost
  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Target 

Affiliate Marketing is perfect for anyone who is new to online business.

You can actually run affiliate marketing almost for free while earning a steady and sustainable passive income to pay your bills. Initial capital is not required, and it can even be done as a side hustle.

And if you really want to learn affiliate marketing and build a business from scratch, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform for affiliate marketing: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for 15  years and there are many success stories in the past decade.

To give you more examples, here are some of the other inspiring success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

So, where can you Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. It has a free and premium membership.

If you want to feel about Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the free starter membership here (no credit card required). You can select to be a free member with no time limit.

And as a starter member, you can get instant access to the community, live chat, over 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, commenting, 1 free website, access to the keyword tool.

You can enjoy all these values without paying a penny. 

So I strongly recommend you to register a free account and see it yourself.

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Which Online Jobs are Legit?

Here are some insights to protect yourself from the cunning schemes of cyber tricksters.

  1. The Straight Up Crime: Beware of job postings that ask for your personal information upfront, such as bank account details. These fraudsters are after your hard-earned money. Always opt for third-party payment services like PayPal for added security.
  2. The Trojan Horse: Be cautious of self-proclaimed “online gurus” peddling get-rich-quick schemes. While legitimate professionals do offer courses that can teach you how to make money online, there are charlatans out there just trying to sell you an expensive course without any substance. Research the course creator, look for evidence of their success, and find testimonials from satisfied students before diving in.
  3. Penny Pay Jobs: Don’t be enticed by the allure of easy money. These jobs often require excessive effort while offering minuscule pay. Your valuable time deserves better.

Remember, the best defense against scams is to stick with established online jobs. Look for opportunities with a long-standing reputation, a proven track record of success, and abundant information available online. Learn from those who have already treaded the path to success instead of chasing elusive gold mines.

Which is the Best Online Job?

What’s best for one person may not be the perfect fit for another. The key lies in finding an online job that aligns with your goals, skills, and personality.


Unlock your potential and enjoy your work by matching it with your skillset. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is your work experience?
  • What educational background do you possess?
  • Are you open to investing in learning courses or certifications?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which tools and software are you already proficient in?

2. Personality

Discover the job that harmonizes with your unique personality traits. Reflect on these questions:

  • Are you an extrovert who thrives on social interaction or an introvert who prefers solitary work?
  • Do you have a knack for data analysis, numbers, and strategy, or are you more of a creative soul?
  • What topics, hobbies, or issues truly captivate you?

3. Goals

Unveil the motivations behind your search for an online job. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you seek part-time or full-time work?
  • Do you require additional perks like health insurance?
  • How many hours can you dedicate to your online work?
  • What income level do you aspire to achieve?
  • How do you envision your work-life balance?
  • Are you seeking quick monetary gains, or are you willing to invest in long-term growth?

Finding the ideal work-from-home position becomes less daunting when you take the time to understand yourself and your aspirations. By answering these questions, you can narrow down your options and embark on a fruitful journey towards finding the perfect online job tailored to your needs.

Final Words

In conclusion, the world of remote work holds immense potential for individuals seeking financial independence and a fulfilling lifestyle. 

The curated collection of online jobs presented here offers a diverse range of opportunities, each with its own allure and transformative power. 

By delving deeper into the job that resonates with you and equipping yourself with knowledge, you can embark on a remote work journey armed with confidence and preparedness. 

Remember to share your thoughts, seek guidance, and embrace the flexibility and freedom that remote work affords. This is your chance to shape your own destiny, and with determination and a sense of adventure, you can create the life you desire. So, seize this opportunity and start your remote work journey today.

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