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One Rescue Eve

“Since we are just getting to know each other, now may be a good time to tell you something you should probably know about me. From time to time, there’s this petty part of my brain that needs to be reminded that I know Jesus. “

“In those moments, when we choose to resist what we know we should do, we are subconsciously also choosing to live inwardly unfulfilled, envious, and apprehensive, in toxic relationships, and addicted, stressed, depressed, ashamed of ourselves. . “

“Just because you’ve survived something doesn’t mean you didn’t experience damage. There is truly nothing more necessary for our journey of healing than acknowledging we’ve been damaged. “

“No matter how much you have accomplished or how far you are from even getting started, if you’re still alive, there is an even more powerful, purposeful woman waiting to take root and produce fruit within you. “

“When you do not become better, the world cannot become better either. “

“I read through Genesis armed with my new compassion for Eve. Instantly I recognized more than her guilt. I saw her innocence. I recognized her strength. I realized how much courage she exhibited when she chose to be an active participant in her restoration process. “

“The woman was fascinated by the dimensions of her power. She had the innate ability to touch with a delicate finesse or with a firmness that demanded the recognition of her strength. “

“He was standing there staring at her as if she were the most fascinating organism he’d ever encountered. He surveyed every inch of her beauty with his eyes and became irrefutably mesmerized. “

“In theory he was correct. The woman did not just obey a random command. She engaged in a conversation that changed her mind first, then her diet, and eventually her actions. “

“The question that started it all was ‘Do you really belong here. ‘ The ‘here’ changed over the years. Sometimes the ‘here’ was family, other times it was school, occasionally it was relationships, and eventually it found its way into my career and purpose. “

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Two Know Better

“No, no, no! Waze doesn’t know what it’s talking about. I’m from this city. Hop off on the next exit, make a left on Ventura, and head north on Sepulveda. When you get to Burbank, head east. “

“When I’m at one of life’s crossroads, I’m tasked with making a decision with almost no information. I’m expected to make a decision that will lead me to an unspecified location through an unfamiliar place. “

“When fear and faith speak to you at the same time, you can’t just accept it. You have to leap over a heap of fear and insecurity. “

“When the serpent engaged Eve, it appears he simply tried to get her to eat fruit. But his ultimate goal was to overthrow the environment God created. “

“The serpent doesn’t need to use any of the fancy tricks depicted in the movies because the power of this one question is enough for Eve’s mind to start inching further and further away from God’s vision for her life. “

“The cunning serpent didn’t have to force Eve to eat the fruit any more than he had to force you or me to make the choices we’ve made. All he had to do to change Eve’s diet was change her environment by making her question the goodness of God. “

“When we do this, we run the risk of not recognizing the moment that destabilized our confidence and identity. “

“The only things that could thrive in that environment were insecurity, rejection, pain, and fear. “

“Don’t accept complacency with the unsure and insecure areas of your life. Attack that insecurity head-on because you recognize it’s keeping you from the security you need to gain authentic confidence. “

“Eve is my homegirl because she found a way to move beyond what happened to her to again become a good partner with God on the earth. “

“Before any of those things happened, God desired to partner with you on the earth. “

Three Eyes Wide Open

“We aren’t born with the innate ability to predict when a movie is going to display a scene that we’d rather not see. Our experience with films, and the way they generally progress, helps us use our instincts to avoid seeing something we’d rather not see. “

“In 2020, a black man by the name of George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. The officer, Derek Chauvin, claimed that Floyd was resisting arrest. In an effort to restrain him, he laid Floyd on his stomach, on the ground, and pinned his knee to the back of his neck. “

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. “

“When you recognize that what you subject yourself to truly plays a role in who you can become, you become more diligent about protecting yourself from what you see, read, and listen to. “

“When you’ve subscribed to a negative narrative for a long time, changing can be hard, but it’s worth it. “

“The moment you make one disciplined decision, that seed of confidence is one step closer to producing tangible fruit. “

“When my skin goes on its monthly time travel back to adolescent puberty, I look in the mirror, and my initial thoughts are about how ugly, bad, or just downright evil my pimples are. Immediately I force myself to stop thinking negatively about myself and replace that thought with something that makes me feel good. “

“When we are confronted with things we don’t see (or we’d rather not see), we’re strengthened and prepared to know better the next time around. “

“When you take inventory of your life, you will see that you were developed because you went through the fire and came out more refined. “

“When recovering from the loss of a loved one, it may mean extracting the virtues of the life you’re mourning and allowing them to live on in you. When grappling with a business that has gone under, it may mean assessing how you could build your teams or leadership style differently. “

“Your tenacity and perseverance are gifts this world so desperately needs. “

“When it comes to dealing with people, I ask God to show me the person’s heart. “

“All money ain’t good money. “

“When God set the ocean in motion, it never stopped moving. “

“sometimes there are moments when I ask god to show me someone’s heart, and he reveals to me that the person’s heart needs god more than they need me. “

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Four A War of Seed

“When we’re made aware of evil, we demand justice for those who have been affected by it, pray for the victims, and do what we can to make a difference. “

“When someone was of the mindset that they were only one person, and that it wouldn’t make a difference if they did not follow that protocol, there was a greater case of contagion in the community. “

“Your healing, recovery, and determination to move beyond where you are and lay hold of what God has for you is not just so you can be proud of who you have become. It’s even greater than proving other people wrong about what they said about you. “

“When God was in the garden and He blessed creation, then told them to be fruitful and multiply, I don’t think He was just talking about having sex and making babies. “

“I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit (John 15:1–2). “

“Don’t fall into the trap of only presenting your good parts to God. You’re a person, not a persona. “

“I have more faith in my creation than my creation has faith in itself. “

“God trusted the woman with hostility. Not so she could beat herself up, but so she could learn to stand up and become hostile with her true opposition. “

“The most dangerous weapon on the earth isn’t made of metal and doesn’t require bullets. The most dangerous weapon on the earth is a woman who recognizes that she has been anointed to unleash hostility to her adversary. “

“When my husband and I were dating, I recognized that he had many qualities that would make him a good partner and spouse—but what was most important to me was how God could use our union to break a stronghold off of our lives, our children’s lives, and our world. “

Five Work the Wait

“What you do and how you do it should all stem from who you are. “

“When you walk into the space, you have to make a decision within yourself that no matter what happens, you will not allow the outcome to take away from who you are and all the hard work you’ve been doing. “

“When you come to a place where you are confident that your mistakes don’t define you, that a person can’t outshine you, and that failure is a blessing in disguise, you bring a level of confidence and fearlessness that sets you apart no matter what room you’re in. “

“When you don’t know what your purpose is, you allow yourself to live randomly while still hoping to one day be awakened to why you are on the earth. “

“Sometimes I go to the grocery store and walk around aimlessly while talking to my mother on the phone. Don’t judge me. It’s sometimes the closest I can get to a vacation. “

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through. It doesn’t matter how behind you think you are. I don’t want you to give up on yourself because you feel like you’re too far from any possibility of restoration. “

“In the scripture, Joseph talked about an evil act by his brothers that God ultimately used to position him for greatness. “

“When the woman was named Eve, the only form of life that existed was the vegetation and the animals that God had placed in the earth before her. While she may have not been a mother in the traditional sense, she was given the responsibility to use where she was as practice for where she was headed. “

“It didn’t take very long before my work ethic began to stand out among the team. “

“Where you are right now may not be connected to where you will land, but where you are right now will serve you when you get to where you’re headed. “

“When God gives you an opportunity, He isn’t expecting you to become someone else to fulfill it. He created that opportunity for a specific, authentic version of you. “

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Six It’ll Never Add Up

“The miracle that stands out in my mind seems somewhat unnecessary given there was another alternative. “

“The boy surrenders what he has to another person. “

“When the right person sees it, they will strategize with you on how to increase it. “

“If this statistic is true, I think it has less to do with how we choose to spend money and more to do with what spending reveals about the priorities of the person in the marriage. “

“You’ve got to know where you are in life when you’re giving your little away. Giving yourself away is not something you do when you’re lost and confused because you could be giving yourself away to someone just as lost and confused as you are. “

“A partner may not bring everything you need to the table, but they will attempt to take what they have and what you have and actively plan how you could become better together. “

“Don’t ever let someone make you feel so uncomfortable with your little in comparison to their ability that you cease to remember that your little is more than enough for you. “

“The exchange between the disciples and Jesus highlights a perspective that Jesus had of the disciples that they didn’t have of themselves. “

“We don’t walk away from what God tells us to do and find peace anywhere else. “

“When your faith brings you into a situation that feels greater than you, it can be overwhelming. “

“When we’re more specific, we can create a plan. “

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question. “

“When God does math, it never adds up because it’s always about multiplication. “

Seven Good Goes Hard

“When God challenged my heart toward Eve, it shifted the way I related to Adam. “

“I began the hard work. I knew I had to be willing to see things from his perspective and not through the lens of my newfound affinity for Eve. “

“So into a slumber Adam is placed while the finishing touches to the earth are traced. Until this moment no species that looks like him has been in his view, and then, with the fluttering of his eyes, Eve comes into view. “

“Remember how I told you about God being able to work out all things for our good. Well, in the process of God working, we sometimes don’t have a clue what’s going on. “

“When God brings a person or opportunity into your life and you no longer feel as blessed as you did when you first met them or received it, I think you have to ask yourself, Did the blessing change, or did I change. “

“Sometimes we need to back away from our blessing so we can see it properly. “

“When you’re stressed, you don’t have time to be the bigger person. “

“When you’re too tired to go, you don’t force yourself to show because you don’t have a spare battery you can just swap out. “

“When good becomes hard, it’s meant to force us to stop functioning the way we were so we can create new rhythms and paradigms. “

“The quicker you learn how to harness your power and balance who you are, the sooner you can get to the business of exploring the depths of the strength God has placed in you. “

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Eight God Goals

“An idle mind doesn’t have to be the devil’s playground, but it is something like a playground. “

“There’s much conversation about how Peter didn’t have enough faith, but I can tell you he had more faith than I would have had in the moment. “

“Don’t allow the fear of what other people think keep you from spreading your wings. “

“Your generational and long-term goals don’t have anything in common with your now. That’s why it’s a goal. “

“When our goal is so far beyond where we are, it can be challenging to feel motivated to even start working toward it, but when you break down that goal into bite-size pieces, it gets much easier. “

“When studying the word prove in Romans 12, I learned that it was translated from the Greek word that literally means ‘evidence. “

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. “

“When we begin to live our life, we’re living it based on the word that proceeds out of God’s mouth. “

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper. “

Nine Set it in Motion

“There is nothing like a woman intent on making God’s plan for her life a reality. “

“What we see versus what God sees are two completely different things. “

“When Cain killed Abel, he revealed to us that the outcome Eve had in mind would not be attainable unless she was able to withstand the pain and discomfort of her seed being corrected so her outcome could be effective. “

“When my husband and I were first married, there was no room for him to challenge me to think or act differently in any area. “

“I forced myself to pursue an unrealistic standard of perfection as the thought of more failure became unbearable for me. I needed to work on that. I started with dissecting what it was I felt when I was called out for being wrong. “

“There’s nothing wrong with being wrong. Having the ability to acknowledge and fix your wrong builds trust. It’s much easier for us to think of ourselves as the victim than it is for us to consider that we’ve been a villain. “

“If you’ve still got that journal handy, take a minute and also consider how you would have preferred to hear that you were wrong. This is an incredible conversation starter that everyone should consider having in any relationship. “

“Eve set out to accomplish the goal of producing seed, but her experience revealed that the seed would be successful only if the seed was able to partner with God every step of the way. “

“Just like my ancestors set in motion my present, Eve set in motion a lineage of humanity that calls on the name of God. “

“There is an inextricable connection between Eve and Mary that hit me in my core. “

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Ten Don’t Do It Alone

“It only takes a few experiences with disappointment to come to a place where it’s easier to expect disappointment and tragedy than to expect God to blow your mind. “

“When we turn our heart over to God after it’s been damaged, wounded, and abused, it’s because it needs surgery. It’s not because our heart needs to be tucked away in a safe. “

“Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. “

“The problem with seeing yourself only as Eve is that it’s challenging to come to a place where you believe you’re capable of making good decisions. “

“Whenever I’m in a moment like this, I break out of the habit of routinely singing the lyrics to the song and take a moment to truly let the meaning of the words rest on my tenderness. “

“When God begins to work in us, and then through us, we can begin to trust who we are in Him. I may not be able to trust who I am in my fear or who I am in my insecurity, but I can trust who I am in God. “

“When the angel of the Lord came to Mary, she had to be willing to lay aside what she thought she knew about herself so that she could discover what God knew. “

“For years, the narrative has been that women don’t get along. I don’t know that I fully believe that it’s true, but I do know that women often compare themselves to other women. “

“Maybe you aren’t able to galvanize your crew toward change, or maybe you don’t even have a crew at all. Consider getting plugged in to a network of like-minded women who carry the same passion to seek the best versions of themselves. “

“No one understands what it’s like to be a woman more than a woman. “

Eleven Wild Woman

“When we come to the realization of how interconnected we are, we recognize that our confinement does not affect just us; it also affects people we can’t even see. “

“Before the woman was deceived by the serpent, her redemption had already taken place. “

“When it comes to actual women in the Bible, Eve and Mary will always be the greatest of all time for me. But there is another woman I want to introduce you to before our time comes to an end. “

“It’s time for you to run, my friend. It’s time for you to let the wind hit your face and wipe away your tears. It’s time for you to unleash your faith and run away from the place of insecurity and inadequacy that threatens to devour your seed. “

“Your wilderness is going to introduce you to a new version of yourself. It’s okay to feel different and new. You need that. You need the challenge of being out of your comfort zone so you can break up the predictability of your life. “

“When life begins to shake her up, she knows that the only way to overcome is to return to the place where she feels most connected to God and more alive than she has ever felt possible. “

“Remember when I told you that once you’ve found your place, it gets easier and easier to return. The first time, the woman fled on foot. The second time, she was given wings. “

“The systems that oppress people are only successful when the people feel they have no other option. “

“Before the pages run out, and this farewell comes to an end, there is one more seed I cannot withhold. You were not born to stay there or here. You were created to thrive everywhere God calls your feet to tread. “

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