33 Best Websites and Apps to Sell Stuff Locally & Online

There are many more options for selling items online in your area than there were previously. 

People all over the world would rather shop online for their favorite items and necessities than visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Yes, almost anything can be sold on the Internet. You can sell items for profit or if you need to get rid of some of your possessions quickly.

The best part is that you can simply post free ads on websites to sell local items online.

There are numerous websites and apps that can assist you in selling items in your area. You can sell items on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, thredUP, eBay, Decluttr, OfferUp, Amazon, and other similar websites. 

This article will assist you in locating the best websites for selling items near you and earning extra money.

Here are some great websites and apps for selling your old items in your area before you move.

33 Websites and Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online

1. Listia

Listia is a unique type of marketplace. When you sell items on Listia, you earn points. Then you can use these points to purchase items that others have listed for sale.

Despite the fact that it is not as well-known as Facebook or Craigslist, over 100 million items have been traded on it. Listia also employs geolocation to show you sellers in your area.

2. Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows the social media site to function as an online store. You can do things locally by searching for buy-and-sell groups in your neighborhood or city. Check the rules of each group before posting to see if there are any restrictions on listing.

Despite the fact that Facebook Marketplace is relatively new to the selling world, it is one of the best places to sell items in your area. Facebook Marketplace provides users with a wealth of location information, making it easier for them to find buyers and sellers in their area.

As a result, you can reach almost every potential buyer in your area, and it’s much easier to ensure that your buyer is genuine. There are no fees to sell items online through Facebook Marketplace, and it is much easier to ensure that everything is sold locally.

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3. Craigslist

Craigslist is the most well-known website for selling items locally. This is because it was one of the first sites to allow regular people to post local classified ads and begin selling items online. 

However, people looking to start a business or sell a product or craft may find Craigslist less useful than those looking to get rid of a few items or sell a few unique items.

Also, Craigslist has a lot of ads, which means you’ll probably have a lot of competition. Your post on Craigslist is more likely to be lost than on smaller or more specialized sites.

It’s also worth noting that the majority of people look for bargains on Craigslist. People who buy on Craigslist usually do not want to pay full or near-full price. As a result, if you want to make a profit or simply sell items close to market value, you won’t find as many potential buyers on Craigslist as you would on other local selling sites.

Still, Craigslist is a good option if you want to sell items online for a small profit or get rid of unwanted items.

4. Swappa

Swappa is one of the best websites for selling items locally online, but it lacks some of the features found on other local selling websites. Swappa is only designed to work with electronic devices.

Laptops, cell phones, and other electronic items can be sold. If you have more electronics than you need, this is a great place to get rid of them.

Swappa does not charge a fee to list items, but there is a $5 fee if your item is selected as a “featured item.” Swappa does not accept cash, unlike some other local selling sites, because all sales are shipped.

You must ship within 48 hours of receiving payment, which is good seller protection because you are paid before the item arrives. Payments will be refunded if the item is not shipped on time.

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5. eBay

eBay, the well-known online auction site, is also one of the best places to sell items in your own neighborhood. Because you can set location parameters and shipping options, you can save money on shipping and limit your audience while still benefiting from the massive platform’s large audience and customer base.

eBay is the best place to sell collectibles that are difficult to find. The first step in selling something on eBay is to create an account and go through the verification process.

Then, at the top, click the “Sell” tab to create a listing. Adult toys, live animals, and other illegal items are not permitted to be sold.

You could sell wine if you are authorized to do so. 

6. Vinted 

Vinted may sound like a place to sell antiques, but that is not the case. Vinted seeks clothing, handbags, accessories, and personal care items such as lint brushes, makeup brushes, and nail tools.

This website has gained over 45 million users over the years, indicating that there are a large number of people who may be interested in purchasing.

A buyer will express interest in your product, pay Vinted, and the purchase amount will be held in escrow on your behalf.

If the buyer clicks “OK,” the money will be transferred to your Vinted Wallet.

When you sell something on Vinted, you usually get paid quickly. When someone purchases your goods, you will be paid within two days and have up to five days to ship them.

However, Vinted does not provide a shipping label, and if you want to promote your listings, you may have to pay an additional fee.

7. ToyCycle

As children grow older, it stands to reason that many parents and young families will need to part with some of their excess baby gear and toys. Some items may be worth keeping, but you can sell many of the toys and tools to recoup some of your investment.

ToyCycle is all about things for kids. They usually have a lot of listings for babies and toddlers, but there’s also a good market for middle-aged kids and even some of the things your pre-teen won’t want when it’s time to start high school.

However, because the fee for listing an item on ToyCycle is quite high, you should only list high-value items such as appliances and furniture that you no longer require.

8. OfferUp

OfferUp is a mobile marketplace similar to eBay that focuses on buying and selling items in your local area. You can post your items for free and target people in your area. You can connect your Facebook account if you want to add an extra layer of security.

If you’re looking for a general website to sell things locally, especially one that doesn’t feel like an online garage sale, OfferUp might be a good option. 

Most of the time, OfferUp is best for selling things you don’t want or need, rather than crafts or money-making items. However, its online sales are strong, and it’s simple to sell on OfferUp.

Sellers pay no fees, and OfferUp’s internal advertising service is both effective and inexpensive if you want to boost a post or make a sale faster. If you want to sell items quickly online, OfferUp is a good option.

9. YardSales.net

You can ensure the success of your local sale by listing it on YardSales.net. It’s free to post, and getting feedback on the items you’re selling before you post them can help you find serious local buyers.

10. Amazon

Nowadays, anyone can sell items on Amazon. If you want to make a living by selling items online, this could be a viable option. Check out Amazon Trade-In, which allows you to exchange old Kindles, books, and video games for Amazon credit.

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11. Recycler

Recycler is an app that allows you to sell items online. It is particularly useful for selling used automobiles, boats, trucks, and SUVs. It also has a large user base for renting pets, apartments, houses, and mobile homes.

12. Shpock

Shpock is yet another app that allows you to buy and sell almost anything, from cars to clothing. The app is available for both iOS and Android. It is quick and simple to implement. A listing takes about 30 seconds to create.

13. Poshmark

Poshmark focuses primarily on fashion. This marketplace is a good place to sell unwanted jackets, shirts, pants, clothing accessories, and other fashion tools.

If you want to clean out your closet, this is the way to go. Remember that Poshmark takes a percentage of each sale. 

Poshmark does not charge you to list your items, but you will never receive the full price for what you sell. They pay you a flat rate for sales of $15 or less, and a 20% commission for sales of more than $15.

Poshmark prices, however, are about the best you can expect if you want to sell used clothing.

There are no transaction fees, and payments can be made via direct deposit, which is a good way to protect yourself as a seller. However, the goal here is to make extra money rather than to get paid right away or to make a profit.

14. Depop

Depop is yet another fashion-focused app that allows you to buy and sell clothing. It is also a social network that connects fashion enthusiasts from around the world. There is no charge to list an item, but you will be charged 10% when it sells.

15. Bag Borrow or Steal

If you want to make money quickly, Bag Borrow or Steal is a great place to sell your old designer handbags. 

You can sell directly to the website or to individuals via the website. Every bag that comes into the store is inspected to ensure its quality.

16. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a used and vintage clothing store. It responds to the call for a more environmentally conscious fashion industry. If you want to get rid of a lot of items in your closet, you can schedule an in-person sale. They purchase high-quality clothing for both men and women.

17. Once Wed

Once Wed is all about bridal wear, which is a subset of fashion. 

If you want to sell old wedding or bridesmaid dresses, this website can connect you with thousands of buyers. For each dress you sell, you pay a one-time fee.

18. Decluttr

The majority of this website is dedicated to DVDs, CDs, games, and cell phones (including Apple iPhones). You can even sell directly to Decluttr without first checking out other sellers. 

Decluttr is a little different when it comes to local selling websites. This is because they have many user protections in place to ensure that buyers get what they pay for.

As a seller, that may not sound ideal, but if you’re not looking to defraud people, it makes Decluttr a great place to sell items online.

This is due to the fact that Decluttr is an online marketplace where sellers are paid only after the buyer receives the item they sold. Decluttr is also easier to use than many local selling sites because they handle shipping and pickup and help you determine how much your items are worth and in what condition they are in.

One of the most difficult aspects of selling items online is determining how much the item is worth and what condition it is in. Decluttr allows you to rate the item so that you can decide how to list it.

Then you send the items you want to sell to Decluttr, who will ship them to the buyer. You will be paid within 24 hours of the buyer receiving the item if you provide an accurate description of its condition on the listing.

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19. Cash4Books

If you enjoy books and need to clear some space on your shelves, visit Cash4Books. 

The website buys books directly, and all you have to do to get a quote is enter a book’s ISBN number. Here you can also sell your used textbooks.

20. Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture is a place where you can buy and sell used desks, beds, tables, and other furniture. 

This platform is unique in that if you sell to them, they will send a delivery team to pick up your items. This eliminates a lot of problems. In exchange, they take a sizable 50% commission, which is reasonable.

21. Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar

Another good place to sell furniture and other home goods is the Apartment Therapy Bazaar. You sell directly to the buyer in this case. It’s free to list, and the website has an iOS and Android app.

22. Reverb

The heart of reverb is music. This is a marketplace where you can buy and sell drums, guitars, keyboards, DJ equipment, and other musical instruments. 

You can use the safe Reverb Payments system, which works similarly to PayPal but charges lower transaction fees. Listing is completely free.

23. Play It Again Sports

Is your garage overflowing with old sports equipment? Sell it through Play It Again Sports so that another athlete can use it. They buy sports equipment in a variety of locations across the United States.

24. Etsy

If you are artistic, you can sell your creations on Etsy. This is true whether you enjoy knitting or painting with oils. The majority of the jewelry, home decor, and furniture on this online market, as well as the majority of the other items, are handmade.

25. BookScouter

BookScouter is an online marketplace for buying and selling used books. It has a website as well as an app. 

To sell a book on BookScouter, simply enter the ISBN into the site. The platform will then connect you with buyback vendors who are interested in purchasing your book and will tell you how much they are willing to pay.

Books are one of the most difficult items to sell locally. Finding the right buyer for used books can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to sell textbooks or books by lesser-known authors.

BookScouter connects people who want to sell books with platforms that allow them to do so. Simply enter your ISBN, find the book you want to sell, and get a quote based on how rare the book is, how much it’s worth, and what condition it’s in.

However, if you want to sell locally, BookScouter may not be the best option. You can’t be certain that the books you sell on BookScouter will be popular in your area. 

You’ll almost always have to pay shipping costs to get your books to the retailers. There are sometimes seller fees for books, especially if the retailer believes it will be a long time before your book sells.

Even though you must pay more to use BookScouter, most books are still fairly priced, and you can often make more money when selling through BookScouter, making it one of the best places to sell books online.

26. Gazelle

Gazelle is another website where you can sell electronics and other personal items. They don’t allow any other products, so Gazelle is more like going to the local tech store than a garage sale.

However, there is no fee to sell your unwanted items online, and it is often easier and faster. This makes it an excellent location for selling.

27. BuyBackBoss

BuyBackBoss is one of the best places online to sell cell phones and other devices, but it does not allow you to sell anything else. This is common for websites that specialize in a particular type of sale. 

BuyBackBoss allows you to list your cell phones and other devices for free, and it also provides you with a prepaid shipping label for your listing, making it a less expensive online store for people who want to sell things.

Because this website only sells used items, even with a pre-paid shipping label, you may have to settle for less money from your devices.

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28. thredUP

thredUP is the world’s largest online clothing store, where you can buy and sell high-quality used clothing. 

This app functions similarly to any other online clothing store, with the exception that all of the clothes are pre-owned. When you sign up, you will receive thredUP’s “free closet cleanout kit.” This is where you will store the clothing you intend to sell.

29. LetGo

You can use the LetGo website or app to buy and sell items in your area. To buy or sell something, you must first create a free account. Then, click the “Sell Your Business” button to create a listing for the item.

30. Carousell

Carousell is a well-known website where you can buy and sell a variety of items, including jobs and cars. Carousell is officially based in Singapore, but it is also used in Australia and many other Asian countries.

31. Trove

Trove is another website that sells furniture. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with listing an item for sale. 

Trove created this app because it is difficult to sell furniture because it is always large, heavy, and expensive to transport.

32. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is another popular site similar to Facebook Marketplace. They focus on your neighborhood to find buyers. They have a fantastic, up-to-date app with the same functionality. For the time being, the app is simply a way to access the same tools and lists that are available on your desktop.

NextDoor is the best place to sell something to people in your neighborhood. There aren’t many real websites designed to sell locally, and even fewer that sell to a smaller local community like Next Door.

Because each local community has only about 1,000 homes, you’re sure to make sales if you use NextDoor to sell something.

This is also a good option if you want to advertise a yard sale or interact on community pages while selling in a setting that feels more like a collection of garage sales.

33. Geartrade

If you want to sell items locally on a website that also gives you options as a seller, Geartrade is a good option. Geartrade, for example, will sell your item on consignment and pay you when it sells. They will keep the listing up to date and sell your item. The commission on most consignment sales ranges between 30 and 60% of the sale price.

Alternatively, you can put the time on the Geartrade Online Marketplace and earn a 13% commission on any sales made there.

This is slightly lower than some other options, but Geartrade is much better for selling used items than new items or handcrafted gear.

 The marketplace, in particular, is similar to a virtual garage sale, so it’s a good place to sell unwanted items and earn some extra cash.

Geartrade only accepts outdoor gear and supplies, which is a significant disadvantage. Camping equipment, hiking equipment, boating equipment, and other outdoor gear in good condition are all eligible.

What to Sell On These Apps And Websites? 

If you consider yourself to be creative and artistic, you can sell handmade items on online local markets.

There are numerous other ways to make easy money online. Here are some of the items you can sell on the apps and websites mentioned above.

Personalized gifts

Personalizing gifts such as mugs, notebooks, stickers, and t-shirts for online sale is a quick way to make money.

Vintage items

Vintage clothing and furniture are among the most popular items sold online.


Art breathes new life into any space, whether it’s a house or an office. You could sell your artwork online if you create it by hand or with a computer.


People like to look good and are always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their wardrobes.

Bath and beauty products

Your beauty products will sell like hotcakes as long as they are safe for people to use and will not cause allergies.

Craft supplies

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to pass the time, and you could make a lot of money if you sell craft supplies to people who want them.

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33 Best Websites and Apps to Sell Stuff Locally & Online

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