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1. One More Identity

“Your identity is a powerful and influential driver that governs outcomes in all parts of your life. “

“As a child, you were a blank canvas. You were impressionable, happy, and accepting. You had no reason to believe the external world was out to hurt you in any way. “

“Your identity is the force that governs your life and regulates your results. “

“That applies across the board. For example, think about your fitness identity. Let’s suppose you lost 20 pounds at one time in your life. Despite being armed with the best weight loss recipes or workout regimens, a year later, you added all that weight back on and you’re right where you started. “

“Remember, as a One More person, change comes from thinking and acting. This book is not about doing one thing or the other. You must do them in unison. “

“Instead of souring on life, flip your script. Tell yourself you intend to do good and to serve. That you intend to create a thriving business and have money in the bank. You intend to treat the people around you with care and are worthy of a loving and caring relationship. “

“If you associate with people who elevate you and make your thermostat rise, then you’re on the right path to creating a new identity. “

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. “

“The opposite of self-confidence is self sabotage. It’s like a computer virus that lurks inside many people and is only triggered when you try to move forward with an important part of your life. “

“Most of us have also heard cautionary tales of pro athletes who don’t train or eat well or who overindulge in vices, and in some cases, it costs them their lives. “

“When you do, you’re well on your way not only to creating your best identity but also to leading your best life. “

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2. One More and Living in Your Matrix

“When you see a happy or financially successful family, understand that at some point in their history, they weren’t happy or successful. That is, until The One showed up, and The One in that family changed the family tree forever. “

“The One in that family stepped up and changed that family legacy forever. “

“The RAS works by constantly filtering what we see, hear, and feel. When we repeatedly visualize and obsessively think about something, we tell our RAS to pay attention to that thought, and that’s when the world slows down. “

“Just like in The Matrix, if you want to live a deeper, more meaningful life, you must learn to slow down your internal pace. “

“Just as important, you must consciously decide which path you want to choose. This brings us to the famous blue pill versus red pill choice Neo must make. When Morpheus asks Neo to choose between the pills, he essentially asks Neo to choose between fate and free will. “

“Don’t be too hard on yourself if this sounds like you. From the time we’re born, we’re taught to obey others, follow the rules, and memorize facts. As the world goes faster and faster, it’s more of a struggle to keep up in a light speed technologically driven era. “

“Your RAS filters things into your awareness that are important to you and filters out the things that are not. “

“Your Matrix also seeks information that validates your beliefs. It filters the world through the parameters you give it. Your beliefs shape those parameters in a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. “

“When these things happen, your Matrix has taken the first steps in moving you closer to what you want out of life. “

“Confirmation bias is the tendency to interpret new evidence as the confirmation of your existing beliefs or theories. “

“Just as no two brains are alike, the same holds true for your Matrix as well. “

“If you’re an entrepreneur, you already train your brain to look for opportunities, not roadblocks. “

“When it’s time to dance with a pretty girl, you can’t sit on the sidelines, otherwise, another guy will be two steppin’ with her in no time. And you’ll just be left at the bar, grumpy and drunk. “

3. One More Try

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. “

“Just like the children, you’re making invisible progress in your life. Unfortunately, most people don’t stick around long to realize the outcomes from that progress. “

“When we do bust open a piñata, we get an undeniable rush. “

“I was relatively new to the business world, and I was scheduled to give a presentation that night to 40 people on my team. The RSVPs didn’t materialize the way I had wanted, and by the time the presentation rolled around, only eight people showed up. I was crushed. “

“Your most significant gains don’t come from places you’re already at or where you’ve already been. Your greatest gains and successes happen when you push yourself to new places and new limits. “

“If you want to be an overachiever, you must create better numbers for whatever is important to you. “

“Creatio ex nihilo teaches matter is not eternal but had to be created by some divine creative act, frequently attributed to God. “

“When you hide from One More Try, all you’re doing is disguising your insecurities. “

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4. One More and the Five Principles of Time Management

“Our sense of who we are is shaped by how our brain connects our memories, present sensations, and our anticipation of the future. “

“Time is money. “

“If you can adapt and master these principles in your own life, you’ll enjoy more success, make more money, be more productive, add layers of bliss, and build the life you were meant to enjoy. “

“The ability to accomplish tasks has multiplied exponentially. Accessing information, people, and locations takes place with lightning speed immediacy. That’s why, if you want to be a high achiever, the 24 hour day is an antiquated concept. “

“In a 26 mile marathon, you keep a steady pace. As you get closer to the finish line, your adrenaline kicks in, and you find another gear. You push yourself because you’re closer to completing your task and crossing that finish line. “

“Most put that project on cruise control. They quietly slip it onto the top shelf of their life, knowing that they’ll deal with it later. “

“When you manage your time with a sense of urgency, you become the master instead of the servant. “

“Just make sure you’re measuring the right things. Be clear on your goals, priorities, and standards. Understand how they work in concert with each other. Learn to identify not only weaknesses but the potential sources of those weaknesses. “

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. “

“When you incorporate the Five Principles of Time Management into your life, how others see you is going to change, too. “

5. One More Emotion

“Because our lives are directly linked to the quality of our emotions. “

“Scientists know emotions are coded into our DNA as a ‘lower-level’ response to outside stimuli. They are believed to have developed as a way for us to respond to different environmental threats, most notably the ‘fight or flight’ response. “

“Like positive emotions, negative emotions are a valuable source of cognitive information to help you understand what’s going on around you. They help you identify threats and to be on guard against possible dangers. “

“Changing your emotional mindset is a challenge, I’m not going to lie. There are mental barriers to overcome when you’ve been pre conditioned to think a certain way, a way that brings you comfort and goes to great lengths to avoid pain. “

“People are a composite of a small handful of emotions they live with every day. These emotions create our emotional homes. Like any home, your emotional home may not be perfect, but it is comfortable. “

“When you walk a life of honesty, you live a life of truth. “

“When you’re able to align your heart and your mind, you’ll be ready to put the power of One More Emotion to work for you. “

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6. One More Association

“When you fine tune your associations, you allow yourself to transform your actions and radically enhance your results. “

“Your associations bind you to the world. You’re not an island. Instead, you’re part of an interlocking web of humanity that shapes your identity based on your associations. “

“When this happens, it’s time for One More thinkers to consider the possibility of adding new and different associations to their lives. “

“Think of your relationships as a series of concentric circles, much like a bull’s eye. Each circular space represents different intimacy levels of the people you encounter in your life. “

“It’s an ongoing process of adding people to your life who have the things you want the most. That’s how it works. “

“When you and your inner circle are in alignment, all of your lives flow. “

“Your inner circle should consist of good human beings. They must treat others well and be free from fear, anger, and prejudices that could hurt others by their thoughts and deeds. “

“Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone. “

7. One More Dream

“Children are happier because they operate in the here and now. Their hearts and minds are filled with reverie, fantasy, and creativity. “

“We also use our imperfect past to create a flawed vision of the future. Then we go live that future. And we get stuck. “

“A bad relationship. A dead end job. A chronic substance abuse problem. What if you could create child like patterns rooted in dreams and imagination instead of dwelling on past negative thoughts. “

“History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. “

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. “

“The kinds of dreams I’m talking about are your lucid dreams. You’re more in control when you’re awake, and while there’s value in letting your subconscious work out your dreams and direct your energies when you’re asleep, I believe your best dreams take place when you’re wide awake. “

“The things we focus on and continually think about eventually manifest in our lives. “

“When you intentionally act upon your dreams, you’ll be amazed at how you naturally attract what you need. “

8. One More Question to Ask Ourselves

“Most people don’t do this. But One More thinkers do. Most people ask questions that make them weaker, less resilient, or less resourceful. They take the easy way out. In some cases, these questions do harm by creating fear, anger, distrust, or a lack of confidence. “

“Remember, one answer can create big changes. And asking One More questions is the first step to that desired outcome. “

“What’s one more thing I can do to show my spouse or my partner I love them. “

“If you’re not healthy enough to want to gift yourself with the truth, then don’t get to the end of your life with regrets. “

“One More thinker is someone who asks extraordinary questions and seeks extraordinary answers. “

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9. One More Goal

“The pursuit of your goals, when properly executed, is the transference of energy into action, creating one of the purest forms of One More in your life. “

“Many confuse the two, but they aren’t the same. “

“Your standards must be even more intentional than the goals you create. Think of your goals as the byproducts and results of your standards. “

“A system does not fit everyone’s process for creating goals. “

“When your conscious and your subconscious minds work in congruency, you have a powerful force that multiplies and heightens your peak state. “

“Your goals need to challenge you. If they aren’t challenging, then they won’t change you. “

“When you create a single list, the only thing to keep in mind is whether you’re creating a momentum building goal or a stretch, life altering goal. “

“You must be aware and smart enough not to undermine your efforts. As you believe, so too will you achieve. “

“Better goals create better outcomes. And better goals are created when you shed the negatives in your life while deciding what you want to accomplish. “

“To design your goals instead of responding to circumstances in your life, create goals hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and even three and five years out. “

“I turn off the part of my brain that thinks I can’t do something. Then, I see myself as a child on Christmas Eve, and I make a list of all the gifts I want to receive. I do this for four minutes. No editing. No throttling back. “

“With these things locked into place, I start to work on my goals. “

“When your brain expects you to be successful, it goes to work putting solutions much closer in reach so that you can take full advantage at all times. “

10. One More Higher Standard

“Before you can achieve your goals, you must understand the role standards play and why they’re so important. “

“If you’re willing to tolerate something, that’s probably what you’re going to get. “

“As competitive as business is, that’s a recipe for failure. “

“Most of us enjoy belonging to a variety of groups of like minded people. We like exchanging ideas and learning new things that grow and shape our perceptions. “

“Standards are the specific set of actions you must take to achieve your goal. “

“When you set the right standards that match your goals, your life becomes much less stressful. “

“Don’t let your ego run your mind when it comes to setting realistic goals and standards. Start at a place that makes sense for you. You can always upgrade your goals and standards once you start making progress. “

“When your standard does not match what’s required to meet your goal, you won’t be properly motivated. “

“Nobody knows better than you what your standards should be. That said, developing standards isn’t always an easy proposition. “

“When you compare, you’re also tempted to adjust your standards downward to align with someone else’s standards. That’s unacceptable. “

“When your goals are aligned with your higher standards, you’ll enjoy a fuller and more blissful life. “

11. One More Impossibility Thinkers and Possibility Achievers

“All the principles in Think and Grow Rich are critical for success. They’re worth mentioning because they’re still valid and powerful strategies today. “

“The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does. “

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thoughts and actions act as a pair. Borrowing more from Newton’s Law, One More thinkers also understand that ‘the size of the thoughts you have should equal the force of the actions you take. “

“Instead of working out three days a week, you go to the gym five days a week. “

“Actions speak louder than words but not nearly as often. “

“What you do trumps how you think. “

“In life, winning is all about how well you interact with others. Trying to understand what’s on someone’s mind is a critical element for a positive outcome. Except, as I’ve mentioned, you can’t always tell what other people are thinking. Yes, many people do tip their hand by talking too much. “

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12. One More Habit

“Habits are a direct result of your brain subconsciously taking actions in a way to ensure that you’ll use less energy to get a desired outcome. “

“For example, if you want to maintain a high level of fitness, but you’re in the habit of only going to the gym twice a week, and you sneak a lot of junk food into your diet, you’re not going to achieve that goal. “

“When we perceive these threats, our brain flips a switch, moves out of thinking mode, and goes into a reflex mode. We react and revert to what we know as a form of protection. “

“When you reframe your emotions, you also reframe your habits. “

“The keys to creating new habits are intentional thought and repetition. “

“The action you take is your response to the heightened state of alert you’re confronted with. “

“When you reframe your trigger and change your actions, your brain responds favorably because you’ve achieved greater alignment. “

“Because of the way your brain is hard wired, you’re going to constantly engage in your habits. “

“Our habits have consequences. If we take control of our habits on a more consistent basis, we’ll have a higher measure of control over the results we achieve. “

“Everyone has it within themselves to be an effective leader if they decide to work at it. “

13. One More Multiplier

“Change is natural. At times, you’ll seek change. At other times, change will find you. “

“Many people believe the ‘one more piece’ in the Chicago Bulls dynasty years was coach Phil Jackson. “

“In 2020, Tom Brady became the One More multiplier for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Brady at the helm, the team went from a losing season the year before to winning a Super Bowl in 2021. “

“While undeniably talented, it would be a complete waste to have two Peyton Mannings on one team. Manning needed equally gifted wide receivers to catch his passes. Without skilled receivers like Marvin Harrison, Manning’s accomplishments would still be considerable. But would they be legendary. “

“Leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders. “

14. One More Inconvenience

“Inconveniences are the challenges you must overcome to have a shot at accomplishing anything significant. “

“The most extraordinary things you’ve been blessed with in your life started as something inconvenient. “

“When you can build the habit of doing inconvenient things into your life over time, can you imagine how amazing your life will be. “

“Your biggest dreams never materialize if you gravitate toward convenience. Convenience and your optimum health do not co exist. “

“Inconvenience is a challenge. “

“Rarely are those circumstances better. “

“The best relationships are not about being by your side only when it’s convenient. It’s about being there when it’s not. “

“Equanimity is essential when you’re doing inconvenient things. Without it, you’ll eventually burn out. “

15. One More and Defining Leadership

“Giving people a sense they are involved in something historic is a key step in how you build a culture. “

“Your number one priority is to sell a big dream, and probably bigger than the one you’re thinking about now. “

“Your job is to tell those people what you see. “

“Most people never meet a real leader in their life, and as a result, they never fulfill their true potential by tapping into these gifts. “

“Those who thrive on uncertainty and variety are stimulated by the unknown and change. They fear getting stuck in a rut or doing the same thing every day. They want new, exciting, and different tasks as often as possible. “

“Others place a high value on growing their minds, skills, and experiences. You need to meet this need by placing challenges in front of these people and giving them the sense they’re growing as part of your organization. This energizes them. “

“If you use those reasons as of way to try and convince me to come and speak to your group, that wouldn’t stimulate me, and I will probably turn you down. “

“Remember: all eyes are on you. “

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16. One More and My 11 Leadership Principles

“Steve Jobs had an amazing ability to sell the dream, that he was evangelical about Apple’s cause, and that evangelism was infectious throughout the company. “

“It’s one thing to look at a person’s resume or see how they conduct themselves in an interview. It’s quite another to look beyond formal measurements to fully understand a person’s unique gifts. “

“When you build leaders, you lighten your load, create loyalty, and make the overall team stronger. “

“When you can incorporate them, you’ll get people to do what they otherwise would not do without your presence. “

“The fact is that great leaders are willing to repeat themselves over and over again. “

“Effective leaders are great at acknowledging and recognizing people. “

“There’s something incredibly powerful about lifting up a person in front of their peers. There’s also an incredible but different kind of power that comes from recognizing someone with a one on one personal and sincere thank you. “

“A mission has two components: what we’re for and what we’re against. What are we for. You must define what you believe in and then inspire people to rally around this crusade. What is our mission statement and our core values. “

“When you can be truthful about your own performance, you can also be truthful about other people’s performance. “

“A well designed culture takes into account all six of the basic human needs and how to meet them. “

“When you understand that some employees need certainty, recognition, or growth opportunities, and you take steps to meet those needs, you are giving your people important resources as well. “

“People don’t always have to believe what you’re saying. They only have to believe that you believe what you’re saying. “

17. One More Degree of Equanimity

“The Lord will fight for you, and you will hold your peace. “

“Equanimity is also woven into several eastern Indian religions. “

“It’s one thing to say that you should aim for One More level of equanimity. It’s quite another to understand how you should get there. Like any challenge, begin by breaking a big concept like equanimity into smaller parts. “

“When we are able to come to grips that we’re only one small part of the vast human condition, it liberates us from the pressures we place on ourselves. “

“Equanimity embraces change. Instead of getting stuck in the status quo, recognize that your future lies in the winds of change. Acceptance of change, which is inevitable, brings about peace. “

“The goal of equanimity is to lessen the effects these winds have on your mind that occur to one extent or the other every day. “

“If you’re passive, equanimity won’t help you much, other than to be a nagging part of your brain that reminds you that you’re too laid back and calm to accomplish anything significant in your life. You must bring a certain level of tenacity to your life. “

18. One More Prayer

“Having said that, I also want to be respectful of your beliefs and not push you away by preaching. “

“Faith is universal. Every civilization since the beginning of time has practiced some sort of faith based spirituality. “

“To live a full life, there must be several times when you suspend the necessity of needing to know everything before you act. This is especially true with faith because we’re never going to know everything there is to know about faith. “

“Throughout my entire life, I have drawn considerable strength from the positive impact of faith and prayers. That has given me supreme confidence every time I walk into a sales call, step on stage at a public speaking event, or when I’m simply out and about, meeting and talking to people on the street. “

“Finally, others are science based. “

“My almighty God, He created everything, or he did not. “

“Most important, He gave us the gift of finding answers to many of those questions, propelling us forward as a civilization since time began. “

“At first glance, it doesn’t seem that faith and science have anything in common. However, it may surprise you to learn that spiritual leaders and scientists have sought ways to link the two for a long time now. “

“There is an energy that attracts certain things to your life and an energy that also repels things away from you as well. If you have an absence of understanding of how this energy works, you are creating a considerable disservice to yourself. “

“There are no atheists in a fox hole. “

“I also believe the power of prayer has a compounding effect on your life. “

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19. One Last One More

“The lesson of One Last One More begins here. “

“Everything comes with an expiration date. “

“Your world changes when you realize your days on Earth are finite. Many people come to this realization earlier than others, and some are acutely aware of it but can’t break free from those heavy chains they’ve forged. “

“When I was 15, my dad was confronted with the biggest One Last One More of his life: My mother gave him an ultimatum. ‘Either you get sober or lose your family. You won’t get another chance,’ she told him. “

“The stakes were now so high that one more failure was no longer an option. “

“The magic of time is that it allows us to heal and reflect, and that’s precisely what I’ve done since my father’s passing. “

“When you live a One Last One More life as often as you can, you approach life with a high degree of urgency. “

“Although he was proud of me, my dad always stressed that while my business success was beyond admirable, he made sure I understood my relationships with my family and friends are what mattered most. He cared little about the houses I owned, my wealth, and the other trappings of success. “

“It’s never too late for One Last One More. “

“When you find it in your heart to make One Last One More a priority in your life, not only will you lighten the chains of another person, but you’ll lighten your chains in life as well. “

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