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Chapter 1

“As day faded into night, she loved watching the sky turning from blue to gray to orange and yellow at the western rim of the world. “

Chapter 2

“Good morning, the woman called out, disrupting her thoughts. You must be Katie. Irv Benson told me we’d be neighbors. “

“I don’t think he did, either. He about fell out of his chair when I said I’d take the place. “

“It’s not so bad. I’m used to it by now. “

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Chapter 3

“It hadn’t been a slow change, either, a few hairs here and there gradually turning to silver. “

“It wasn’t hard to keep up with the inventory. “

“It was a wearying and sometimes isolating lifestyle, but he remained focused on Josh and Kristen. Though less frequent than it once had been, both of them had been prone to nightmares with Carly gone. “

“He thought of her often, and he missed the companionship they’d once shared and the friendship that had been the bedrock of their marriage at its best. And when he was honest with himself, he knew he wanted those things again. He was lonely, even though it bothered him to admit it. “

“Since then, the beans were always in stock, there was a single onion available, and in the weeks that followed her first two visits to the store, she’d become something of a regular. “

“usually, Alex worked the register until noon, when he would hand over the reins to Joyce, who, like Roger, was the kind of employee who made running the store much less challenging than it could be. “

“Even better, she understood that Alex needed to spend time with his children away from the store, and she didn’t get bent out of shape by having to work on Sundays. “

“Hi, Miss Katie, Kristen called out, popping up from behind the register. How do you think my doll looks. She’s beautiful, Kristen, Katie answered. Is that a new dress. “

“It’s okay. I’ll head out there in a little while and if I can’t find it, I’ll get you a new one. But next time, just let go, okay. “

“It’s actually a very good wine. I know you wouldn’t think you could get a good bottle of wine here, but when I was in the army, I had a friend who introduced me to wine. He’s kind of an amateur expert, and he’s the one who picks what I stock. “

Chapter 4

“Even after paying her rent and utilities, along with food, she had extra money for the first time in years. Not a lot, but enough to make her feel light and free. “

“What if I can’t talk about it. Katie said in an involuntary whisper. Then how about this. Ignore the fact that I’m a counselor. We’re just friends, and friends can talk about anything. “

“I love that little girl, Jo said, drawing her knees up to her chest. But it doesn’t surprise me that the two of you get along. Or that she reached for you when she was scared. “

Chapter 5

“So why had it felt like Jo was trying to bring them together. “

“It took me awhile to find one that wasn’t too bulky, or too hot. But this one is perfect. And really, I had no choice. “

“It’s either wear it, or don’t fish. But I don’t think he minds. “

Chapter 6

“But the start of what. From the very beginning, he’d sensed she was in trouble, and his instinctive response had been to want to help. “

“Many would end up not signing it, and even those who did would quickly change their minds when their husbands were brought in. “

“I didn’t think it would be like this when I left the house. “

“It just gives people something to complain about. “

“Don’t get me wrong. I like Ivan—he’s a good man, and the restaurant is a fixture in this town. Kristen and Josh love the hush puppies there, and Ivan’s always welcoming whenever we show up. But sometimes, I’ve wondered what drives him. “

“It’s okay, he said. Really. But if you don’t think you should, then just settle up the next time you’re in the store, okay. “

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Chapter 7

“In other words, memoir material. “

“And by the way, before you start wondering whether or not we’re actually friends and how well we know each other, trust me when I say that yes, absolutely. I consider you a friend. “

“So people lie by omission all the time. People will tell you most of the story. . and I’ve learned that the part they neglect to tell you is often the most important part. “

“There’s always something I can do. “

“Your friend has a lot of courage, Jo said quietly. That’s what courage is. If she weren’t scared, she wouldn’t need courage in the first place. I admire what she did. “

“I think we had a visitor, she said. What are you talking about. There’s a bicycle leaning against your tree. Katie followed her outside. “

Chapter 8

“I wasn’t lying about the fact that the bike has been collecting dust for the last couple of years. It used to belong to my wife,, Alex said. She loved that bike and she rode it all the time. “

“It’s okay. I knew what to do. But he had to help me with the new inner tube. “

Chapter 9

“It’s hard to believe there was a storm yesterday, isn’t it. I forgot how much I missed the ocean. Been awhile. Too long, she said, listening to the steady rhythm of the waves as they gently rolled ashore. “

“She probably thought she was lucky, too. That’s only because I was able to fool her. “

Chapter 10

“There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day at the beach. “

“It’s not so bad. As long as I’m up by six in the morning and don’t go to bed until midnight, it’s easy to keep up. “

“I’m glad you decided to come today, he finally said. Because I’m having a great time. “

“The kids were squealing with delight, obviously having the time of their lives. She marveled at the way Alex was able to make each of them feel like the center of attention. There was a tenderness in the way he treated them, a depth of patience that she hadn’t quite expected. “

Chapter 11

“He’s sweet. And more talkative than I thought he’d be. “

“Always, he said. I think it’s important. “

“I’d tell you but I can’t,, she said. Her voice was almost inaudible over the sound of the waves. Can you at least tell me what I said. Or what I did. She turned toward him. You didn’t say or do anything wrong. “

“This, she thought, is what a loving family did when they were together. For them, it was nothing but an ordinary day on an ordinary weekend, but for her, there was something revelatory about the notion that wonderful moments like these existed. “

Chapter 12

“It sounds like the two of you spent a lot of time talking. “

Chapter 13

“It was enough to squash the illusion that he’d dazzled her to the point that she couldn’t resist stopping by. He was surprised, though, by the almost teenage-like enthusiasm he felt at the prospect of seeing her again, even if she didn’t feel the same way. “

“Even though she didn’t want to, she realized that she wanted him to know her. She wanted him to understand her, if only because she had the strange sense that he was the kind of man she could fall in love with, even if she didn’t want to. “

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Chapter 14

“It’s pretty hot already, Dad,, Josh pointed out, talking as he chewed. That’s okay. Afterward, we can swim in the creek. And chew with your mouth closed. “

“It seemed like it. We had to wait before they could seat us in your section. “

“I come in here to relax and enjoy my dinner, and I end up getting picked on by the waitress. “

“Finally. But a couple of people have been out this week. One went to her sister’s wedding, and another called in sick. “

Chapter 15

“It’s only dinner. . , Katie said. I’ll take that as a yes. “

“It’s just dinner, Katie said again. Which means that you won’t have any trouble telling me all about it. “

“That’s it, she thought to herself, that’s all I’ve got. “

Chapter 16

“I know I should have said it when I first got here, but you look beautiful. Thank you, she said. You look beautiful, he repeated. When I’m not working, I like to sit out here and read. “

“I don’t know that they’re all that important unless you want to tell me about them. “

“I want to know how you knew. It wasn’t one thing, he said. He mentioned a few of the things he’d noticed before finally shaking his head. Most people wouldn’t have put it all together. But you did. I couldn’t help it. “

“I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to tonight. I mean. . I’ve been thinking about it all week. “

“When the appetizer was finished, Katie rose from the table and went to the oven. She peeked at the peppers before rinsing the saucepan she’d used earlier. “

“It’s okay, he whispered. There’s no way tonight could have been any more wonderful than it’s already been. “

Chapter 17

“It is cold, Katie agreed. “

“It’s not hard. Practice a little, take the test, and you’re good to go. “

“It took the clerk forever to ring her up. Though she was paying cash, he asked for her name, address, and zip code. Pointless. Ridiculous. “

“I was going to wait outside but it’s too cold, she explained. And then I realized I didn’t get your card. “

Chapter 18

“When Kevin paid for the groceries, she handed him the change from the salon and the receipt. “

“She began to unpack the groceries, still feeling dazed but knowing she had to act normal. Kevin liked a tidy house, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. She put away the cheese and eggs in their separate compartments in the refrigerator. “

“I know. You’re always so smart. You’re so beautiful. You know I love you, right. “

“He was almost frenzied as soon as they got there, working her jeans down around her hips, then to her ankles. “

Chapter 19

“The only reason I did was because you already knew. “

“I see the courageous woman who escaped. You see yourself as someone who should be ashamed or guilty because she let it happen. I see a kind, beautiful woman who should feel proud because she stopped it from happening ever again. “

Chapter 20

“It’s about time, Kevin said. I thought they had enough a while ago. “

“You’ll get a partner. But it probably won’t be until July. I’m sorry about that. I know it means more work for you, but there’s nothing I can do. I’ll try my best to keep your load manageable. “

“Sometimes, when Kevin was around, Coffey and Ramirez stopped talking, and Kevin knew they had been talking about him behind his back. Gossips. “

“It was hard to keep up the pretense that Erin hadn’t left me. “

“The precinct was busy. End of a holiday weekend. The world gone crazy. “

“A wife didn’t just leave. A wife didn’t just walk away from a marriage. “

Also by Nicholas Sparks

“He couldn’t remember much about that night. He couldn’t remember breaking two of her fingers, even though it was obvious that he had. “

“He told himself that he would sleep for just a little while. Not long. Just enough so that when he came back later in the evening, his mind would be sharp and he wouldn’t make mistakes and he and Erin could be husband and wife once more. “

Chapter 21

“Since their dinner at her house, she hadn’t broached her past again, and he didn’t bring it up. “

“In the army, he’d slowly come to the realization that there were people who added goodness to the world and people who lived to destroy it. In his mind, the decision to protect an innocent woman like Katie from a psychopath like Kevin was as clear as black and white—a simple choice. “

“The kids need a mom. Carly’s voice sounded almost like a plea. Someone who loves them as much as I do, someone who thinks of them as her own children. “

“I like that you make me feel special. “

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Chapter 22

“It was Sunday morning, the day after she’d had her hair done. She peeked in the toilet for blood, sure she’d see some after she peed. Her kidney still throbbed, radiating pain from her shoulder blades to the backs of her legs. “

“The sheets probably need a wash, too, huh. After our fun last night. he said, waggling his eyebrows. His hair was pointing in different directions and there was a piece of egg at the corner of his mouth. I’m sure you’ll do fine. “

“I just want to make you happy, she stammered. “

“Is it possible to have it turned on today. “

“I’ll be home tomorrow night, he said. “

“I hate to do this, but can you call me in a few minutes. I still have conditioner in my hair and I want to rinse it out. “

“She stared out the window as the bus pulled away from the station, feeling as if she were dreaming. “

“In three days, I’d have no place to stay unless I could find a job. “

“As crazy as he was, he was persistent and diligent and his instincts were usually right. “

“It didn’t take long to get to New York. Again, she scanned the schedules and bought a ticket that would take her as far as Omaha. “

Chapter 23

“It was mid-June and Katie was leaving Ivan’s after finishing up a busy dinner shift when she spotted a familiar figure standing near the exit. ‘Hey there. ‘ Jo waved from beneath the lamppost where Katie had locked up her bike. “

“When I was a girl, I used to make believe that I was a princess. One of the good ones, I mean. Someone who always does the right thing and has the power to make people’s lives better so that, in the end, they live happily ever after. “

“Love doesn’t mean anything if you’re not willing to make a commitment, she said, and you have to think not only about what you want, but about what he wants. Not just now, but in the future. “

Chapter 24

“In the darkness, he chewed his lips, remembering his initial hope that she might come back. “

“He drove each and every road within five miles of the house two or three times before finally going back home. It was three a. m. and the house was empty. After another vodka he cried himself to sleep. “

“She thought she was smarter than he was, but she was stupid and careless and she’d made a mistake. “

“He got back in his car and drove the streets of Chinatown, and again it felt right. He drank his vodka and walked the streets. He started at those businesses closest to the bus station and showed her picture around. No one knew anything but he had the sense that some of them were lying. “

“It wasn’t fair. He’d loved her since the first time they met in Atlantic City. And they’d been happy, hadn’t they. Early on in the marriage, she used to sing to herself as she put on her makeup. “

Chapter 25

“The third week of June was a series of glorious high summer days. The temperature crept up over the course of the afternoon, bringing with it humidity heavy enough to thicken the air and blur the horizon. Heavy clouds would then form as if by magic, and violent thunderstorms would drop torrents of rain. “

“Since you want to learn how to drive, we may as well start now. “

“Now, push down on the brake and start the car. When you’re ready, keep the brake on while you put the transmission in reverse. Don’t use the accelerator, and slowly release the brake. Then turn the wheel to back out, keeping your foot lightly on the brake. “

Chapter 26

“It was hard to concentrate and the vodka didn’t seem to help and he had to lie to Coffey and Ramirez and walk away while they gossiped. “

“She wasn’t running any longer. She wouldn’t move from place to place or job to job forever. It wasn’t like her. She liked nice things and wanted to have them around her. Which meant she had to be using someone else’s identity. “

“At the end of their first week together, they were called out to an apartment less than three blocks from the precinct, where they found a ten-year-old boy who’d died of a bullet wound. “

“I’m not very good at this, Kevin admitted. This. We’re just talking, she said. And you’re doing fine. “

“The man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys his own soul. “

“The house was messy and dirty and Erin would know what he’d done, and even though his thoughts were jumbled, he knew those two things were linked. He paced the living room frantically. “

Chapter 27

“The license arrived in the mail within a few days and when Katie opened the envelope, she felt almost dizzy. “

“While it warmed Alex’s heart to see those things, he always felt a pang of sadness, too, because it reminded him that he could never be everything that his daughter needed, no matter how hard he tried. “

“Just regular stuff. Alex tilted his head. And we talk about you and your sister, too. “

“You want me to read this one first. he remembered asking. He pointed to the one inscribed with his name and she nodded slightly. She relaxed as he pulled the letter out, her head sinking into the pillow. “

Chapter 28

“The woman is claiming that you told her to push the perp down the stairs. “

“I didn’t tell her anything. I asked her what happened and she told me and I saw the hole in the ceiling and went upstairs and I arrested the neighbor after he admitted to firing the gun. “

Chapter 29

“The kids liked it! Alex protested. The kids loved it, Katie agreed. But I can’t figure out whether the monkeys liked it. They didn’t look all that happy to me. “

“I didn’t want to make the rest of you feel bad. “

“I do, Katie said. It’s obvious. You care about them. And you want to watch out for them. “

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Chapter 30

“Across the street, he saw a woman walk out of their house to smoke a cigarette. She was wearing a black dress and Kevin wondered if she knew the Feldmans yelled at neighborhood kids. “

“Even though my head still ached, he poured the vodka down the drain and thought about Erin and the Feldmans. “

“He went to the file cabinet and opened it. Quickly, he scanned the tabs. He found a file labeled KATIE and pulled it out, opened it, and examined what was inside. “

Chapter 31

“Earlier that day, at the library, she’d perused the Boston Globe online at one of the computers and had come across Gladys Feldman’s obituary. “

“You’ve been quiet tonight, Alex said. Is everything okay. She’d made tuna casserole for dinner and Alex was helping her with the dishes. “

“Don’t do this, he said. Tell the truth. Tell you how I feel. Why. What are you going to do. Hit me. Go ahead. “

Chapter 32

“She’d made a fool of him, carrying on a secret life he hadn’t even known about. Visiting the Feldmans, cooking and cleaning for them while she plotted and schemed and lied. What else, he wondered, had she lied about. “

“I’m coming, he thought to himself. I know where you live and where you work and you won’t get away again. “

“She knew he desired her, and she used it to her advantage. “

Chapter 33

“She eventually dozed off sometime after two a. m. , when the wind and rain were beginning to taper off. By dawn, the sky was clear and birdsong was drifting from the trees. “

“I want you to know that I value what we have right now, and more than anything, I want you to be comfortable. Whatever that means. “

“It’s okay. I mean, who knows what the future might bring, right. Once the kids are asleep and depending when you get back, it might be too late for me to ride back to my house. You might just find me in your bed. . “

Chapter 34

“The interstate wove past uninteresting towns with forgettable names. He was in Wilmington by ten. He drove through the city and turned onto a small, rural highway. Heading south, with the sun coming hard through the driver’s-side window. “

“It was a small town with neat, well-kept houses. Some were typically Southern, with wide porches and magnolia trees and American flags waving from poles, others reminded him of homes in New England. There were mansions on the waterfront. “

“Once he surprised Erin, he knew she’d try to get away. She wouldn’t want to go with him. She would try to get away, might even try to fight, and he would tie her up and tape her mouth shut and then go get the car. “

Chapter 35

“The world’s tallest horse could be viewed for a dollar. Another dollar bought admission to the tent next door, which housed the smallest horse. “

“It was too hot to think and he could have been on his way back to Dorchester if Erin had been home. “

“He should have asked the hostess if she’d seen Erin with a man because he knew she wouldn’t be at the carnival alone. “

“People talked and whispered all around him and he thought some of them were staring at him, like Coffey and Ramirez used to do. He ignored them, focused on his search. “

“sometimes people got lucky and strange things happened. “

“It’s been great having you here, but I think it’s time we called it a day. “

Chapter 36

“If I didn’t know better. . I’d like to remind you that there are some young ears tuning in right now, so I’d watch what you say. “

“His thoughts ricocheted like pachinko balls, bouncing fast, left and right, downward, downward. “

“Whoever gazes at a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart. “

“Bang, Kevin thought again. “

Chapter 37

“It’s like a sauna out there. “

“You look beautiful, he whispered into her ear. I love you. “

“When it was time for him to leave, he kissed the kids in the living room. She followed him to the door and when he kissed her good-bye, he let his hand wander lower, past her waist, his lips soft against hers. “

Chapter 38

“Damn! Kevin kept saying. Damn! He’d been driving for hours. He’d stopped to buy four bottles of vodka at the ABC store. One of them was half gone, and as he drove he saw two of everything unless he squinted, keeping one eye closed. “

“He stopped and bent over, vomiting onto the side of the road. Stomach cramping, a clawing in his gut like a rodent was trapped inside him. Puked again, and then dry heaves and the world spun when he tried to stand. The car was close and he staggered to it. “

Chapter 39

“She made the kids their pasta, and after dinner they sorted through the collection of DVDs, trying to find one that both kids wanted to watch, until they finally agreed on Finding Nemo. “

“She turned out the lights and collapsed on the couch. She picked up the remote and surfed TV channels, trying to find something interesting but not too demanding. It was coming up on ten o’clock, she noted. An hour to go. “

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Chapter 40

“Later, he spotted her profile at the window, saw her smiling as she turned away and knew she was thinking about the gray-haired man. Thinking about sex and the Bible says Those who gave themselves over to fornication and strange flesh are set forth for an example and suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. “

“I still have a ways to go. “

“It would take another few minutes to drop off Joyce and her daughter, but then he would be home. “

“The coolers along the back wall were still illuminated and he walked the aisles, wondering idly if Cheerios would burn, if Twinkies would burn. “

“He emptied the can and tossed it aside. Opening the second can, he squirted more fluid at the ceiling. The flames from the apron began leaping toward the walls and the ceiling. “

“She ran toward the hallway, panicked at the sight of heavy smoke billowing from both rooms. Josh’s room was closest and she rushed in, waving her arms against the stinging black fog. “

“I’m going to lower you as far as I can, but then you’re going to have to jump. “

“It was only when a shadow appeared before her that she realized she was wrong. “

“Bitch! Kevin screamed, trying to free his arm. Katie lowered her mouth and bit down as hard as she could and Kevin let out a ferocious cry. Trying to pull the arm free, he slammed his other fist into her temple. Instantly, she saw flashes of white light. “

“When they reached the car, she tried to fight again but Kevin slammed her head onto the roof and she almost passed out. “

“Around the bend, the gravel road. “

“I used to love you, she said. I married you because I loved you. “

“You should have let me go! You shouldn’t have followed me! You shouldn’t have come here! Why couldn’t you just let me go. “

Chapter 41

“He took a nasty blow. “

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t do it. “

“We survived and that’s all that matters. “

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