5 Best Public Parks in Irving, TX

Are you looking for the best Public Parks in Irving, TX? We have evaluated all of the Public Parks in Irving, TX based on the positive and negative customer reviews and ratings. 

The following is a list of the 5 best Public Parks in Irving, TX that we have discovered.

They are listed in no particular order below.

Note: If you think your business deserves to be on this top 5 list, please contact us and we will evaluate your business.


Victoria Park is one of Irving’s best parks. It has a park that spans over 22 acres. The park features two small pavilions, two lit-up volleyball courts, disc golf, a lake or stream, and a lighted concrete trail. 

The park offers swimming lessons, water aerobics, and aquatics programs. Victoria Park features a Castle Kingdom playground, a concrete trail with lighting, two small volleyball courts with lighting, two small pavilions, and a lake or stream. 

It is a wonderful park where children can play and adults can relax and enjoy the scenery. There is a separate playground and other enjoyable activities in the park.


  • Website: https://www.cityofirving.org/facilities/facility/details/Victoria-Park-100
  • Tel: (972) 721-2501


3051 West Northgate Drive, Irving, TX 75062

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 6am – 11pm


Centennial Park in Irving is a historic town park. Bennett’s dog-run cabin, eight tables, a founders plaza, a large gazebo, and a lighted concrete surface trail are all included. 

The pavilion, which has a tower with a 30-foot light spike representing Irving’s bright future, is available for rent. There are numerous parking spaces, grills, walking and running paths, and the park is well-lit at night. 

Wheelchairs can enter the building. People sit in the park’s pavilion and watch the children play. People can use the park’s long walking and running paths.


  • Website: https://www.cityofirving.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Centennial-Park-33
  • Tel: (972) 721-2501


444 West 2nd Street, Irving, TX 75060

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 5am – 12am


Cottonwood Creek Park is a family-friendly park in Irving. It has plenty of parking and plenty of activities for both children and adults. 

The park features a baseball field, a large pavilion, a water fountain, and a playground. There is a large pavilion for family picnics and a large playground right next to it. The green space around the pond is ideal for walking on the paved trail. 

There are numerous picnic tables and a playground in the park. People enjoy visiting this park during the week because it is peaceful and serene.


  • Website: https://www.cityofirving.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Cottonwood-Creek-31
  • Tel: (972) 721-2501


4051 North Story Road, Irving, TX 75038

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 5am – 11pm

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