5 Best Pawn Shops in Buffalo, NY

Are you looking for the best Pawn Shops in Buffalo, NY? We have evaluated all of the Pawn Shops in Buffalo, NY based on the positive and negative customer reviews and ratings. 

The following is a list of the 5 best Pawn Shops in Buffalo, NY that we have discovered.

They are listed in no particular order below.

Note: If you think your business deserves to be on this top 5 list, please contact us and we will evaluate your business.


“Pawn It” is one of the best pawnshops in Buffalo, New York. Anything of worth can be purchased, sold, or traded. They have been assisting people in the area since 2007. 

“Pawn It” provides a personalized experience to each customer and ensures that the transaction goes smoothly. They establish long-term business relationships in this manner. They have a great selection of items and are always looking for a good deal. 

They make an effort to provide services that are fair, courteous, and professional. The goal of the store is to allow people to sell, buy, or trade items for cash. Pawn It is also located at 1060 Harlem Road in Cheektowaga, New York.



2191 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216

Opening Hours

  • Tue-Sat: 10am – 6pm
  • Mon & Sun: Closed


Buffalo Jewelry and Loan is your local full-service pawn shop. Their knowledgeable staff can get you a loan for jewelry or a watch ranging from $10 to $100,000 in minutes, with no credit check. Most valuable items can be purchased or sold at Buffalo Jewelry and Loan. 

Power tools, music equipment, electronics, and even collectibles are among the items available, in addition to gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds. 

You can get great deals on brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Gucci, and many others. Discounts are available for active military members, their spouses, and their children (36% APR loan). 

Buffalo Jewelry and Loan offers an excellent layaway plan in which you can put down 10% and pay no interest for up to 6 months. They take pride in being able to meet all of your financial needs in one location. Buffalo Jewelry and Loan is also located at 14150 Tonawanda, KY, as well as 2853 Sheridan Dr.


  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://buffalojewelryandloan.com/
  • Tel: (716) 259-9150


2196 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 10am – 6pm
  • Sun: Closed


Buffalo Gold Rush & Pawn is a full-service pawn shop owned and operated by Buffalo residents. They buy, sell, and trade almost everything of value. 

They want to be Buffalo’s best pawnshop by providing excellent customer service and selling high-quality items at low prices. 

They estimate the value of your gold and jewelry right in front of you, so you know you’re getting the most money possible. In addition, they sell a variety of tools, jewelry, sporting goods, and electronics. 

They have friendly employees and a secure location where you can sell all of your gift cards. When residents of Western New York want to sell gift cards quickly for cash, they can only do so through them. 

Buffalo Gold Rush & Pawn is a welcoming pawn shop that will give you the most money for your items.



1400 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14206

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm
  • Sat: 10am – 3pm
  • Sun: Closed


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