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Chapter One: “Call Me Marvin”

“First things first, the agent says. I send you greetings from my wife, Mary Alice Schwarz! We had a Rick Dalton double feature in our screening room last night. Wow. That’s both flattering and embarrassing, Rick says. “

“Well, them are two of the good ones, Rick says. McCluskey was directed by Paul Wendkos. He’s my favorite of all my directors. He made Gidget. I was supposed to be in that. Tommy Laughlin got my part. “

“What do you smoke. Marvin asks Rick. I smoke Kents. “

“Capitol W Lights, Rick says. But also Chesterfields, Red Apples, and, don’t laugh, Virginia Slims. Marvin laughs anyway. Hey, I like the taste, is Rick’s defense. “

“The middle of the ’63–’64 season. Didja ever go to color. Didn’t make color. How’d you get the show. “

“So I’m doing a Riverboat, with Bill directing. Me and Burt Reynolds in the scene. So me and Burt are doing the scene, sayin’ the dialogue. “

“Too bad, Marvin says as he removes a folded-up Xerox page stuck in the little notebook and hands it across the coffee table to Rick. This is the Cahiers du Cinéma review of Tanner. It’s a good review, very well written. “

“Of course, Rick says. I’m the heavy. That’s an old trick pulled by the networks. Take Bingo Martin, for example. So you got a new guy like Scott Brown and you wanna build up his bona fides. “

“But, Marvin says, that just makes the Italians want him more. So even though Steve always says no, and Brando always says no, and Warren Beatty always says no, the Italians keep trying. And when they can’t get ’em, they settle. “

“I had something! But the studio kept puttin’ me in flicks with faded old fucks. But me and Chuck Heston. That’d been different. “

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Chapter Two: “I Am Curious (Cliff)”

“I’m sorry, he’s with a client right now, can I ask who’s calling. Yeah, I think I have, Miss Himmelsteen says. “

“Pornography is a work lacking in redeeming social value. And according to Judge Paul R. “

“That’s me, she giggles self-consciously. Now, remember, if your mother asks, I’m not taking you to see a dirty movie. I’m taking you to see a foreign film. With subtitles. I’ll call you next Friday. “

“To Cliff, who had borne witness to the stark extremities of humanity (like the heads of his Filipino guerrilla brothers stuck on spikes by the occupying Japanese), even the most entertaining actors of his era—Brando, Paul Newman, Ralph Meeker, John Garfield, Robert Mitchum, George C. “

“I don’t go to movies to read, Rick would tease Cliff about his cinephilia. Cliff would just smile at his boss’s teasing, but he always felt proud of himself for reading subtitles. He felt smarter. He liked expanding his mind. “

“After the violence the world was subjected to during the forties, the fifties were all about emotional melodrama. Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando, Elia Kazan, the Actors Studio, Playhouse 90. “

“But there were a lot of foreign filmmaking heavyweights of the fifties and sixties Cliff wasn’t enamored with. He tried Bergman but wasn’t interested (too boring). But he liked the early black-and-white films a lot. “

“He especially got involved with a discussion about the role and the necessity of the Swedish military in today’s society. “

“All these cinematic questions intrigued Cliff far more than they did Miss Himmelsteen. He felt her leaning back from the screen, while she felt him lean forward. At some point, he heard her say under her breath, I am bored yellow. “

“The film is a masterpiece of eroticism, a work of art that is as much about the act of making love as it is about the act itself. Cliff had to agree with that. “

“The first sex scene in I Am Curious (Yellow), and for all intents and purposes modern cinema, wasn’t exactly erotic (Cliff didn’t get an erection), but the first flash of explicit nudity was for sure titillating. “

Chapter Three: Cielo Drive

“I’ve seen enough! Nobody likes spaghetti westerns. “

“Look, Rick says, I grew up watchin’ Hopalong Cassidy and Hoot Gibson. Watchin’ a wop western, directed by Guido DeFatso, starring Mario Bananano, ain’t gonna ring my fuckin’ bell. “

“The other real cool cachet that Cliff Booth brought to the party: As well as being a good friend, a good stuntman, and a war hero, in this world of make-believe, Cliff was a real killer. “

“So let me get this straight, Rick clarified. You stick a blade in some Jap’s ribs, then you cup a hand over his mouth, squashing the scream, then hold him through the whole damn death rattle till he dies in your arms. “

“Can we finally–gesturing broadly toward the oil painting–get this fucking thing outta the driveway. Where do you want me to put it. Throw it away for all I care!Awww, Felix found that for you. “

“He had made a name for himself when he directed his first feature, the Polish language Knife in the Water. The film was a hit on the foreign-film circuit and was even nominated for best foreign film at the Academy Awards. “

“Roman Polanski only had one qualm. But it was a big one. Polanski was an atheist. And if you don’t believe in God, you must equally reject the idea of the devil. Polanski never gives the audience a glimpse of anything that can be labeled supernatural. “

“Holy shit, Rick says to himself, that was Polanski. Then to Cliff, That was Roman Polanski! He’s lived here a month now; this is the first time I’ve seen him. “

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Chapter Four: Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl

“After Cliff became a widower, he never had another serious relationship with a woman for the rest of his life. He fucked girls. He took advantage of all that free pussy/free love that was floating around in the late sixties. But no serious girlfriends and definitely no wives. “

“Look what I got for you, he taunts her. “

“It’s gonna blow your mind, man. “

“Skeptic Cliff asked, You mean to tell me this bitch is worth thirty-two hundred dollars. Nope. Cooley smiled and said, She ain’t worth thirty-two hundred dollars. “

“Jesus, Buster, I don’t wanna fight fuckin’ dogs, I just want my money. At least go with me to the first fight in Lomita. Just watch her fight. Trust me, Cliff, it’s one of the most thrilling things you’ve ever experienced. “

“In Cleveland in the fifties. “

“Would you take a bite of a Red Apple. You bet I would!Would you take a bite of a Red Apple. “

“Did I just hear a whine. Cliff asks the canine. Brandy knows she’s not supposed to whine, she just couldn’t help it, she’s a dog. Cliff continues to address the excited dog with an authoritative tone. “

“If it made him sick, he could only imagine what it must have done to the author, Donald Hamilton. Even the drawing of Matt on the cover of the books looks like Connors. What’s a ubiquitous interloper. “

Chapter Five: Pussycat’s Kreepy Krawl

“It’s two o’clock in the morning on Greenbriar Lane in a suburban housing tract in an affluent section of Pasadena, California. “

“If Charlie had a stronger songbook, it wouldn’t have persuaded Terry to record a Manson album for Columbia. “

“But even in those regards, Terry wasn’t as fascinated with him as his other friends (Dennis Wilson and Greg Jakobson) were. “

“Jesus-fucking-Christ, Terry thought, he couldn’t even get Candy Bergen to agree to a female hippie maid, while Charlie apparently had no problem influencing everybody he met to do whatever he needed them to do. “

“Pussycat scans the room. She looks at the framed pictures on the wall, on the TV, the doodads on the mantel above the fireplace; she sees the hi-fi stereo unit with a stack of LPs leaned up against the wall. “

“The room has the fragrance of Ben-Gay, Pine-Sol evergreen air freshener, Old Spice, and foot odor. “

“She twists the tiny knob on the lamp till it clicks and the room is bathed in a glowing red light. She watches the couple in bed for a reaction to the change in atmosphere, ready to race out of there if the red light has disturbed their REM. “

Chapter Six: “Hollywood or Bust”

“I don’t think she’s a real surfer, said the blonde. In fact, neither her or Frankie even got a tan. You got more of a tan than they got. “

“Yeah, I got ’bout five more lines in my forehead than they got too. Looking at his pretty passenger, he said, And bless your sweet heart callin’ my sun damage a tan. “

“Ace Woody says hello. “

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Chapter Seven: “Good Morgan, Boss Angeles!”

“If New York is the city that never sleeps, Los Angeles in the middle of the night and early wee hours of the morning turns back into the desert it was before it got paved over with concrete. “

“The dirty brunette beauty glances in Cliff’s direction and sees him through the windshield of the rumbling Karmann Ghia. A smile spreads across her pretty face in the blond dude’s direction. Cliff smiles back. “

“It’s a pretty good script and a darn good part, even though Rick thinks he should be playing the series lead, Johnny Lancer. “

“All I did was realize the distance between me and Mike Lewis. He kills a hundred and fifty Nazis and doesn’t change his expression. I torched one small hippie girl and I practically shit my pants. “

“All the Oakmont Productions were pretty much the same, with Mosquito Squadron and Attack on the Iron Coast being the pick of the litter. But for what they were, they weren’t bad. They were pretty entertaining if unmemorable potboilers. “

“But it was another actor in Cannon for Cordoba that Rick Dalton really hit it off with. Pete Duel was a handsome thirty-one-year-old actor, who had already acted in two television series. He played Gidget’s brother-in-law opposite Sally Field on Gidget. “

“The night Charlie told her she was going to have to jack this old man off periodically, and maybe do even more than that, was the only time during her tenure with Charles Manson she ever considered hightailing it back to San Francisco and maybe patching things up with her parents. “

“Would you like me to cut up your sausage and bust your yolk for you. Okay, you’re ready to go, she informs him. Then throws her arms around his neck from behind and whispers into his ear, Enjoy, darling. It was made with love. “

“Good morning, Master Sebring. Good morning, Raymond, Jay replies. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday evening, sir. Yes, I did, Jay answers. Thank you for asking. “

“Well, Raymond says, gesturing toward the bright morning sunshine outside his window, as you can see for yourself, it’s a very sunny, pleasant California morning. “

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell her it was my fault. “

“It’s obvious Sharon and McQueen fucked before. After being purposely ignored for the last twenty seconds, the little dog barks to get the little man’s attention. “

Chapter Eight: Lancer

“Pulled by six horses, the Butterfield Wells Fargo passenger stagecoach rounded the corner where the adobe-walled mission stood and thundered down the dusty dirt main drag of the Spanish-style town of Royo del Oro, sixty miles on the north side of the Mexican border in California. “

“Johnny knew if he ever went back to the Lancer Ranch, he’d blow his father’s fucking head off for throwing him and his mother out in the rain. But he also knew Murdock Lancer was a very important white American. “

“Fuck me swinging, thought Johnny. The real lure wasn’t the offer of a thousand dollars. “

“Mr. Lancer. she inquired with a big question mark. Yes. Top Hat said, and Red Ruffles said, Yeah. Both of you came together. Mirabella asked, confused. “

“Boys. The two brothers turned away from each other toward their little sister, as she gestured toward the wagon and asked, condescendingly, Can we go. “

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Chapter Nine: “Think Less Hippie, More Hells Angels”

“Welcome to fucking Lancer, Rick thinks. He opens the car door and steps out from the vehicle on shaky legs. Upon standing upright, he’s struck by a coughing fit that brings up some stomach acid to the back of his esophagus. “

“I’m doin’ my first decent part in a feature, Rick begins, Battle of the Coral Sea with Cliff Robertson, directed by Paul Wendkos. “

“When you’re right, you’re right. Darn tootin’ I’m right, Rick says. “

“No worries, I’m used to it with Yul, referencing the exotic Hollywood movie star Yul Brynner, who Wanamaker became friends with when the two acted together in the historical action picture Taras Bulba. “

“I wanna get an Indian wig, long hair, put it on his head, then cut it into a hippie hairstyle. But scary hippie, he assures the actor. Sam. . uh. Yes, Rick. How different. “

Chapter Ten: Misadventure

“Inside the stunt community of Hollywood in the sixties, Cliff Booth was greatly admired for his distinguished military career and his status as one of World War Two’s great war heroes. “

“And from that day forward, Cliff became the most infamous man on any Hollywood set he set foot on. “

Chapter Eleven: The Twinkie Truck

“Charlie not only jammed with him; his musical improvisation skills seriously impressed Young. Charlie knew Terry Melcher was wishy-washy about his record-selling potential. “

“But the way it was, the Family cost Dennis so much money that, even when the Beach Boys did record one of Charlie’s songs, they kept his name off the publishing, figuring the costly antics of his acolytes were payment enough. “

“It never would have occurred to them that he’d ditch all that horseshit in a minute to put on a Revolutionary War outfit and trade places with Mark Lindsay. “

“In Hollywood, you could die of encouragement. “

“Some say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. The preparation part is picking Saturday late morning/early afternoon to pay his visit. If he’s going to catch Terry bopping around his house, it’s going to be Saturday late morning/early afternoon. “

“She really likes their songs Kicks, Hungry, and especially Good Thing. “

“Even though she finds this dark little intruder creepy, she nods at him and returns a slight smile. “

“Well, I came down to talk to Terry, and the dude at the house said Terry moved. Yeah, they moved about a month ago, Rudi confirms. “

“I get it, I got it, and I’m good, Charlie assures him. I don’t want to be no bother. “

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Chapter Twelve: “You Can Call Me Mirabella”

“Nice-guy Rick gives her a no sweat, baby, look, pulls a western paperback out of his back pocket, and waves it at her in demonstration. “

“Murdock Lancer was desperate. And desperate times called for desperate measures. “

“What Marta felt for Murdock was far more meaningful: respect. “

“It was sometime around fifteen years later that the reputation of a deadly half white/half Mexican gunfighter named Johnny Madrid reached the ears of Californians. The reputation was that of a scoundrel, but a scoundrel with lightning-fast prowess with a pistola. “

“For one, Murdock Lancer is no Ben Cartwright-like, stern but fair and compassionate patriarch. He’s a real uncompromising son of a bitch. The character of Scott Lancer is more the likable good guy found on sixties’ western shows. “

“But Caleb DeCoteau isn’t just a standard-issue heavy either. It’s a damn good part and he has some of the script’s best dialogue. “

“He kinda looks like a with-it modern actor. “

“I’ll try not to, Rick softly replies. Nevertheless, I thank you kindly, he says, pouring on the charm, I thank you kindly. “

“I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced day-coc-too. Not too shabby, eight years old—your own series. “

“But just you wait, one of these days I’m gonna get a series of my own. And when I do, watch out. I ain’t finished it yet. What’s the premise of the story. What does that mean. What’s the story. “

“It ain’t bad. “

“It’s okay, Caleb. It’s okay, she assures him. It sounds like a really sad book. Poor Easy Breezy. “

“How old are you. she asks him in exasperation. I’m sure too old to be thinking like that. Hey hey hey, calm down, he tells her. “

Chapter Thirteen: “The Sweet Body of Deborah”

“What’s a ringer. Don’t try looking it up; it’s an unofficial term. As a ringer, Cliff Booth was the best in the sixties’ film industry. “

“It’s a little funny to think that one of the most talented martial artists of all time would choose to spend his time teaching Roman Polanski, Jay Sebring, and Stirling Silliphant how to throw a straight-leg kick. “

“A bad one. Hand-to-hand combat, man. That’s where it’s at. A fucking Green Beret would scramble his eggs. Everything he does is for show. Fast patty-cake is still patty-cake. “

“I think you ought to be embarrassed to suggest you’d be anything but a stain on the seat of Muhammad Ali’s trunks. “

“Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter. And I think all that ‘lethal weapon’ horseshit is just an excuse so you dancers never hafta get into a real fight. “

“Bruce Lee was mad as hell at this fucker for hurting him. Bruce Lee realized Cliff had suckered him into taking him lightly and into doing the same move twice. Bruce could have gone at Cliff in fourteen different ways that the stuntman never could have blocked. “

“As Cliff sits parked at a red light, visualizing knocking Bruce Lee’s block off, he glances to his right at the Aquarius Theater with its huge colorful painted mural of the hit stage show Hair. “

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Chapter Fourteen: “The Wrecking Crew”

“I’m only going as far as Westwood Village. “

“What can I do for you, young lady. asks Arthur. Yes, hello, I’m here to pick up a first edition you called me about. she asks. What book. he asks. Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles. “

“She’s just not so sure of that first tumble. Is she really funny or is she sexy little me trying to be funny. How’s a bombshell to know. “

“One please, she asks the cute curly-haired rubber-faced girl enclosed behind the glass cube in the box-office booth. Seventy-five cents, she answers back through the metal vent in the middle of the glass box. “

“You remember when you asked me why I changed the shot. Yes. Watch this, he said, and pointed, but he didn’t point at the screen. He pointed instead at the whole sea of heads that sat before them, about six hundred of them. “

“This is some hotel you have here. “

“The sweet gentleman Phil Karlson, who was the director of this picture, told her this was the moment that defined her character for the audience. “

“This was a good idea, she thinks. “

Chapter Fifteen: “You’re a Natural-Born Edmund”

“I want you to think about a rattlesnake, Sam says. I think a rattlesnake is your spirit animal. Well, it’s funny you say that, Rick lies. I was looking for a spirit animal for Caleb. “

“Well, I can get behind that, Rick says sincerely. He’s resentful because the king excluded him, Sam explains. Right, Rick says. Sam declares, You would be a killer Edmund. “

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Chapter Sixteen: James Stacy

“And now, on the first day of production, on the pilot for his new series Lancer, that day has finally arrived. And Baby Makes Three, which featured Joan Blondell and a pre–Mary Tyler Moore Gavin MacLeod in the supporting cast. “

“The episode that James Stacy did in the thirteenth season of the series was entitled Vengeance. It was written by Calvin Clements, one of the great TV-western episodic writers of his time, and directed by Richard C. “

“But what nobody in either Dodge or Parkertown knows is, Bob Johnson possesses a lightning-fast gun hand. But he also knows he can’t just go out and kill Parker and his sons without hanging for it. “

“And you don’t have to wait for it, it just happens—bam—right off the bat. Now, after the opening of Part 2, as anybody familiar with the structure of a Gunsmoke episode could have told you, the show falls off a cliff. “

“The spaghetti westerns out of Italy had introduced a gritty new look that was finally catching up to their American counterparts. “

“And the villains of these new westerns weren’t just bad men; they were bloodthirsty, sadistic maniacs. And any parallel with hot-button political issues of the time was encouraged. “

“What the fuck’s up between these guys. Stacy wonders as he sips his soda. “

“Well, it’s about fucking time, Rick thinks. “

“Jim Stacy sticks out his hand and says, ‘Jim Stacy. This is my show; welcome aboard. “

Chapter Seventeen: The Medal of Valor

“He thought it was very likely he would die over there. He considered himself a walking dead man. “

“What does the girl get out of the arrangement. , Cliff asked. The French fella explained it to Cliff like this:The women pay you to take care of them. And you do take care of them. You protect them. “

“You can’t fuck ’em like you fuck your girlfriend. You can’t fuck ’em like you fuck your best friend’s girlfriend. You can’t fuck ’em like you fuck your father’s mistress. That’s fucking for fun. This is work. For work, they fuck customers for money. “

“Do you know how many Italians I’ve killed. “

“For the day I got that—pointing at the Medal of Valor—I killed at least seven. Maybe as many as nine. But at least seven. Cliff continued, And that was just one fuckin’ day. “

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Chapter Eighteen: The Name Ain’t Jughead

“It started with the pilfering of a few head every night. The problem with being the biggest landowner in the territory was, unless you maintained a personal army of gun-toting mean motherfuckers, it was damn near impossible to police an assault this aggressive in nature. “

“The proposal Murdock Lancer proposed his sons was simple. Split his entire empire three ways with them. That meant cattle, that meant land holdings, that meant the ranch house, that meant bank accounts. “

“That’s a good one. I’m gonna hafta remember that one. “

“I mean it, Caleb, who the hell is this joker. You’re about to find out, Businessman. Ready when you are, Gil-bert. Who’s Johnny Madrid. That’s a fella named Madrid. Johnny Madrid. “

“And so ends the impressive career of Business Bob Gilbert, Johnny thought. “

“I hope you. And what have you heard about me. “

“I heard about the Lancer Ranch, Johnny told him truthfully. I heard about all the cattle you’ve appropriated. Lotta land, lotta cows, lotta money, no law to speak of. “

Chapter Nineteen: “My Friends Call Me Pussycat”

“Jesus, Cliff thinks, what are the chances of seeing the same hitchhiker three times on the same day in three different parts of Los Angeles. Look at this little grasshopper on the corner, Cliff thinks. “

“What the fuck. Cliff says out loud, leaning forward in his seat. Across traffic, he watches the hippie girl lean down and talk to the driver through the open car-door window on the passenger side. “

“Susan’s got the key, Shovel Face says. You need to talk to Susan and get her to open the case for you. Can you open the 8-track case for me. Ahh. . “

“How were those pickles. Cliff asks. Real good, the bushy-haired barefoot brunette hippie pickle girl says. They were the fancy kind. Give me a ride. “

“So, he clarifies, let me get this straight—you and a bunch of friends like you all live at Spahn Movie Ranch. Yep. “

“It’s only by embracing fear that one conquers one’s self. To conquer fear is to render one unconquerable, she says with a satisfied smile on her pretty face. “

“What’s New Pussycat. “

“So how’d you meet this guy. Cliff asks. Charlie. Yeah, Charlie. I first met Charlie when I was fourteen, Pussycat tells him. “

“And then what. Cliff asks. Then, Pussycat explains, a life that consisted of merely existing transformed itself into a life of purpose. So all this happened because your dad picked up a hitchhiker. “

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Chapter Twenty: Sexy Evil Hamlet

“I’ll be right out, Rick tells him. “

“Rick Dalton has no such excuses. His drinking is caused by a three-way combination of self-loathing, self-pity, and boredom. (pg. “

“She’s purity personified, Sam counters. And these hard men, who’ve lived these hard lives, worship this little girl. And now the worst thing that can possibly happen has happened. “

“Jeez Louise, she rolls her eyes and says in exasperation, I’m not talking to Rick, who’s read the script, I’m talking to Caleb, who doesn’t know what’s going to happen till it happens. “

“I’m not gonna marry you, or Caleb’s not going to marry me. she clarifies. Neither of us is marrying you, he tells her. Why. she asks. You know why, you’re too young, he says. “

“Well, you see now, she gestures with her hand, that’s a choice. Investigating further: So then, it’s not about my age. “

Chapter Twenty-One: Lady of the House

“Almost none of the females hold any position of authority (least of all Mary Brunner, the first member and the mother of Charlie’s child, Pooh Bear). “

“Squeaky has to cook for George, dress George, take care of his house, and keep him company. The other girls eat rancid garbage, stale bread, ugly vegetables, bruised and rotten fruit, and sometimes have to blow or fuck supermarket employees for the privilege to pick through their trash. “

“The girls are acting weird, and the Hawaiian guy is pointing toward the house. The old Hawaiian guy’s coming this way. “

“Oh, I understand. But I’m afraid that’s impossible. Impossible, Cliff repeats incredulously. Why is it impossible. “

“Squeaky laughs when she hears George say, ‘Rick who. ’ (pg. “

“So you have sex with that old man regular, huh. Yep, she says. George is great. And I bet he can get hard and stay hard longer than you, Bronco Buster. “

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Aldo Ray

“A bottle of booze. Aldo Ray was also the first former Hollywood star to be sued by the Screen Actors Guild for appearing in cheap nonunion movies. “

“It seemed like the same goddamn fucking night he faced every goddamn fucking night the big man didn’t have a bottle. “

“Out of the fucking blue, he fucking married the bitch. I’m Rick Dalton’s stunt double. “

“Is Dalton in this picture. I knew Telly was and Carroll Baker was, but I didn’t know about Dalton. Who’s he play. Aldo asked. He plays Telly’s brother, said the stuntman. “

“Well, George was homosexual, said Ray. But I don’t think he did much about it. He was kinda fat. Then, as Aldo looked up at Cliff, he turned deep and philosophical. “

“You did what. Cliff, Rick hipped him, when they give you your SAG card at the fuckin’ union office, they give you three rules: One, they gotta give you turnaround. “

Chapter Twenty-Three: Drinker’s Hall of Fame

“I’m not bothering him, Mom! Gesturing theatrically at him with her arm, I’m congratulating him on his performance!Well, hurry it up! her mother orders. Sorry about that. Where was I. Oh, I remember. . “

“No, don’t apologize, that was what was so exciting about your acting, she stresses, and consequently that’s what made my acting so good. You didn’t make me act scared. You made me react scared. “

“And. . it’s a good show, Rick adds. Well, it’s definitely a better one after your two scenes, Stacy says. Famous last words, reminds Stacy. “

“Boys, this here is Maynard. Maynard–gesturing toward Rick and Cliff–these are the boys, Rick Dalton and his stunt double, Cliff. Maynard. Cliff. “

“What beer ya got. Cliff inquires. Can: Pabst, Schlitz, Hamm’s, Coors. Bottle: Bud, Carlsberg, Miller High Life. Tap: Busch, Falstaff, Old Chattanooga, and Country Club. “

“Maj McCluskey and Sgt Lewis salute you. Burn Nazi Burn!I did an African piece of shit with Stewart Granger. He’s a goddamn fuckin’ singer like the rest of ’em. “

“You greedy bastard. I had such a crush on her. You and all of America, pal, Jim adds. “

“So how did you get so set up with CBS. Dalton asks Stacy. Well, you know how it is, Stacy says. You work for this TV director, you work for that one. Then you work for one who really digs you. “

“You didn’t appreciate it then. Jim asks. I did, Rick assures him. But then jabs him in the shoulder with his empty cocktail glass and says, But not like I do now. “

“That list, Rick repeats in a sarcastic whisper, that everybody thinks is so impressive is fuckin’ questionable. I mean, I never saw it. “

“That’s just my point, Jim, Rick explains. When the fuck do they hire the last guy on the fucking list. “

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Nebraska Jim

“Nebraska Jim is a spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Corbucci. “

“What’s your fuckin’ problem. One, there’s not exactly a long line of people in America who want to hire you to star in their motion pictures. Two, you’re not joining the fuckin’ Army. “

“Hippie faggots, Rick repeats under his breath with bitterness. So Rick, here’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question. Where do you wanna be this time next year. “

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Last Chapter

“Don’t moan at me, buster, she admonishes him. Roman tries to deflect. You just had your hair done. Nice try, buddy, Sharon thinks. “

“Well, I’m not starring in The Sand Pebbles, bringing up McQueen’s only Oscar nomination, but I’m making a living. “

“It’s me, baby, open up. “

“That’s where you’re wrong, Mirabella. “

“I’d cut off my arm to get you back!That’s a lotta money to carry on a long ride. That’s Lancer’s problem. “

“Yes we are, Trudi. We’re real lucky. Good night, Caleb, see you tomorrow. Good night, Mirabella, see you tomorrow. “

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