Best MLM Companies to Join: 130 Opportunities Revealed!

Are you looking for the best MLM companies to join? When you hear the word “MLM,” what comes to your mind?

Some consider it to be a scam. Others may call it a pyramid scheme. What if that is not true?

Truthfully, the answer to that question is yes in some cases. 

Why do MLMs have a bad reputation? Research is important because there are many MLM programs you should avoid than join. 

As always, I’m here to help you. I’ll tell you how it goes: We begin by listing the top 132 network marketing companies by revenue. The second step is to identify MLMs that are trending upwards with Google Trends.

best mlm companies to join: 130 opportunities revealed!

As a matter of fact, most MLMs tend to do the following: they are popular for the first 2-3 years, then the hype dies down.

The MLM you want to join is on the rise in popularity.

Below are the top 11 MLMs that are trending upwards in 2021, according to our research.

Let’s first look at the top 140 MLM companies ranked by their revenue, starting from the highest.

Top 140 Network Marketing Companies Rankings by Revenue

Most people are in MLM to make money, but there are some out there who just want to have fun. In these cases, you should focus on a company that is growing.

best mlm companies to join: 130 opportunities revealed!

The first thing I did before joining any MLM was to look them up at Google trends.  

In general, it will show you how many searches the company’s name has had since 2004. It’s a clear indicator if it’s going up, and that’s good news.

This is also a positive sign if the search volume has remained consistent since 2004.

The trend you see most often, though, is a sharp rise in popularity when a business first enters the market, then a gradual decline after that.

The reason behind this isn’t entirely clear to me, though I would wager that it has to do with oversaturation.

Occasionally, however, you can still find companies trending upwards.

best mlm companies to join: 130 opportunities revealed!

An upward trend that stays constant (without a drastic downward trend) is also good since it implies its enduring, which indicates that it is very successful. 

In the next few paragraphs, you’ll see examples of consistency. However, beware! Avoid MLM companies that display these trends.

best mlm companies to join: 130 opportunities revealed!

Hopefully, you can understand why by now. It’s important to do research.

A trending MLM company can literally make or break your MLM career.

A reputable company with strong business practices and ethical leaders, along with products that sell themselves, are your best bets. Real value-added products on the market.

There’s nothing worse than a company selling BS. It’s not just ethically problematic, but the FTC could swoop in and shut your whole operation down if they get wind of it.

Top 11 Hottest Trending MLM that’s on an Upward Tick

You’ll be shocked to find that so many MLM’s are already over the hill and on the downhill trend which is not good to get into if you’re interested in building a profitable business.

Based on our research, we identified the following MLM companies as being ones that are still on an upward trend in popularity, making them great investment opportunities.

  1. Amway

Founded in 1959, Amway’s huge inventory of health and beauty products is still going strong today. You can shop for weight loss shakes, laundry detergent, household cleaning products, and more.

They have a great compensation plan including bonuses for bringing on new distributors. Over the years, Google trends have shown steady popularity and an uptick in recent years. “Amway” has an estimated monthly search volume of 1,830,000.

  1. Avon Products

Avon is celebrating its 135th anniversary in 2021.

I find that incredible. If a company isn’t providing value to the market, it won’t survive for long. Based on the Google Trends graph above, it is evident that this MLM is declining in popularity. Nevertheless, they’ve been strong for more than a century, so I don’t really have concerns about them.

Is Avon profitable for you? With everything you sell, you’ll make 25%. In addition, you’ll be able to receive $20 for every $200 you sell in each campaign. With every thousand in cumulative sales, you will earn a 10% bonus. It is also possible to receive bonuses if you refer others to the business and work with them. 

Avon might be for you if you are looking for a time-tested MLM.

  1. Herbalife Nutrition

The independent distributor program offered by Herbalife Nutrition offers multiple ways for individuals to get involved. They have the option to (1) buy HN products at a discount for use within their household, (2) sell HN products at a profit, or (3) recruit others who are interested in consuming or selling HN products. A “conversion pack” must be purchased and the distributor training must be completed in order to be accepted into the program. 

After you have completed this process, you can start selling their products at a discount starting at 25% and up to 50% if you sell more. Health and nutrition are among the most important topics today, so people are always looking for healthy things to eat. You might find MLM more enjoyable if you have a passion for consumable health products.

  1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is an MLM that has had a pretty good run over the last few decades, just like Avon. Aren’t we all familiar with those pink Cadillacs?

Mary Kay’s business model is also somewhat similar to Avon’s, as you can purchase the product for half its retail price and resell it for half price. Prices can be decided by you–I would guess that most are sold for half the retail price because of obvious reasons–and you could earn a 50% profit.

There is no cost to join Mary Kay’s starter kit, compared with some other MLM start-ups (those things can get expensive). If you have a network of people who trust you and might be interested in these products, this might be the MLM for you.

  1. TupperwareBrands

The name Kleenex has somehow become the name of all tissues ever made?

When I was a kid, no matter what brand of plastic storage container was in my house, it was called “Tupperware.”

There is no doubt that Tupperware is a household name, so selling this product will only be advantageous. One of the benefits of this MLM is the feeling of comfort and stability. It has even experienced a recent increase in popularity that you typically see in MLMs who have been around for a long time. 

People who are considering starting a business can access a virtual toolkit of digital tools provided by Tupperware. A modest $15 price makes it an excellent value. That’s unbeatable! Having this kind of visibility shows that they make sure their partners have the tools they need to keep up with the times. 

Would this explain their success after 75 years?

  1. Atomy

Atomy is an MLM that sells Korean skincare and cosmetics made from natural ingredients. A few health supplements are also available along with dish detergent. Washington is home to the US headquarters. 

The motto of the company, “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price”, applies to their products as well. In a similar fashion to any popular MLM, they offer a multi-tier commission structure; the maximum is 35% of the amount sold, plus any bonuses you receive. 

The Atomy MLM is gaining some serious popularity in recent years. If you are a fan of skincare & cosmetic products, you should definitely consider joining. Google estimates that “Atomy” receives 135,000 monthly searches.

  1. Norwex

In 1994, Norwex launched its flagship product, an antimicrobial microfiber cloth that permits consumers to sanitize their homes without using harmful chemicals. 

The company’s motto is: “improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home.” The compensation plan is a rock-solid 35%, which is among the best rates in all MLMs. From $5 to $112, the prices are affordable. 

Aside from their strong marketing and product, they’ve been gaining in popularity for quite some time. They even provide a two-year warranty, which is impressive. This is a solid MLM company with 165,000 Google searches per month for “Norwex”, so it is definitely a solid MLM company.

  1. LegalShield

Memberships at LegalShield cost $20/month and include legal services such as:

At $14.95 per month, they also offer Identity Theft protection. You earn some commissions by recruiting other attorneys into LegalShield, but the real money is made when you are able to sell 

LegalShield’s prepaid legal services as their associate but to be effective you may need a background in legal matters. Although they claim to provide leads to their associates, it is not clear how consistently you will be able to get leads from them as more affiliates join the company. 

Regardless, if you are interested in the law niche, then LegalShield will show you that they are the greatest MLM company out there. 

Additionally, Forbes announced that LegalShield was the 78th best company in America. Google estimates that 22,000 searches are made per month for “LegalShield”.

  1. Plexus Worldwide

A whole range of supplements and body creams for weight loss, skin health & nutritional support was introduced by Plexus in 2006. 

Their flagship product is this weight loss powder to be mixed with water that burns calories & fat, and is caffeine-free. This supplement also claims to promote healthy cholesterol, lipid, and blood sugar levels. 

Recruits get 25% at the first level, 15% at next 2 levels, and 10% at the 3rd level. Despite a slight uptick since 2016, Plexus remains popular into 2021. 

They are respected for their easy-to-use products and adored for their good taste, resulting in solid customer retention. According to Google, “Plexus” is searched 301,000 times per month.

  1. Modere

A newcomer to the market, Moderne offers a range of products including health & wellness, collagen science, and household products. Though it was formerly known as Neways International, the products have been used for 25 years. 

This is a solid compensation plan for recruiting, with commissions between 10-20% at retail and 3-5% at the eight levels below it. Biocell collagen and its weight-management products are the company’s most popular products. 

The CellProof Serum from Modere is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Despite its launch in 2015, Modern has shown consistent growth in popularity, and its products are indeed very interesting, so it’s definitely a great MLM opportunity. 

There are 135,000 monthly searches for “Modern” according to Google.


Medifast meals and shakes are the main product of OPTAVIA, a weight loss MLM. Besides selling the products, the distributors teach consumers and recruits to follow a specific keto dietary plan that includes five meals per day. 

Before direct selling (MLM) marketing came about, physicians offered OPTAVIA meals to patients for weight loss. 

As these meals are easy to carry, they are perfect for people who are on the go and have a busy schedule. Google trends indicate that the popularity of “OPTAVIA” is on the rise, with an estimated monthly search volume of 165,000/mo.

6 Reasons Why People Fail at MLM Business

98% of People Who Sign Up to Join MLMs Fail.

That means a lot of dreams will be crushed, bank accounts will be drained, and only the most vicious will remain.

However, people still sign up for the next hot ticket despite these bleak numbers.

The most common reasons why MLM businesses fail are:

1. MLM distributors lack solid marketing and sales skills once friends and family stop talking to them. They find it hard to reach out to strangers to sell products or recruit new recruits

2. You’ll be hard-pressed to convince others why they should purchase your products if you lack passion for them

3. Network marketing requires that you form good relationships with people in order to succeed. Leadership and charisma are essential to succeeding in MLM

4. Lack of use of the internet for lead generation

5. In MLM, when too many recruits sign up in the firm, the brand gets over-saturated – this is why the most successful MLM distributors always advise timing your entry correctly. MLM companies are best to join when they’re just getting off the ground because once they go big, it’s tough to build teams as others have already beaten you to the same customers

6. Several companies have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for resembling a pyramid scheme, which is illegal. As a result, all distributors lost their incomes immediately.

FAQs About Joining MLM Companies

Is MLM a viable business model?

MLM works, and some people are making money, but not everyone who joins makes money. You won’t get rich quickly with this business.

Who is making money and in what percentage?

According to the FTC, only 1% of individuals who have a networking business are successful.

Founders make most of the company’s money.

In spite of this, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money if you have a passion for the business.

Even though Amway’s owner passed away, the company is still growing, and it’s worth $8.40B.

Another example is Avon, which has a market value of $5.6B and continues to grow.

What does that mean? Is it a scam to defraud people out of so much money?

That’s not true; it’s due to a collection of people who sell or recruit others to promote their company’s product. Lack of experience and patience led to a lot of failures.

What Are Multilevel Marketing Companies?

A network marketing company produces products and services, allowing individuals to join and sell them, and to then share a certain percentage of their profits with them.

Their revenue comes from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while member earnings come from binary compensation commissions.

An MLM compensation plan should provide participants with only two revenue streams. First, participants or members get commissions on sales they make directly to retail customers.

Additionally, participants who recruit other distributors into the MLM at the organizational level of the MLM receive commissions based on wholesale purchases made by these distributors called downline distributors.

Are MLMs Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid schemes are quite different from multilevel marketing. There are many differences between pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing however.

Pyramid schemes are often disguised as multi-level marketing businesses, which is a problem. An MLM’s main difference is that it is designed to make a profit for all active members in addition to the company’s shareholders. In a pyramid scheme, the top income is the only thing that matters.

MLMs differ from pyramid schemes in that they promote direct sales, while pyramid schemes encourage recruiting.

As a multilevel marketer, you sell products and services and have the opportunity to build a team and earn passive income.

You do not sell anything in pyramid schemes. Instead, you recruit new members to join the company.

MLMs also refer to themselves as networking marketing, and both are involved in recruiting. It is important that you remember that networking marketing is successful only when you recruit a new member to join you.

Can you join an MLM for free?

They are not free to join. You will have to invest money, time, and effort. Nevertheless, I still wonder whether business people like freebies.

Without an upfront investment, there can be no business. A new business or a growing existing business whose owners refuse to invest any money fails to succeed.

Almost all of the time they spend searching for information that does not exist. For any business to be successful, you must be prepared to invest money before you can start earning.

Making money is your goal, so nothing is free. It is better to waste money than time.

If someone can afford a new plasma TV or a brand new vehicle for thousands of dollars, but has difficulty investing a few hundred dollars into starting a business that will generate a steady income, then it is immensely painful for them.

Success is within your grasp.

You would spend many years doing nothing and not see any income if you were looking for freebies.

How do you make money if you are looking for a free, cheap, or get-rich-quick business model?

In this case, maybe you should start looking for a 9-5 job so you won’t be disappointed after wasting your precious time.

You may not get the results you want with a free offer, a cheap business, and it may take years before you make any money.

It will take you less time to achieve success if you are ready and prepared to invest in the business you want to start.

MLM Companies: How To Find The Best One?

While there are some cynical MLM companies that try to scam people by giving false promises and misguiding people, the good news is that there are still many good and reliable MLM firms that have helped various individuals achieve their goals.

In order to find the most effective and reliable MLM firm, there are a few things to consider.

Sales and leadership that works

A good sales tactic wouldn’t only benefit sellers but also consumers.

Quality of the Product

Locate companies offering products of high quality that could be beneficial to people.

Marketing Strategies That Work

The company you want to join has many marketing tools for you. The scripts and promoters you will use in your deals must be provided by them.

A proper training program

As part of the beginning stages of your business, the company should provide you with a step-by-step guide. Business and sales updates should be monitored by corporate.

Financial Stability

This may help you understand the financial perspective of the company. Growing financial stability indicates that folks are joining the company and their products are selling well.

Record of Existence

Consider selecting a business that has a history of success if all your potential and money are not to be wasted. In most cases, these firms fail within their first two years, so make certain that the company has been around for a minimum of five years before accepting their offer.

Check if it’s a public or private company

In order to decide if an MLM company is public or private, you must look to see if they reveal their revenue every three months. Although most private companies do not reveal their financial income, some do occasionally; just be sure to get permission before you do anything.

Product and service demand

This is a bad sign if their products aren’t trading. As your profits depend on your sale, you’ll waste a lot of time if people aren’t buying their products or if they provide poor service.

An excellent compensation plan

See if the company offers a good compensation plan for those who join. In case you are looking for a networking business that can generate income for your efforts, then you should check if this is actually a beneficial program.

Conclusion: Best MLM companies to Join

Here we go. You have almost 105 multi Level marketing companies where you can find a few that you can join to make your dream comes true.

Making money with an MLM business may take a lot of time and efforts, but that doesn’t mean people are not having success.

But the problem is that it is not for everybody. If you are thinking of quitting your 9 to 5 job and build a profitable business, then you may need to think twice.

There are many online businesses you can start and make more money in the next few months such as eCommerce business, dropshipping, blogging and more.

Hope you find this list of the best networking marketing companies useful and help you to choose the best of your choice.

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