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“It must have been 1985 when I first learned about Ryan. I was at a doctor’s appointment in New York. I forget why I was there. I picked up a magazine from a stack in the waiting room. “

“When he [Ryan] was told about his condition, that he might not have very long to live, he made an extraordinary decision: to live out the rest of his days, however many there might be, as ordinarily as he could. “

“It seemed like a modern-day witch hunt, and Ryan was to be burned at the stake. “

“There’s always hope with the Lord, Ryan told the Post. I have a lot of trust in God. “

“The story of an ill young man who was kept out of school and shunned by his community wouldn’t stay hidden in a small Midwestern town for long. Ryan’s plight quickly became national news, and soon he was a household name. “

“I felt instantly comfortable with the Whites, instantly connected to Ryan. “

“When his eyes closed, mine opened. They’ve been open ever since. “

“It might be my deathbed next. “

“Since there were many musicians, each of us performed only a few songs. I started with Daniel and then played I’m Still Standing. Before my third song, I told the crowd, This one’s for Ryan. “

“Just weeks after Ryan died, Jeanne traveled back to Washington and exhibited extraordinary bravery of her own. “

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“When I think back on the ’80s and recoil at the horror of that time, it infuriates me that history is repeating itself right now, all over the world. “

“Back in the ’80s, though, as Ryan’s story vividly illustrates, the outbreak of AIDS was greeted by a level of public hysteria that was unprecedented in modern history. “

“When you go back and read the news stories from 1981, however, it is absolutely eerie. In hindsight, there was clearly a gathering storm of the epidemic to come. “

“The indifference started at the very top. President Reagan did not publicly utter the word AIDS until 1985, four years and some 13,000 cases into the epidemic. “

“The charitable explanation for the official inaction on AIDS is that decision makers just didn’t know how bad it really was. “

“It still stings to recall the pure, unadulterated hatred that was spewed at gays and AIDS sufferers. Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority and a key ally of President Reagan, said that homosexuals are violating the laws of nature. “

“The media attention was absolutely insane. People simply could not believe that this strapping, six-foot-five-inch movie star, this paragon of the alpha American male, had AIDS. “

“The more respectable version of Buckley’s scarlet lettering called for mandatory HIV testing of all gays and other high risk individuals. Never mind that HIV tests in the ’80s often gave false positives. “

“As the Reagan administration was waking up from its long AIDS slumber, the scientific fight against the disease was moving forward as well. In March 1987, the first treatment to slow the progression of AIDS was approved by the FDA. “

“When Rock Hudson announced he had AIDS, Elizabeth stood by his side and stood up for him in public. “

“I sometimes like to joke that I’m the acceptable face of homosexuality, a blokey, nonthreatening type, someone your mother wouldn’t mind having over for dinner. “

“It took Ryan’s death to wake me up, to transform my life. “


“I remember many days when I would just sit there, alone in my room, drinking, using, bingeing, listening to Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush sing ‘Don’t Give Up’ on repeat. “

“I should have been proud of him for the sheer bravery of that decision. I should have supported him. “

“Later that week, I flew to Arizona. I arrived at the hotel in Prescott and went up to the room. I knocked on the door and waited with intense anxiety for someone to answer. The door opened, and there he was. There was Hugh. He looked absolutely terrified to see me. “

“You’re a drug addict. You’re an alcoholic. You’re a food addict. You’re bulimic. You’re a sex addict. And you’re codependent. “

“It takes constant, hard work. For the first time in my life, I would dedicate myself to my own betterment. “

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“Soon after, I started volunteering for a wonderful organization in Atlanta called Project Open Hand, a nonprofit that arranged the delivery of home-cooked meals to AIDS patients all over Atlanta. “

“It was also a reminder of just how hard things were for people dying of AIDS—a recognition that it wasn’t just the disease but society’s response to the disease that had taken a toll. “

“When someone like Elizabeth Taylor mobilized the troops, we were, of course, happy to answer the call. “

“We didn’t have anything like that, and we still don’t. Besides, celebrity foundations in 1992 were rare and, apart from Elizabeth Taylor’s foundation, did not focus on AIDS. “

“I wasn’t going to shy away from that. Because, guess what. People do survive on the streets selling sex. People do use drugs. That won’t change by our turning a blind eye to them. And I knew, from personal experience, that everyone deserves the same level of dignity and humanity. “

“It was amazing that heavy-hitting companies and people were willing to spend money for us this way. “

“The goal of the partnership wasn’t just to collect money and distribute it; it was to mobilize social service organizations that already existed, that already had infrastructure, and to turn their attention to HIV/AIDS. “

“It was a terrific win-win situation for us and for the communities involved. There was no cost to EJAF in using the National Community AIDS Partnership’s challenge grant distribution model. “

“It appeared that there was a burgeoning AIDS epidemic in Africa. “

“David was, is, and always will be the most important person in my life, alongside our son. “

“With their help and David’s—and thanks to John, our small but dedicated staff, and our wonderful board of directors—within only a few years, we were becoming a major player in the fight to rid the world of AIDS. “


“Even after all these years, HIV/AIDS remains a disease of the marginalized, of the poor, of the dispossessed. “

“The truth is as sad as it is simple. People like Renee will continue to die, and this epidemic will continue to spread, until we treat everybody suffering from HIV/AIDS with the very same level of dignity and compassion, no matter who they are or where they live. “

“What is truly killing tens of thousands of people in America and millions of people around the world is not just a virulent contagion but a lack of human compassion—a lack of love—for those who are living with HIV/AIDS. “

“It’s a difficult thing to comprehend, but even if there were a cure for AIDS, it would not end the epidemic. “

“At the time, there were roughly a thousand cases of pediatric AIDS, and they represented only 2 percent of the epidemic in the United States. “

“Today, the battle against the epidemic of pediatric AIDS in America, and in much of the West, has largely been won. “

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“According to one study, the rate of HIV infection is so high in South Africa that if a woman is raped by a man between twenty-five and forty-five years of age, there is at least a one-in-four chance that he is HIV-positive. “

“Simelela provides medical services, and it also tries to combat the stigma of rape and violence against women by empowering them to gain more control over their sexual lives. Women can walk in off the street, day or night, and receive treatment. “

“It is stigma that keeps us from doing what is necessary to end this epidemic. It is stigma that keeps us from confronting reality. “

“For an entire day, he just lay there, wasting away in his own suffering, his own humiliation, like he didn’t matter at all. “

“Stigma, instead of directing our animosity and fear at someone’s disease, we direct it at the person who is sick. “

“When I learned of the persecution and prosecution of Chimbalanga and Monjeza, my first thought was of the terrible injustice of their situation. I then thought of the destructive impact the government’s actions would have on our HIV treatment and prevention work in Malawi. “

“The acceptance David and I are very fortunate to experience makes me hopeful that, one day, gay people everywhere will be embraced for who they are and treated just the same as we are treated, and just the same as straight couples are treated. “

“While HIV infection rates among other groups in Thailand were going down, the infection rate for men who had sex with men in Bangkok was skyrocketing. “

“It doesn’t matter what the facts are or the science. The stigma is so bad that it has warped the nation’s laws and ruined countless lives. “


“I try to spread this message everywhere I go, and it’s not always well received. In 2007, my foundation organized a free concert in Ukraine to raise awareness about the terrible AIDS crisis in that country. Sadly, religious groups encouraged people to boycott us. “

“When EJAF first started working in Ukraine, there were only a few clinics where people could safely get the care they needed. “

“When no one else wanted to have anything to do with us, it was the Elton John AIDS Foundation that believed in us, that believed that our group played a central role in the solution to the problem. “

“Since the earthquake flattened SEROvie’s home, the staff was operating out of tents. They were relentless. No amount of tragedy or turmoil could keep them down. They had not given up. “

“Still, SEROvie kept serving the people who flocked to them. In the face of incredible challenges, not the least of which was being forced to operate out of tents, the organization quickly reassembled and got to work. “

“They are trying to start a virtuous cycle, and EJAF will continue to help them do so. “

“Whenever someone like Loretta walks into SLAC, Angela’s first order of business is to get the person immediate access to care. “

“When confronted with an enormous crisis like AIDS, it’s easy to feel helpless. “

“Most of all they treat each person they see in a holistic way. “

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“Every now and again, someone will ask if I get nervous onstage. Or they’ll want to know about the most intimidating audience I’ve ever played to. “

“It contrasted starkly with the early days of the disease, when fear and stigma kept AIDS deep in the shadows of American life. Here we were, many years later, in one of the most powerful places on earth, talking about what we could do to fight the disease together. “

“I was struck by how incredibly well educated all of the senators were on the crisis. Each and every one of them really knew what he or she was talking about. “

“When Ryan White was asked by a reporter if he had a message for medical researchers working on AIDS, he said, ‘Hurry up. We all need to hurry up. Every day we delay, we lose more lives, and we lose a little more of our humanity. “

“When the hearing was over, Senator Kennedy invited us back to his office for a private gathering. The walls were lined with pictures of his famous brothers. It was a reminder that history is made by the people who stand up to make it. “

“This comprehensive plan will prevent 7 million new AIDS infections, treat at least 2 million people with life-extending drugs, and provide humane care for millions of people suffering from AIDS and for children orphaned by AIDS. “

“The truth, it turned out, was quite different. I learned this during the creation of PEPFAR in 2003, and again in 2004, when I finally had the opportunity to meet him. “

“It was a surprising moment indeed, but the real surprise would come when the president and I had a chance to speak. I remember having the greatest conversation with him. He was warm, charming, and very complimentary, not only about my music but also about the work of my foundation. “

“Governments have the power to entirely remake the societies they govern. They have the power to battle, to wage war, not just on other nations but on poverty, on injustice, on epidemics. “

“In our country, the numbers of men having sex with men are substantial, but it is very difficult to find them. “

“When AIDS is ravaging drug users, it matters for those who don’t use drugs. When AIDS is racing through the gay community, it matters for those who aren’t gay. “

“Already the disease is spreading, out of the shadows, out of the drug dens. “

“It was utter nonsense. The American state of Florida, with its $69. 1 billion annual budget, was proposing to outsource its AIDS efforts to a British musician. What a ludicrous idea, that a celebrity could be a substitute for a government. “


“It made me think of Ryan a lot. I guess many things do, but during those days, when it seemed as if we were turning an important corner, I felt his presence even more. “

“It’s impossible to know how many people died because of Bayer’s actions. What we do know is that the company exported more than 100,000 vials of potentially tainted factor VIII after they had already begun selling the safer product elsewhere. “

“It is incredibly rare for pharmaceutical companies to be working on the kind of research they are describing as so expensive without help—a lot of help—from taxpayers. “

“What if I told you I could get you millions of lifelong customers you would otherwise have no access to, and profits for as long as AIDS exists. And all you have to do is lower the price. “

“If we can get you cheap AIDS drugs, will you commit to buying a lot of them. “

“The pharmaceutical companies have an obligation not just to their shareholders but also to the global public. “

“The impact of that decree was felt worldwide long before the AIDS crisis emerged. “

“There are roles they can’t—or, at least, won’t—ever take on. And that leaves holes in the strategy, gaps that can be filled only by nonprofit organizations working within civil society. “

“Nonprofits must act appropriately and with the same accountability that we demand of governments and corporations and religious institutions. “

“It matters to donors, who may choose to write a large check or withhold a large check, depending on how the operation is being handled. When you lose credibility on how you run your organization, you lose donations. “

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“Money must be why humanity has not taken the necessary steps to end AIDS. “

“The budget of the American government in 2011 was $3. 7 trillion. This is an incomprehensibly large figure. “

“It requires us to talk to our partners, to practice safe sex, and to get tested, and we must encourage friends and loved ones to do the same. “

“If love drives our actions, we can end AIDS. “

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