Ben Affleck Net Worth 2022 – How Did He Get Rich? Exposed!

Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben Affleck has an estimated net worth of $150 MillionActor, screenwriter and producer Ben Affleck is known for an array of high-profile films, including ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘Argo’ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ He earned the majority of his income from movies and TV shows.

Ben Affleck is an actor and screenwriter best known for his role in the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote with his childhood friend Matt Damon. In 1998, he starred in the successful blockbuster Armageddon and received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in Shakespeare in Love.

After appearing in a variety of other projects, Affleck went on to direct and co-write the critically acclaimed 2007 film Gone Baby Gone. He directed, co-produced, and starred in the 2012 film Argo, which earned him a Golden Globe for best director and a Best Picture Oscar in 2013. He made a comeback in the thriller Gone Girl (2014) and played the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

To calculate the net worth of Ben Affleck, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as loans and personal debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Ben Affleck
Net Worth: $150 Million
Monthly Salary: $1 Million
Annual Income: $10 Million+
Source of Wealth: Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Television producer, Professional Poker Player, Businessperson

Early Life & Career

Benjamin Geza Affleck was born in Berkeley, California, on August 15, 1972, to Chris and Tim Affleck. His parents divorced when he was 11 years old, shortly after his birth. Following the divorce, Affleck and his siblings relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Affleck’s first acting role was at the age of seven in The Dark End of the Street (1979), an independent film produced by a family friend. Affleck made his television debut in The Voyage of the Mimi when he was eight years old. That same year, he met Matt Damon, a 10-year-old who lived two blocks away and became his future best friend. The boys later went to Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, where they both studied drama. Affleck appeared in several network TV dramas while still in high school.

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Early Films: ‘School Ties,’ ‘Dazed and Confused’

Affleck briefly attended the University of Vermont and Occidental College in California before leaving to pursue his acting dreams in Hollywood. School Ties (1992), starring Damon and Brendan Fraser, was his first major film. Affleck went on to play a bully in the cult classic Dazed and Confused (1993). He then appeared in director Kevin Smith’s Mallrats (1995) as part of the ensemble cast and as the romantic lead in Smith’s Chasing Amy (1997).

Big Break: ‘Good Will Hunting’

Affleck and Damon wrote Good Will Hunting, a screenplay about a troubled young math genius, in 1992. Miramax purchased the film’s rights in 1996, after a long struggle to get the script produced. Good Will Hunting, starring Damon, Affleck, and Robin Williams, was released in 1997 to critical and popular acclaim. Affleck and Damon received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for best original screenplay, catapulting the friends into the spotlight.

Following his Oscar victory, Affleck landed several high-profile film roles. He co-starred with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler in the blockbuster disaster film Armageddon (1998), which became the year’s second highest-grossing film, grossing over $550 million worldwide. That same year, he landed a supporting role in Shakespeare in Love, which won a number of Academy Awards, including best picture.

Affleck made headlines when he began dating Shakespeare in Love co-star Gwyneth Paltrow. The couple split up in late 1998, but they remained close friends.

A year later, Affleck co-starred with Damon, Chris Rock, Janeane Garofalo, and Alanis Morissette in Kevin Smith’s irreverent comedy Dogma. That same year, he co-starred in the mediocre romantic comedy Forces of Nature, alongside Sandra Bullock.

‘Pearl Harbor,’ ‘Sum of All Fears’ and ‘Daredevil’

In 2000, Affleck co-starred with Charlize Theron and Gary Sinise in the slick stock-market drama Boiler Room and starred in the fast-paced action thriller Reindeer Games. He also appeared in the romantic drama Bounce alongside Paltrow.

Affleck reunited with Armageddon director-producer team Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer in the summer of 2001 for the blockbuster action film Pearl Harbor, co-starring Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Affleck checked himself into an exclusive rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, shortly after the film’s release to seek treatment for alcoholism. Affleck, the son of an alcoholic, stated via a spokesman that he “decided that a fuller life awaits him without alcohol.”

Affleck made his television debut in the fall of 2002, co-producing the ABC mystery series Push, Nevada. The show offered a $1 million cash prize to the viewer who solved the mystery, but it was canceled just a few weeks into the season. Affleck and Damon also re-joined forces to form the production company LivePlanet. The duo created the documentary series Project Greenlight, which allowed aspiring screenwriters to realize their creative visions. The show received three Emmy nominations for reality programming.

Later that year, Affleck returned to feature films as Tom Clancy’s young Jack Ryan in The Sum of All Fears. The film did well at the box office, solidifying Affleck’s reputation as an action star. Daredevil (2003), a comic book action-adventure film, followed suit, setting a box office record for its Presidents’ Day weekend debut.

Engagement to Jennifer Lopez

Following his rehab stint, Affleck fell in love with actress and musician Jennifer Lopez. Their relationship thrust Affleck back into the spotlight, earning the couple the nickname “Bennifer.” Affleck proposed to Lopez in November 2003, and she began wearing a $3.5 million ring. He then co-starred in the highly anticipated film Gigli with his fiancee. Despite the hype, the film’s opening weekend box office sales were only $3 million. The failure signaled the start of a difficult period in Affleck’s professional and personal life.

‘Hollywoodland’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone’

In early 2004, Affleck and Lopez called off their wedding, citing too much media attention as the reason for the breakup. That same year, Affleck starred in Paycheck, a sci-fi thriller that bombed at the box office and was panned by critics. His subsequent two films, Smith’s Jersey Girl (2004) and the comedy Surviving Christmas (2004), both struggled to capture audiences’ attention.

Affleck stayed busy in Hollywood, appearing in Smokin’ Aces (2006), Hollywoodland (2006), the Smith-produced Clerks II (2006), and Man About Town (2006), all of which did well at the box office.

In 2007, Affleck took a turn behind the camera as the director and co-writer of the film Gone Baby Gone. Critics praised the Boston-based crime drama, which starred the director’s brother Casey Affleck. Affleck returned to acting in 2009, appearing in the box office hit He’s Just Not That Into You, as well as the action films State of Play and Extract.

Oscar Win for ‘Argo’

Argo, a film about former CIA operative Tony Mendez, who led six American citizens to safety during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, was one of Affleck’s biggest successes both in front of and behind the camera. Affleck directed, co-produced, and played Mendez in the film.

Affleck won a Golden Globe for best director for his work on Argo. The film also won a Golden Globe for Best Drama Film and an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013. Argo received six other Academy Award nominations, including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Alan Arkin.

‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Batman v Superman’

Following his enormous success with Argo, Affleck embarked on a diverse range of projects. He co-starred with Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton in the 2013 thriller Runner Runner.

Affleck also appeared in Gone Girl (2014), a film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel. He plays a husband who becomes involved in the disappearance of his celebrity wife, Rosamund Pike.

Affleck made headlines in August 2013 when he agreed to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman v Superman, opposite Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Batman fans reacted angrily to Affleck’s casting, with some even starting a petition to have him removed from the role. However, Affleck received tremendous support from the Hollywood community, including director Joss Whedon and Val Kilmer, who starred in Batman Forever.

Although the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received generally negative reviews, Affleck’s portrayal of Batman was praised by critics. Affleck also played Batman in the smash hit Suicide Squad (2016) and reprised the role in Justice League (2017).

Originally slated to direct a Batman film, Affleck dropped out in 2017. He announced in early 2019 that he would no longer be playing the Caped Crusader on the big screen.

‘The Accountant’ and ‘Live by Night’

Aside from playing the Dark Knight, Affleck has played an autistic accountant in The Accountant (2016) and a gangster in a film adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel Live by Night (2016), which he also wrote and directed.

In August 2018, shortly after The Daily Beast reported on a long-running scheme involving the rigging of McDonald’s annual Monopoly promotion, Fox announced that it had won a bidding war for the film rights to the story, with Affleck attached to direct and Damon attached to star as the security officer who orchestrated the racket.

‘Triple Frontier’

In 2019, Affleck starred as a down-on-his-luck military veteran who is recruited for a lucrative mission to take out a South American drug lord in Netflix’s Triple Frontier. He then appeared in Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) as a diplomat alongside Anne Hathaway’s troubled journalist in The Last Thing He Wanted (2020).

Relationship With Jennifer Garner and Alcohol

Following his split from Lopez, Affleck began dating Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner. After nine months of dating, the couple got engaged and married on June 29, 2005. Violet Anne, their first child, was born on December 1, 2005.

Seraphina, the couple’s second daughter, was born in January 2009. Samuel, the couple’s son, was born on February 27, 2012.

After much media scrutiny of their marriage, Affleck and Garner announced their divorce in 2015. Their divorce was announced shortly after their tenth wedding anniversary in June. However, People magazine reported in March 2017 that the couple had called off their divorce to work on their marriage. In March, Affleck announced on Facebook that he had completed alcohol addiction treatment.

“I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction, which is something I’ve dealt with in the past and will continue to deal with,” he wrote. “I want to enjoy my life and be the best father I can be. I want my children to understand that there is no shame in seeking help when you need it, and I want to be a source of strength for anyone who needs help but is afraid to take the first step. I’m grateful for the love of my family and friends, especially my co-parent, Jen, who has supported me and cared for our children while I’ve completed the work I set out to do. This was the first of many steps toward a successful recovery.”

In April 2017, the couple filed for divorce. They reportedly divorced amicably and petitioned for joint legal and physical custody of their children. On October 5, 2018, their divorce was finalized.

Affleck announced his new relationship with Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus in mid-2017. The couple was thought to have split by August 2018, with Affleck rumored to be dating Playboy model Shauna Sexton.

Around that time, it was reported that Affleck was seeking treatment for his alcoholism once more. Garner was spotted arriving at her ex-house, husband’s from which she drove him to a treatment facility in Malibu.

Affleck opened up about his family’s history with alcoholism and mental illness in a candid interview with The New York Times in February 2020. He also blamed his drinking for hastening his divorce from Garner, calling the split his “biggest regret” in life.

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