Audible Review – Amazon’s Audiobook Service Exposed!

Are you looking for an Audible review? Is Audible worth it?

Audible is the world’s most popular audiobook service. Their “one new audiobook per month” subscription has been a popular choice for years, but lately, they’ve been changing things up to become the ultimate audio streaming service. 

We’ll explore Audible’s newest subscription options, why its unique features make it such an excellent choice for audiobooks, and whether or not it’s really worth it for your situation.

Audible Review – Key Takeaways

In this Audible review, I’m going to cover the following:

What is Audible?

There are over 500,000 audiobook and podcast titles in the Audible catalog, as well as exclusive releases. 

Audible offers specific audiobooks for purchase and free listening, or you can subscribe to Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus for access to thousands of titles and Audible original series.

With Audible, you can download books, stream them, and track your listening progress across different devices. A subscription to Audible Premium Plus will give you access to store credits to purchase books that might be more expensive to purchase with cash, as well as a 30% discount on all “premium” titles in Audible’s collection.

Due to its large library and Amazon subsidiary status, Audible sets the standard for audiobook apps. It can be challenging to figure out how to get the best value for your time and money if you’re new to Audible or audiobooks in general.

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Why Use Audible?

With an ever-growing collection of audiobooks, Amazon Audible is one of the biggest players in the audiobook market. You can listen to Audible’s audio content on a variety of devices, including most smartphones and tablets, and smart home assistants like Alexa.

Considering Amazon’s growing popularity, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular platforms for audiobook purchases. The dedicated apps make it easy to listen to your favorite content.

How Does Audible Work?

Podcasts and audiobooks are the sole focus of Audible. The price of books on Audible varies, and purchased titles are instantly available for streaming or downloading. With Audible, you can download free books and podcasts, return purchases, and exchange them. 

Audible offers a free app as well as subscription plans. For a monthly or annual fee, Audible Plus subscribers have access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts, while Audible Premium Plus provides store credits and discounts. 

Amazon users with shared accounts will automatically share their Audible purchases, but not books from the Plus catalog.

You can change the playback speed, skip through chapters, and bookmark or clip important parts of the book as you listen. You can transfer your progress and bookmarks between devices if you have an Audible account. With Whispersync, Kindle readers can also switch between written and audio versions of more than 100,000 books.

As Audible audiobooks and podcasts are stored in proprietary formats, you can’t add them to your MP3 collection; you’ll have to use the Audible app or a third-party converter.

How Does Audible Membership Plan Work?

Audible offers a 30-day free trial with a free audiobook. Choose from one of the classics or an Audible original.

When your trial ends, you can purchase a monthly subscription to Audible, known as Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus. The membership must be purchased using your Amazon account.

You receive one credit each month from Audible. These credits can be used to purchase Audible audiobooks in different categories, including technology, fashion, romance, social media, and advertising.

Audible credits can be purchased or audiobooks can be purchased individually.

Audible audiobooks can be listened to on your phone, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Alexa device from anywhere.

Audible Plus Pricing

A subscription to Audible Plus costs $8 a month and provides access to thousands of audiobooks. 

With Audible Premium Plus, you get one credit each month to spend at the Audible store; these credits can help you save on expensive books that can cost much more than the $15 monthly membership fee.

You can try both plans for free for 30 days; the Premium Plus trial includes a free credit that can be used to keep one audiobook.

The annual Premium Plus plans from Audible come with even more credits for an even better deal. Audible Premium Plus costs $149.50 with 12 credits, or $229.50 with 24 credits. This is the equivalent of two months free.

The 30-day Audible Premium Plus trial does not include any free Audible benefits for Amazon Prime members, but they can claim one free audiobook.

After 30 days, you need to cancel your membership if you decide Audible is not for you; otherwise, Amazon will keep charging you.   

You can upgrade to a membership plan that includes more credits if you run out of credits before your renewal. Better yet, add additional credits to your account to save on expensive books such as bestsellers and new releases. 

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What Are Devices And Requirements For Audible?

Audible is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Fire tablets, Kindles (2016 and later), SanDisk Clip Jam mp3 players, Victor Reader Stream, and Milestone 312 Ace.

You need an Amazon account to use Audible’s basic service; Amazon Prime is not necessary.

How Can You Save Money On Audible?

You will save quite a bit of money on audiobooks if you’re an Audible member and use your credits each month.

The price of individual audiobooks ranges from $10 to $25.

Credits cost approximately $14.95.

As a result, you will save $9.

Likewise, if you plan to listen to more than one audiobook per month, you will save money by subscribing to this audiobook service.

Audible also offers member-only discounts where you can save up to 60% on audiobooks.

Taking out a subscription is cheaper if you listen to at least one audiobook a month. At the time of writing this Audible review, the same Mark Manson audiobook was available on iTunes for $22.95.

What are the Pros of Audible?

The massive library and the simple return policy will make you drool if you’re a reader or listener like me. The Audible library has a lot to offer, including a wide variety of non-fiction audiobooks.

This device is compatible with a range of gadgets, giving gadget lovers a good reason to love it. 

1. Perfect choice for avid readers

With an Audible membership, you get two original audiobooks and one credit each month. Credits allow you to buy one audiobook regardless of its price for free. An audible subscription also has other advantages.

You also receive a 30% discount on every book you purchase after that.

For those who like listening to audiobooks rather than reading a hard copy, this is a great deal. If you listen to an audiobook for half an hour each day, you’ll finish it in around two weeks if it lasts 6-7 hours.

Then, you can either pick up Audible originals – audiobooks written by famous journalists or theater writers – or buy another title with a discounted price.

Audible originals are not the same as audiobooks. An Audible Original is like a feature film or documentary.  

2. A large collection of titles

There is nothing worse for a book lover than not being able to find what he or she is looking for. Audible seems to take this issue very seriously.

That is why it offers over 180,000 audiobooks (and counting) divided into various genres like business, romance, spiritual, motivational, and many more.

The app goes one step further by adding sub-genres, so you can easily locate the book you want.

As we built our content marketing agency, we’ve personally exhausted the business book genre.

3. Returns are easy

With a maximum of two Audible Credits per month (with Platinum membership), you should always use them to read meaningfully. However, what if you choose an average book? Are you able to cancel your membership if you are unable to find your favorite books?

Nothing to worry about. With Audible’s “Great Listen Guarantee,” you’re able to return or exchange an audiobook within 365 days of purchase.

Here’s the best part:

You will also be credited once you return the book. In addition, books can be returned an unlimited number of times.

If you overdo it, however, Amazon will either impose a return limit on your account or penalize you for abusing its generous returns policy.

4. High-quality audio

Audible’s audiobooks are performed by experienced narrators, dubbing artists, and writers themselves. Mel Robbins, Michelle Obama, and Stephen Fry are notable examples.

Therefore, in most cases, the voice and tone are of a superior quality that enhances the whole listening experience.

The good news is that once you download the book, it’s yours forever. This is true even if you stop paying for Audible monthly subscriptions.

5. Compatibility with different devices

Phones and computers can’t be used everywhere, and Audible understands this perfectly.

This is why the Audible app is compatible with a variety of devices. The app includes:

  • Windows and Mac computers
  • iOS and Android smartphone or tablet
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Kindle Fire tablet
  • All the devices that support Amazon Alexa
  • Mp3 players & Visually impaired devices

Additionally, its drive mode allows me to listen to my favorite book while driving to the grocery store or returning from work.

Because of the many options available, you can listen to an audiobook anywhere, at any time. This eliminates all excuses for not having time to read a book.

6. WhisperSync feature for Kindle and Audible

WhisperSync is a unique feature in Audible that synchronizes listening sessions with e-reading devices.

This feature lets you pick up where you left off when you listened to it on Audible and vice versa.

It is convenient if you like to read a book in different formats. This way you won’t get lost and you’ll finish it faster than you usually do.

There is one catch, though: the book you want to listen to must be available on Amazon as an eBook. It won’t work otherwise.

7. A summary of the audiobook

In Audible, most audiobooks are between 6-8 hours long, and sometimes you are not able to devote that much time to them. It’s like skimming a long blog post to get the main points rather than reading every word.

You’ll also be pleased to know that Audible offers this service as well. It offers both the full version and the summarized version of audiobooks at a lower price for those who are on a budget or short on time.

However, even if the ripped copy is not available with all titles, opting for it (when it is available) is still a great way to save both time and money.

8. Credits can be carried over and memberships can be frozen

It is Audible’s ability to add up unused credits for the current month to the next month that I find most intriguing.

The account can also be frozen for up to 3 months if you’re on a long European tour with your family.

It’s important to remember, though, that unused credits are only valid for the next five months (six months for Platinum members). Audible then automatically deducts the credit from your account.

It’s best to use it before it’s null within a few months. An audiobook will be available forever, but not your credits.

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What are the Cons and Complaints of Audible?

1. Audible audiobooks can be expensive or cheap

In the past, Audible audiobooks seemed more expensive. Over the past few years, Kindle prices have risen, so the price has evened out.

Audible credits must be redeemed on full-length books. On the other hand, the ‘flat-fee’ nature of it doesn’t make sense with shorter books. It’s best to just pay the Audible dollar amount (it’s usually between $0.99-$3.99 for each one).

The $14.95 credit can then be used for larger works that are usually priced the same (if not more) on Amazon.

2. When you cancel the subscription, your credits expire

I appreciate how easy it is to cancel an Audible subscription. There are no too many questions and it’s smooth as silk.

However, the sad part is, I was canceled all my unused credits as soon as I cancelled my membership with Audible.

The only audiobooks I had were the ones I had downloaded. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

Audible recommends that you use all your credits by downloading audiobooks before you cancel your subscription.

3. No free account

You have to pay to play Audible. Audible offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to test the service before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription, but that’s all it offers for free users. Check out Audible for free to see what audiobooks you love and if you need an Audible membership.

After the trial period ends, you have the option of being a member and paying full price for the audiobooks or becoming a subscriber.

Audible offers some free titles that Amazon could offer to its free users to increase its user base. Amazon, however, seems more concerned with increasing its revenue.

What I Like About Audible

You Can Read Great Books More Often

You can download the Audible app on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Apple and Android users can download Audible.

Due to the fact that I always have my iPhone with me, I can listen to Audible audiobooks while I commute, go to the gym, or run. Recently, I’ve been listening to Audible audiobooks through Alexa.

In other words, I can read while doing something else at the same time. With Audible, I can read and finish great titles in less time.

Audible works flawlessly even if you have an Android smartphone or tablet.

The ability to slow down or speed up playback of each audiobook is particularly appealing to me. Audiobooks offer this feature to readers (or listeners) who want to immerse themselves in a story.

Typically, I listen to my audiobooks at a speed of 1.25 times the normal playback speed. The thought of listening to Audible audiobooks three times faster overwhelms me, but if you wish, you can do so.

2. Audible Is Affordable

On Audible, you can either buy titles individually or pay a monthly fee. 

In most cases, buying membership credits makes more sense for me since some audiobooks cost more than EUR20/USD20. Members of Audible (who pay a recurring membership fee) can also take advantage of regular promotions and offers, where you can purchase classics starting at 99 cents.

3. I love Whispersync for Voice

One of my favorite Audible features is Whispersync For Voice.

This is how it works:

When I pick up my Kindle Oasis later that night, it automatically finds my place in the book in question so I can continue reading.

After I finish reading on my Kindle Fire the night before, when I open Audible before my commute the next morning, the narration begins where I left off the previous night. This feature is incredibly convenient.

Several caveats apply.

To begin with, the book must be available on Kindle and Audible.

Secondly, I must buy both versions to use Whispersync. For those put off by this, Audible offers generous discounts on audio versions of your Kindle books.

Also, both your Amazon and Audible accounts must be in the same region, for example, Whispersync will not work if you purchase an audiobook from the US Audible store and a book from the UK Amazon store.

4. It’s Free to Download Your First Audiobook

You can subscribe to Amazon Audible for a 30-day free trial and receive one free audiobook if you are unsure about the service.

Like Grammarly, you can cancel your membership after 30 days if you don’t like the audiobook service. Membership is free for 30 days.

How To Use An Audible Subscription?

As an Audible credit, you can listen to an audiobook. Credits are redeemable towards a single title, regardless of the retail price or how long it is, from short stories to books hundreds of pages long-and you can carry those credits over for months, although they do expire after a year.

After redeeming an Audible credit, the corresponding audiobook is immediately added to your personal library. 

This includes a list of every book you’ve ever purchased, along with the author; audio length; date added to your account; and a rate-and-review section, which lets you rate the overall audio recording, performance, and story.

How to find new audiobooks

New titles can be found in a few ways. For Audible users, you can either type the title into the search bar or navigate to the “Browse” section and segment your search by category. 

Amazon users can also search audiobook titles and pay via credit, since Audible automatically links up with their Amazon accounts. 

You automatically get it added to your existing Audible library after you complete the purchase on Amazon.

How to add items to your cart or wish list

When you come across a title on Audible that you may be interested in, but don’t yet want to buy or don’t have the credits for yet, you can add it to your cart or wish list – both of which are non-expiring – by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wish List” buttons.

Giving audiobooks as gifts

If you wish, you can gift Audible at any time and purchase monthly memberships for others in increments of 12 months. 

You can also send book titles to non-members via email or print, either directly from your own library or by purchasing new ones.

Exchanging audiobooks

I think one of the coolest features of Audible is the ability to exchange books at any time. They mean anytime. 

As if L.L.Bean had a return policy for audiobooks. After listening to multiple titles, I exchanged them for a brand new credit after finishing them. 

The “reasons” for doing this are pretty loose-you can do it if you’re unhappy with the recording, with the production, with the story itself. 

I noticed that some of the books I bought three years ago aren’t eligible for returns anymore, but those from last year are. For the sake of extra credit, I may or may not have returned a few books. Think before you judge.

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How Do You Listen To Audible?

Audible’s convenience, so to speak, is one of its greatest assets. Having the ability to listen anywhere is especially useful for people like me, who never have enough free time to read. 

Listening during my commute and slow periods at the office, I was able to get through a 50-hour audiobook in a couple weeks, and other Audible users who spend a lot of time in their cars have been able to read a bestseller in a month.

Where to listen

With Audible, you can listen on iOS, Android, Sonos, Kindle, and any Alexa-enabled device. All you need to do is download the app directly to your mobile device. There is no loss of your personal library and you can access all your titles. 

You can also rate and review books, mark titles as finished, and view book details, such as fellow listeners’ reviews. 

You can even use the Audible Cloud Player on a desktop computer if you are working on something and stuck to a laptop. It allows you to stream audio through a pop-up on Chrome or Safari. You can use it anywhere.

Using the app

If you link your Audible account to the app, you can handle everything you would do through the desktop version, including browsing new titles, accessing news, reviewing account details and billing information. 

On a book, you can also pause, play, fast forward, or rewind the audio, and change the narration speed according to your preference. 

The “Clip” functionality in the app allows you to save any lines that really resonate with you, and you can also listen to titles offline.

Saving your place

There’s no need to worry about what device you’re listening to Audible on, because if you switch, you can pick up right where you left off. If you switch, Audible will remember where you left off. 

Additionally, if you’re listening in bed, you can set a sleep timer up to 60 minutes or until the end of the chapter.

Sharing with others

You can share Netflix, Hulu, and Prime accounts with others so they can watch shows, so why wouldn’t you be able to do the same with Audible? 

In fact, you can share your Audible account across multiple devices, so you can listen to your books along with your friends and loved ones. 

The number of devices that can access your account at the same time isn’t limited as long as they’re not listening to the same book as you are. It’s as easy as sharing passwords for streaming services-and let’s hope Audible never follows suit.

If You Cancel Audible, What Happens?

Like Audible but don’t necessarily feel like $15 a month is worth it? Here’s how to put your Audible account on hold. It’s no big deal, because you can pause your account. 

You can place a hold for one to three months, and you can do it once every 12 months. In addition to calling customer service, the process is pretty straightforward. Until then, you are still able to access your library and use your credits.

Cancellation process

Audible is easy to cancel; you just need to visit the website on your desktop, navigate to the Account Details page, and click Cancel membership at the bottom of the View Membership details section. As soon as you cancel, you’ll receive an automated email confirmation.

When you cancel your library, what happens

After canceling your Audible account, you won’t lose access to your library. The titles you have saved can still be listened to, and you will still receive the same level of listening as before you cancelled.

Your unused credits

Things get tricky when you have unused credits. I have always used up all my remaining credits when I have canceled in the past, since I knew I could still listen to those books even if I had canceled. If I hadn’t, they would have just been wasted. 

The actual rules surrounding unused credits are a little more complicated, but you might be better off just redeeming them toward new audiobooks before you end your membership.

Restarting you membership

All you need to do is log into Audible and go to your Account Details page. When you renew your subscription, Audible will begin charging you monthly from the date of renewal. You can confirm your billing information is still correct when you renew. 

Also, they won’t judge you for canceling or putting your account on hold several times, so you can just walk right back in like it didn’t happen.

What are the Positive and Negative Feedbacks by Audible Customers?

Positive Feedbacks

  • The largest catalogue of titles on the market
  • Distributes works from major publishers to small independents in all genres
  • When you purchase audiobooks, you keep them forever
  • Bonuses and freebies for members
  • Integration with Kindle devices in the future
  • Cancellation is possible at any time
  • All audiobooks can be returned and exchanged, no questions asked

Negative Feedbacks

  • Audible Originals are too prominently featured by the algorithm
  • Large consumers are restricted by the credit system
  • Amazon Prime integration limited
  • Often more expensive than other stores at full retail
  • The app does not allow you to buy audiobooks
  • Audible is not currently available on Kindle devices in Australia

Is Audible Worth It?

The value of Audible Plus is determined by how much time you spend listening to audiobooks or podcasts. You’ll be able to see the expected playtime of your books on Audible, so you’ll know how much time you spend listening each week or month. 

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks for less than four hours a week could be better spent on a single book that you enjoy.

With Audible Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of books, even if you don’t have a preference over what books you want to check out. It is likely a better choice to invest in Premium Plus if you’re finishing multiple books a month, so that you can pick up the books you want, as well as popular bestsellers.

As with Audible Plus, Audible Premium Plus offers a free trial as well, but the Premium Plus trial allows you to keep one book.

Audible Review: Final Verdict

You now know more about audiobooks and Amazon Audible, the largest market in the world for audio titles. It is easy and quick to use audiobooks, but they aren’t for everyone, especially those on a strict budget.

Listening to the different titles available on Audible is definitely a unique opportunity to enjoy more content.

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What are the Audible Alternatives?

Aside from Audible, there are many other audiobook platforms. It competes with storefronts such as Google Play Books, Nook Audiobooks, and Kobo Books. You can also access free audiobooks at public libraries.

There are also subscription-based platforms such as ($15 a month) and Scribd ($10 a month). Our top subscription choice for online reading also includes ebooks and magazines for a lower monthly fee, which makes Scribd our top pick.

While Audible requires you to use its app, and Downpour offer audiobooks in a standard MP3 format that you can download and listen to with other apps.

Audible Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many books do you get from Audible per month?

There are two levels of membership with Audible. You can choose a title from Audible’s library to keep and listen to any title they have with the classic one-credit-a-month Audible Premium Plus plan. 

Audible Plus, a cheaper audiobook service where you can listen to what you want for a month at a time, is also available now.

2. What is the cost of Audible?

Audible Plus costs $7.95 a month, and for that price you can listen to any book in the library (but not keep them). 

You can choose any audiobook in their library to keep every month with Audible Premium Plus, which costs $14.95 per month.

3. How many audiobooks are available on Audible?

Audible offers more than 200,000 audiobooks. I’ve been using it for years and have never found it lacking a favorite. 

The service is also the first to offer bestsellers as they come out, and many audiobooks can only be found on Audible.

4. Is Audible free with Prime?

A Prime membership does not include free access to Audible. If you choose to try out Audible Premium Plus, you’ll be able to select two audiobooks to keep instead of just one. 

5. Can I get Audible for free?

Audible is free to try for 30 days. You can choose a subscription plan that renews monthly. Even after the free trial expires, you’ll get at least 1 audiobook for free when you subscribe to Audible Premium Plus. 

With Audible Plus, you can listen to any audiobook in their library for free for 30 days.

6. Is Audible subscription-based?

Audible does not require a subscription to keep books you’ve purchased or received as part of a free trial. 

If you do not subscribe, however, you will not be able to use credits to purchase audiobooks or listen to unlimited audiobooks in their library.

7. Will I still be able to listen to Audible if I cancel my subscription?

Even if you cancel your Audible subscription, you will still be able to keep the books that you’ve received as part of a free trial or bought with credits. 

Audible has let me listen to any book in my library even when I am not a subscriber.

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