ASAP Rocky Net Worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Income, House, Car

With income from his career as a rapper, ASAP Rocky has amassed a net worth of $10 Million as of 2022.

Rakim Mayers, better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky, is an American rapper and songwriter. He adopted the stage name ASAP Rocky after joining the hip-hop group ‘A$AP Mob’. He is named after the hip-hop artist Rakim, who is one half of the duo Eric B. & Rakim. 

Rocky made it from a poor boy living in a crime-ridden neighbourhood to an international rapper and has come a long way. He had a tough childhood, often seeking shelter in camps with his mother and sister. 

The early death of his older brother led him to work hard on his music and eventually get recognition for his rap skills. His first single, ‘Peso’, was released on the internet and managed to land on the radio station Hot 97 New York. 

His second album, ‘At. Long. Last. A$AP’ went on to top the Billboard charts. Aside from his music, Rocky is also known for his unique sense of style, his brawls, and his rumoured relationship with several well-known female celebrities.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money ASAP Rocky has and how he builds his net worth.

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ASAP Rocky Net Worth 2022

ASAP Rocky has an estimated net worth of $10 Million in 2022. He is an American rapper who burst on the music scene in 2011 and soon after released his chart-topping albums ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ and ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP.’ Based on all his sources of income, including album sales, brand endorsements and concerts, he earns more than $1 million a year. 

ASAP Rocky is a true maverick in hip hop. Rocky is well-known for his experimental approach to music, fashion sense, penchant for psychedelic drugs, and prolific love life (former girlfriends include Kendall Jenner and Iggy Azalea). 

Rocky rose to prominence in 2011 as the most successful member of Harlem’s A$AP Mob collective of MCs, producers, video directors, and designers, earning an eye-catching $3 million dollar deal with Sony/RCA. He quickly rose to prominence as the toast of East Coast hip hop and has never looked back.

Rocky, a former street hustler whose father was imprisoned for drug dealing and whose older brother was murdered, has increasingly revealed an artistic, eccentric, and dandified side of himself as he has gravitated away from Harlem and toward downtown Manhattan’s creative milieu. He is now a front-row fixture in the fashion world, having collaborated with designers Raf Simons and Jonathan Anderson and becoming the face of Dior Homme in 2016 — the first person of color to represent the luxury menswear brand.

He has more than a whiff of debauched 1970s rock star about him, which may explain his unexpected 2015 collaboration with Rod Stewart, whom he described as “like seeing yourself 40 years older and white.” 

Besides music, he is involved in many business ventures that contribute to his income. He owns a clothing line that has collaborated with the renowned fashion designer Raf Simons. 

In 2014, he announced his official contract for worldwide representation with William Morris Endeavor.

He has also starred in movies like Zoolander 2 and Dope. 

To calculate the net worth of ASAP Rocky, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: ASAP Rocky
Net Worth: $10 Million
Monthly Salary: $70,000+
Annual Income: $1 Million+
Source of Wealth: Rapper

ASAP Rocky Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $10 Million
Net Worth 2021: $9.4 Million
Net Worth 2020: $8.5 Million
Net Worth 2019: $7.5 Million
Net Worth 2018: $6.5 Million

How Much Money Did ASAP Rocky Make From His Music Career?

Since he started rapping, ASAP Rocky has earned more than $8 million from his popular songs, albums, and concerts. 

ASAP Rocky has been rapping since childhood thanks to the influence of his older brother. In 2007, he became part of the Harlem-based group ‘ASAP Mob’, after which he took the name ‘ASAP’.

His first single ‘Purple Swag’ was released in July 2011 and made him a rap sensation as it gained enormous popularity in New York City.

In August 2011, his single ‘Peso’ was released online and made it to the renowned radio station Hot 97 New York in no time. 

However, the enormous success of ‘Purple Swag’ had already led to record labels taking notice of him. He came up with the mixtape ‘Live. Love. ASAP’ before signing a $3 million contract with RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music. With this contract, he also founded the label ‘A$AP Worldwide’.

ASAP Rocky performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival in July 2012. Later that year, he appeared as a guest rapper on Rihanna’s ‘Cockiness (Love It)’ at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In January 2013, he released his solo album ‘Long Live Asap’, which not only sold 3 million copies in the US, but also reached the eighth place on the Billboard 100 chart. The album featured several well-known names such as Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, 2 Chainz, Florence Welch, A$AP Ferg and Santigold.

His second album, ‘At.Long.Last.ASAP’, was released in May 2015. The album was supposed to be released a few weeks before the actual date, but due to an online leak, Rocky had to move up the release date by a week. This time he collaborated with Kanye West, Mark Ronson, MIA, and Future. He also collaborated with the famous rocker ‘Rod Stewart’ on the single ‘Everyday’.

‘At. Long. Last. ASAP’ was released to mixed reviews, but still managed to debut at the top of the Billboard 200. The album sold 116,000 copies in the U.S. and 11,000 copies in Canada, making it his second successful album in a row.

In 2016, he collaborated on a track composed by Alicia Keys called ‘Blended Family (What You Do for Love)’ for her album ‘Here’.

The following year, he participated in two tracks ‘Summer Bummer’ and ‘Groupie Love’ from Lana Del Rey’s album ‘Lust For Life’.

In May 2018, Rocky released his album ‘Testing’, which was well received by critics and his fans. The album made it to number four on the US Billboard 200 in its first week before eventually falling off the charts.

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ASAP Rocky’s Best-Selling Songs and Albums

Rocky joined the A$AP Mob, a sprawling collective of rappers, producers, and video directors co-founded by Harlem’s answer to Malcolm McLaren, when he was 19 years old in 2007. Rakim Mayers was given the moniker A$AP Rocky at that time.

Mixtape ‘Live.Love.A$AP’ 

Rocky collaborated with three A$AP Mob producers in particular to create the spacey soundscapes that serve as the foundation for his raps: Clams Casino, A$AP Ty Beats, and SpaceGhostPurpp. 

In 2011, he self-released two singles, “Peso” (on which he mentioned fashion designers such as Rick Owens and Raf Simons, a future collaborator) and “Purple Swag,” sparking a major-label bidding war that began even before he released his first mixtape, Live.Love. A$AP. 

That same year, he signed a $3 million deal with the Sony/RCA division of Polo Grounds Music. It was a joint venture that included his solo projects as well as those of his collective on their record label A$AP Worldwide. Rocky reportedly received $1.7 million, while A$AP Worldwide received $1.3 million.

‘Long.Live.A$AP’ Debut Album

Long.Live is Rocky’s debut solo album. A$AP Rocky was released on January 13, 2013. Kendrick Lamar, Florence Welch, 2 Chainz, Joey Bada$$, Santigold, and A$AP Ferg were among the many guests. 

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and spawned four singles: “Goldie,” “Wild for the Night,” “Fashion Killa,” and “F****n’ Problems,” the latter of which became the album’s biggest hit, featuring guest appearances from Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. It peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling 3 million copies in the United States alone.

Although Rocky had a banner year in 2013, his success was bittersweet because his father died in December 2012 (“See my Daddy in heaven, he be da realist G,” he tweeted). Rocky told Vice that his father was a big fashion influence on him. “He was a clean-cut type of guy… He advised me to always be myself and to be at ease with whatever decision I made because I chose to do so. “Just because something does not fit does not mean it is incorrect.”

‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’ Sophomore Album

Rocky’s second album saw a change in direction. On May 26, 2015, At.Long.Last.A$AP was released. In addition to being co-produced by award-winning superproducer Danger Mouse, who has worked with everyone from Norah Jones to the Black Keys, the album featured guest appearances from Kanye West, Future, MIA, Mark Ronson, and – surprisingly and triumphantly – Rod Stewart on “Everyday.” 

It also featured a singer named Joe Fox, who was homeless when he approached Rocky on the streets of London and tried to sell him a CD. Rather, Rocky asked Fox to sing for him and was so impressed that he immediately invited him into a studio to record (Fox ended up on five songs).

At. Long. Last. ASAP debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with 146,000 album-equivalent units, of which 117,000 were pure album sales.

Rocky’s psychedelic influence on At.Long.Last.A$AP is evident on the single “LSD.” In interviews Rocky spoke candidly about his use of hallucinogenic drugs: “It helps me cope with life,” he told Billboard. “I’ve been doing this stuff since I got into the industry. People are scared to talk about it.”

As with his debut album, Rocky’s year was marred by loss. In January 2015, A$AP Yams (Steven Rodriguez), his creative partner, friend, and mentor, died from an overdose at age 26. Yams described Rocky as Yoda’s Luke Skywalker. 

In an interview he gave to the UK’s Guardian newspaper in July 2015, Rocky described how the passing of his father made him take stock of his life and career. “It was always good to have that second opinion,” Rocky said. “To have my best friend there agreeing with me, let me know I wasn’t crazy.” 


Three years after the release of his previous studio album, ASAP Rocky released Testing in May 2018. The album, which featured collaborations from Kid Cudi, French Montana, Kodak Black, and Frank Ocean, received mixed reviews, with some critics questioning the cohesiveness of the music and ideas presented, while most praised the rapper for his attempts at experimentation.

Testing debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, earning 75,000 album-equivalent units and 13,000 copies in pure album sales, becoming ASAP Rocky’s third consecutive top-five album.

How Much Did ASAP Rocky Earn From His Acting and Fashion Projects?

ASAP Rocky has earned more than $2 million from his movies, clothing line, and fashion shows.

Rocky was riding high on his success by 2015, with an apartment in Manhattan’s posh Soho neighborhood and a home in Hollywood. 

By June, he’d made his acting debut in Rick Famuyiwa’s coming-of-age film Dope, playing a small-time drug dealer, a role he’d long outgrown in real life. “I think all of us — all of us rappers, to a certain extent — are that kind of guy,” he told Billboard. “I’ll never be that guy.” That guy is corny. He can’t even put on clothes!”

This is not a criticism that Rocky would readily accept. Despite his insistence that he does not want to be a fashion designer, he has participated in a number of high-profile collaborations. “Rocky has a very distinct aesthetic,” said designer Jonathan Anderson, with whom the rapper collaborated on a menswear capsule collection in 2016. “In the end, his style is more than what he wears. It’s how he carries himself, his interests… It’s all about putting your own personal spin on things.”

Rocky’s passion for fashion was evident on At.Long.Last.A$AP, where he referenced more than 20 brands, including Hermès, Prada and Saint Laurent. It is something he has done from the beginning, and it has paid off. Having incorporated the names of designers Rick Owens and Raf Simons into his breakthrough single, “Peso,” back in 2011, he has become friends with both. 

In the following year, A$AP Mob and Black Scale collaborated on a collection of T-shirts and sweaters; while Rocky and Jeremy Scott collaborated on an all-black pair of Adidas Wings sneakers. He was named the face of Dior Homme in 2016 and collaborated with Guess Jeans in 2017.

By 2017, he was a front-row regular at Calvin Klein (New York), Gucci (London, Milan), Saint Laurent, and Dior fashion shows (Paris). His year-long relationship with Kendall Jenner was made public on May 1 during the Met Gala, fashion’s biggest event. The couple was spotted on the social media feeds of Jenner’s sister Kylie and half-sister Kim Kardashian, defying the event’s selfie ban.

How Much Does ASAP Rocky Earn From YouTube, Instagram and Facebook?

With 4.61M subscribers, A$AP Rocky can earn a lot of money from his Youtube channel. YouTubers with 100k subscribers and two new videos each week can make $600 to $1,000. The ad revenue is somewhere between $2,400 and $4,000 per month. According to the YouTube money calculator, ​​ASAP Rocky has earned at least $5M from his YouTube channel.

As of 2022, ASAP Rocky also has 14.8m followers on Instagram. That means he is a mega-influencer who can charge $10K+ per post. Instagram pricing calculator shows that his account @asaprocky can charge $68.8K – $82.6K for 1 post and 1 story.

Moreover, his Facebook page has 8.7 million followers. 

What Investments Does ASAP Rocky Have?

ASAP Rocky is the latest investor in Klarna, a privately held Swedish fintech company valued at more than $31 billion.

Besides, he also invests in BNPL giant Klarna and becomes its CEO for a day. Klarna is a Sweden-based FinTech unicorn. 

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How Much Are ASAP Rocky’s Cars Worth?

Since ASAP Rocky is rich, he owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at his car collection.

ASAP Rocky Car Collection Price (USD)
BMW 3-Series Convertible $59,800
Audi A7 $88,900
Range Rover $135,670

1. BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The 3 Series has a new, improved design with the brand’s latest technology and more refined luxury. It features a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, as well as a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2. Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury car with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most luxurious Audi you can buy. The Audi A7 looks and drives well, and its hatchback design makes it much more practical.

3. Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA is a full-fledged Range Rover, and it is also the most expensive Range Rover produced. Range is mostly used by famous personalities, businessmen and other wealthy people. Autobiography is all about being well off and living in a very nice place. The SVA is powered by a 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine that makes 557 HP. The Range Rover also features a long wheelbase that makes the rear seats even more comfortable and gives passengers more legroom.

What Houses Does ASAP Rocky Own?

Rocky owns a three-bedroom house in Los Angeles with a private pool and garden worth $3 million. He also has a swanky house in London and New York that is also worth millions.

How Much Does ASAP Rocky Make a Year?

According to some reports, ASAP Rocky’s annual income is over $1 Million.

ASAP Rocky Arrested in Sweden

ASAP Rocky was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden, in early July 2019 after a video of him and his entourage fighting two men in the street surfaced. Rocky shared more footage on Instagram, in which his crew repeatedly asked the two men to stop following them. Despite his claims of self-defense and President Donald Trump’s attempted intervention, Rocky was deemed a flight risk and confined to a detention center until he could face assault charges.

Rocky was found guilty of assault in August and ordered to pay damages to one of the victims. He was also given a suspended sentence that limited his jail time to the month he had already served.

ASAP Rocky’s Childhood and Family

Rakim Mayers was born in Harlem, New York City, on October 3, 1988. His father is from Barbados, and his mother is African-American. Erika B. Mayers is his eldest sister.

Rocky began rapping at the age of nine. He used to rap with his older brother, who sported the French braids hairstyle that Rocky later adopted.

Rocky’s father was arrested for drug dealing when he was 12 years old. His father passed away in 2012. Ricky, his elder brother, was murdered by a rival drug dealer when he was 13 years old. Rocky was inspired by this unfortunate incident to work hard on his music.

He turned to drug pedaling to support his family while they were living in homeless shelters. In 2004, he was arrested for drug trafficking and imprisoned for two weeks. In prison, he first met future rapper ‘Casanova.’

ASAP Rocky’s Personal Life and Girlfriend

Rocky was in a relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea. The couple met through a mutual friend and Iggy officially confirmed their relationship in January 2012, later revealing that she had tattooed the title of Rocky’s mixtape ‘Live.Love.A$AP’ on her fingers. After the couple broke up in July 2012, Iggy explained that she crossed out the word ‘A$AP’ and kept only ‘Live.Love’ from her tattoo.

After that, Rocky dated several female celebrities including Rihanna, Rita Ora, Madison Skylar, Chanel Iman, Rosee Divinem, Tahiry Jose and Kylie Jenner.

FAQs About ASAP Rocky

How rich is ASAP Rocky?

As per the record of media, ASAP Rocky’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 Million in 2022.

How tall is ASAP Rocky?

ASAP Rocky is 1.79 m tall.

How old is ASAP Rocky?

ASAP Rocky was born October 3, 1988, in Harlem, New York, United States, He is 33 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of ASAP Rocky?

His real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, he is better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky.

Favorite ASAP Rocky Quotes

I’m not a gangster, bro.

ASAP Rocky


I dress how I feel. I just go off emotion. I can’t prepare my outfit a day before. Everything I wear is spontaneous.

ASAP Rocky


Fashion is almost like a religion, for me at least.

ASAP Rocky


I’m here to break boundaries, man. That’s all. I’m here to be the first so that the people after me don’t have to think twice about expressing themselves and being free.

ASAP Rocky


Everybody should be able to enjoy their life, because you only live once. So I just want to get it all out there and be the best role model that I can be, if people want to put me in that kind of predicament. I mean, I didn’t ask to be a role model, because I’m not perfect.

ASAP Rocky


Nowadays, everybody wanna be weird. We know how to manifest being weird.

ASAP Rocky


I’m not a gay rights activist.

ASAP Rocky


You’ve got to exfoliate, you know?

ASAP Rocky

View our larger collection of the best ASAP Rocky quotes.

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