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Angela Davis Net Worth

Angela Davis has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Angela Davis is an activist, scholar, and writer who advocates for the oppressed. She has authored several books, including ‘Women, Culture & Politics.’ She earns most of her income from her work as a professor, and from the royalties for her books. 

Angela Davis became a master’s student, studying at the Sorbonne. She joined the Communist Party of the United States and was imprisoned for a prison break, but was ultimately acquitted.

Known for books such as Women, Race & Class, she has worked as a professor and activist advocating for gender justice, prison reform, and alliances across lines of color.

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Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:


Angela Davis

Net Worth: $1 Million
Monthly Salary: $12 Thousand
Annual Income: $300 Thousand
Source of Wealth: Professor, Activist, Author

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Early Life

Davis was born in Birmingham, Alabama on January 26, 1944. She grew up in a middle-class neighborhood known as “Dynamite Hill” because the Ku Klux Klan bombed many African American homes in the area.

Davis’ father, Frank, owned a service station, and her mother, Sallye, taught elementary school and was an NAACP activist. Sallye would later attend NYU for her master’s degree, and Davis would accompany her as a teenager.

Davis is best known as a radical African American educator and civil rights and other social justice activists. She was aware of racial prejudice because of her own experiences with discrimination as a child in Alabama.

Davis organized interracial study groups as a teenager, which were disrupted by the police. She also knew some of the four African American girls who were killed in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing.

Education, The Black Panthers, and Communism

Davis later relocated to Massachusetts and attended Brandeis University, where she studied philosophy with Herbert Marcuse. She was involved with several groups, including the Black Panthers, while a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego in the late 1960s.

However, she spent the majority of her time working with the Che-Lumumba Club, an all-Black branch of the Communist Party.

Davis was hired to teach at the University of California, Los Angeles, but she ran into problems with the school’s administration because of her communist affiliation. They fired her, but she fought them in court and was reinstated. Davis eventually left when her contract expired in 1970.

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Soledad Brothers

Davis had become a strong supporter of three Soledad Prison inmates known as the Soledad brothers outside of academia (they were not related).

These three men, John W. Cluchette, Fleeta Drumgo, and George Lester Jackson, were accused of murdering a prison guard after another guard killed several African American inmates in a fight. Because of their political work inside the prison, some believed these inmates were being used as scapegoats.

Charged With Murder

An escape attempt was made during Jackson’s trial in August 1970, and several people in the courtroom were killed. Davis was charged with several counts, including murder, for her alleged role in the incident.

The main pieces of evidence used at trial were that the guns used were registered to her and that she was allegedly in love with Jackson. Davis was acquitted in June 1972 after serving approximately 18 months in prison.

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Later Years

Davis returned to teaching after a period of traveling and lecturing. She retired in 2008 as a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she taught courses on the history of consciousness.

Davis has continued to lecture at a number of prestigious universities on topics such as race, the criminal justice system, and women’s rights.

Davis was a featured speaker and honorary co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington following Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.


In addition to being a co-founder of Critical Resistance, an organization dedicated to ending the prison industrial complex, Davis is the author of several books, including Angela Davis: An Autobiography (1974), Women, Race, and Class (1980), Women, Culture and Politics (1989), Are Prisons Obsolete? (2003), Abolition Democracy (2005), and The Meaning of Freedom (2012).

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