Amber Heard Net Worth 2022 – House, Cars, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

With income from movies, modeling and commercials, Amber Heard has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million as of 2022.

Amber Heard is a Texas-born American actress who has appeared in a number of films in various roles. She made her acting debut in the sports drama ‘Friday Night Lights’ and went on to play a number of supporting roles. 

Her breakthrough came when she landed a supporting role in a series of box office hits, including ‘The Pineapple Express’ and ‘Never Back Down’. It was through these films that she became known and soon began to take on leading roles. 

Since then, she has starred in a number of commercially successful films and is known for her tight and believable acting. Heard, who was born and raised in Austin, is known for having fought her way through Hollywood with courage and tenacity despite her humble beginnings. 

She is known for her tenacity and intrepidity despite having to endure a canceled series TV, several failed starts and a number of negative reviews. Nevertheless, she has continued to star in a number of films and has received numerous awards. 

Heard is both an activist and a filmmaker. Heard was married to actor Johnny Depp from 2015 to 2017. The couple’s divorce generated a lot of media attention, as Heard claimed Depp verbally and physically abused her during their relationship. She has been open and honest about domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Amber Heard has and how she builds her net worth.

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Amber Heard Net Worth 2022

Amber Heard is estimated to have a net worth of $2.5 Million in 2022, though it could actually be much lower following the defamation ruling. She is an American actress and a model. Amber Heard is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as “Aquaman,” “The Rum Diary,” “Never Back Down” and “Drive Angry.” Heard has also starred in many TV shows and is known for her activism, especially when it comes to LGBTQ rights.

Having been previously married to Johnny Depp, Amber has become known for some bad things in recent years. Although they divorced in 2016, Heard and Depp fought in court and in the media over the next few years.

In 2019, Depp sued Heard in Virginia for $50 million over an Op-Ed she wrote for The Washington Post the year before. Heard then sued Depp’s lawyer for $100 million for defamation over the latter’s remarks.

$10 Million Judgment

As you probably know, a jury in Virginia found Amber guilty of defamation of Johnny Depp in June 2022 because of an opinion piece she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018. Initially, the jury ordered Johnny to pay $15 million, which consisted of $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. The punitive damages were quickly reduced to $350,000, as that is the maximum amount that can be awarded in Virginia. Amber was awarded $2 million by the same jury. In the end, Amber will have to pay Johnny about $8.35 million in damages.

Before the decision, we thought Amber was worth about $2.5 million. Multiple news sources report that Amber’s legal fees were largely paid by her homeowners insurance until the verdict. At this point, it’s not clear whether her insurance would also cover all of the damages. Damages could also be reduced if the case goes to trial. If her insurance does not cover the damage, Amber will have a hard time paying for it herself.

The next morning, June 2, 2022, Savannah Guthrie of “The Today Show” asked Amber’s attorney directly if Amber could pay the judgment. That was the day after the verdict. Amber’s attorney responded, “Oh, no. Not even close.”

Amber could appeal as a next step. But before she could appeal, Amber might have to post a $10.35 million bond, which her own lawyer says she could not do with her own money.

Amber could also file for bankruptcy if she can not pay the judgment and it’s not covered by insurance. If she files for bankruptcy, she could avoid paying the $10 million settlement.

Salaries From Movies and Brand Endorsement Income

During the Depp v. Heard mutual defamation lawsuits, witnesses testified that Amber Heard earned a total of $10 million before taxes from all sources (salaries, advertising revenue, etc.) between 2013 and 2019. During that time, 2019 was her best year financially, earning about $3 million.

The testimonies also revealed that Amber had a contract for 4 movies with Warner Brothers, which earned her $450,000 for the first movie she starred in for the studio. Then she received a million dollars for her work in the first Aquaman movie. She had a contract that said she would receive $2 million for the second Aquaman movie and $3 to $4 million if there was ever a third movie.

According to witnesses, Amber was paid $200,000 per episode for starring in the nine-part series TV “The Stand,” which means she earned a total of $1.8 million.

According to witnesses, Amber had a two-year, $1.625 million contract with L’Oreal, which gave the cosmetics company 20 days of her time.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:

Name: Amber Heard
Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Monthly Salary: $50 Thousand+
Annual Income: $500 Thousand+
Source of Wealth: Actor, Model

Amber Heard Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $2.5 Million
Net Worth 2021: $2.1 Million
Net Worth 2020: $1.7 Million
Net Worth 2019: $1.4 Million
Net Worth 2018: $1 Million

How Much Money Does Amber Heard Make From Movies?

Amber Heard made millions of dollars from movies. Amber Heard’s first appearances were in two music videos, Kenny Chesnet’s ‘There Goes My Life’ and Eisley’s ‘I Was not Prepared’. She made several cameo appearances in numerous primetime dramas, including ‘Jack & Bobby’, ‘The Mountain’ and ‘The O.C.’. Her debut film ‘Friday Night Lights’ (2004) was a commercial success.

In the next few years, she played smaller roles in various films such as ‘Drop Dead Sexy’ (2005), ‘Price to Pay’ (2006), ‘You Are Here (2006)’ and ‘Alpha Dog’ (2006). She also starred in an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’.

Soon she began to play more noticeable roles. In ‘North Country’ (2005) she played the younger version of Charlize Theron’s character. She also starred in the horror film ‘Side FX’ (2005).

In 2007 she was cast for the main role in ‘Hidden Palms’, a teen drama. The series did not receive positive reviews and was cancelled after 8 episodes. She then starred in the short film ‘Day 73 with Sarah’, in the indie drama ‘Remember the Daze’ and in an episode of ‘Californication’.

In 2008, her supporting roles in the films ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘Never Back Down’ helped her gain some notoriety. Among her other films in the same year were ‘The Informers’, which was shunned by critics, and ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’, in which her performance was appreciated.

In 2009, she starred in the films ‘The Stepfather’, ‘ExTerminators’, ‘Zombieland’ and ‘The Joneses’. In 2010, she released ‘The River Why’ and ‘The Ward,’ among others. She was a co-producer and actress in the thriller ‘And Soon the Darkness’. During this period, she was regularly mentioned and praised by film critics.

She was cast for the female lead role alongside Johnny Depp in ‘The Rum Diary’ (2011). The film was not a success and received mixed reviews. Later that year, she starred in ‘Drive Angry’ alongside Nicholas Cage. She also appeared in the BBC programme ‘Top Gear’.

After a brief interlude, Heard’s 2013 releases included the thriller ‘Paranoia,’ the action comedy ‘Machete Kills’ and the satire ‘Syrup.’ Her solo film for 2014 was ‘3 Days to Kill’, which was a commercial success.

2015 marked a turning point in her career, as she released four films that year. She played a photographer in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and a ballet dancer in ‘The Danish Girl’. These movies were successful at the box office. The other movies were ‘The Adderall Diaries’ and ‘One More Time’.

She played the female lead in ‘London Fields’, an adaptation of the novel by Martin Amis. The film was scheduled to premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, but was canceled due to disagreements between the director and producers.

In the popular film ‘Justice League’ (2017), she played Aquaman’s Atlantean queen Mera. She is scheduled for a repeat of the same role in ‘Aquaman’ (2018).

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Divorce

In 2016, Amber Heard asked Johnny Depp to end their marriage. She also obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband, claiming she was abused by him while they were together. Amid a media storm, Depp quickly denied the allegations. Amber Heard received a $7 million settlement from Johnny Depp when their divorce was finalized. That was after she testified in court and proved that what she said was true. Then Amber said she would donate the money to charity, specifically the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Johnny said Amber lied when she said she would donate the money to charity in January 2021. The ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles were contacted by Depp’s lawyers to find out how much money Heard had given them. The ACLU would not give figures to the Daily Mail, but Children’s Hospital said it received only $100,000, about $3.4 million less than what she was supposed to give. The hospital reportedly even called Heard to ask “if the promise was off.”

Representatives from ACLU told the court in April 2022 that the group had received a total of $1.3 million of Amber’s promised $3.5 million. 

However, it was also clear that Amber intended to spread the money over ten years. At the same time, it was revealed that only $350,000 of the $1.3 million came directly from Amber, while $100,000 came from Depp and $500,000 came from Elon Musk, another ex-boyfriend of Amber. When ACLU Heard asked about the other half of the promised donation, she said she was having money problems.

Defamation Lawsuits Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

In 2018, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit in the United Kingdom against News Group Newspapers, the owner of The Sun. In an April 2018 article, The Sun called him a “wife beater.” The case went to trial in 2020. Both Heard and Depp took the stand for a few days. In November 2020, a judge declared that 12 of the 14 violent incidents Heard said he had experienced were “substantially true.” In March 2021, Depp lost a court case.

In 2019, he sued Amber Heard in Virginia for defamation. He sought a $50 million settlement in direct response to an opinion piece Amber Heard wrote for The Washington Post in December 2018 about abuse she allegedly experienced. Although Heard never named Depp, he believed she blamed him for various acts of violence. This was despite earlier statements by the couple that “there was never any intent to cause physical or emotional harm to either partner.”

Depp also said that Heard’s actions, which he said included hitting, kicking, throwing objects and even defecating on him, made him a victim of domestic violence. Depp’s attorneys presented evidence to support his claims, and Heard’s attempts to have the case dismissed were denied.

In August 2020, Heard sued back. On April 11, 2022, the defamation trial began in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Defamation Verdict

The Virginia jury found in Depp’s favor on June 1, 2022. They ruled that Amber should pay Johnny $15 million in damages for defamation, made up of $5 million in punitive damages and $10 million in compensatory damages. Due to Virginia’s cap on punitive damages, the $5 million in punitive damages was immediately reduced to $350,000.

Oddly enough, Amber was awarded partial liability in the amount of $2 million.

Eriq Gardner of Puck News says Amber’s legal fees, which likely cost millions of dollars, have so far been paid by her insurance company. That’s because she has an umbrella policy for her homeowners insurance. It’s not clear whether her insurance will also pay for all or part of the damages.

Amber Heard’s Request For Spousal Support

Amber Heard filed for spousal support in 2016 after she separated from Johnny Depp. According to documents filed in the 2022 defamation lawsuit, Amber’s lawyers offered in May 2016 to “keep this matter out of the spotlight” if Johnny would continue to provide her with a Range Rover, continue to live in three of his Los Angeles penthouse apartments and give her $125,000 for legal and accounting fees.

Next, Amber Depp reportedly asked for $50,000 a month to pay various expenses. According to court documents, Heard spent $10,000 per month on rent, $2,000 per month on restaurant meals and $10,000 per month on pet supplies and legal fees. She said she had very little income, including $27,000 in royalties from various films, to support her claim.

The documents also show that while she earned $250,000 from her various jobs in 2014, she spent nearly $210,000, so her net income that year was only $40,000. Amber Heard also filed documents showing that she had only $25,000 in savings at the time.

Eventually, Amber Heard withdrew her request for alimony.

How Much Money Did Amber Heard Make From Aquaman?

Heard told the court that she was paid $1 million for the role of Mera in Aquaman, plus some sort of box office bonus, which she did not name. She also said she was paid $2 million up front for the upcoming sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and that she may get more money depending on how well the film does at the box office. Heard said Warner Bros. severely cut her role in the second Aquaman film because of the problems she had with Depp. On the stand, she said, “I fought really hard to stay in the movie. They decided not to put me in the movie. They gave me a script and then a new version of the script that took out scenes that were about action and where my character and another character were fighting. Without giving away any spoilers, they took a lot out of my character. They just took a lot out of it.”

A petition signed by more than 4.2 million people is calling for her to be taken out of Aquaman 2.

How Much Money Did Amber Heard Make From Justice League?

Not much has been said about Heard’s salary for Justice League and her fee for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Heard has a much smaller role in both films than in Aquaman. She said on the stand (via Vanity Fair) about her contract for the role of Mera, “I signed on to do Justice League, where my character was introduced. The fee is small compared to what it costs when you do the other options or movies that fall under that umbrella. So it was the contract for Justice League, which could then become Justice League 2, Aquaman or another movie in the DC universe. The second movie was called Aquaman, and the third was called Aquaman 2. And the fee gets higher each time.”

How Much Money Did Amber Heard Donate To Charity?

Heard pledged to donate $7 million, of which $3.5 million would go to ACLU and $3.5 million to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

However, she was only awarded $1.3 million for ACLU, and the group says not all of it came from her: Terence Dougherty, the chief operating officer and general counsel of ACLU, testified in court that the money came from $100,000 from Depp and $500,000 from a Vanguard account believed to belong to Heard’s ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk, after she broke up with Depp. 

Dougherty said Heard told ACLU in 2019 that she was having “financial problems.” Heard also said she would keep her promises over a 10-year period. Dougherty, on the other hand, said Heard never signed a form that would have made her promise to donate $3.5 million legally binding.

We do not yet know how much money Heard gave to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. But in April 2018, PEOPLE reported that Heard was recognized by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a seven-figure donation. At the time, she said in a statement, “My charitable work has always focused on medical care, especially for women and children.” I have always believed that everyone has the right to and needs medical care. I have been doing this kind of work for 14 years in children’s hospitals, trying to make sick children laugh so they can feel better and take their minds off their pain.

How Much Money Did Amber Heard Make From Brand Endorsements?

Amber Heard made a lot of money from brand endorsements. She reportedly received $120,000 from Tiffany and $50,000 from Bulgari in 2015. Heard also has a contract with L’Oréal, but she said on the stand that she has not been able to do much for the brand since the Depp drama began.

How Much Are Amber Heard’s Cars Worth?

Since Amber Heard is rich, she owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at her car collection.

Amber Heard Latest Car Collection Price (USD)
Dodge Charger $57,000 USD
Ford Mustang $87,000 USD
Dodge Journey $30,000 USD
Tesla Model S $80,000 USD
Range Rover Sport $86,000 USD

1. Dodge Charger 1969

I was going to add them last, but I think they belong at the top of the list. First on the list is the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, a classic American muscle car with a 7.2L V8 Chrysler engine that makes more than 375 horsepower, sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 14.3 seconds, reaches a top speed of 127 mph and is worth more than $57,000.

2. Mustang 1968

The next car on the list is also an American classic and one of Amber’s favorite cars. She drove it every day for a long time and it was so popular that they tried to steal it three times. Each time she had to change the car to make it look normal, but a car like this could not be disguised no matter what. Powered by a 4. This car has more than 250 hp and 420 Nm of torque. It does the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, has a top speed of 105 mph and is worth more than $87,000.

3. Dodge Journey

Next on the list is the Dodge Journey, which has a 2.4L inline 4-cylinder engine with more than 173 hp and 225 Nm of torque. It makes it from 0 to 60 mph in 9.5 seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph. It costs more than $30,000 and has a top speed of 125 mph.

4. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is next on the list. Yes, the famous powerful, sleek and electric Tesla Model S. It has a top speed of 155 mph and a range of more than 300 miles. It is powered by a dual electric motor that produces more than 577 hp and 650 Nm of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. And this Model S from Tesla costs more than $80,000.

5. Range Rover Sport

The next SUV is one of the boldest and most aggressive available on the market. Yes, it is made by Land Rover, a British automaker. The Range Rover Sport has a 5.0L turbocharged V8 engine that produces over 565 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, reaches a top speed of 130 km/h and costs over $86,000.

What Houses Does Amber Heard Own?

During the defamation trial that Johnny Depp brought against her, Amber Heard temporarily moved to Virginia. She lived in a huge, luxurious mansion that cost so much that it’s hard to imagine how the actress, who is now struggling to pay her ex-husband $10.4 million, was able to pay for it.

Heard was paying a pretty hefty rent in Virginia while the trial was going on. For a few weeks, she lived in a mansion worth nearly $5 million, according to Zillow, plus $22,500 a month in rent.

During the defamation trial in which Depp sued Heard, it was revealed that the actress also owns an estate in Yucca Valley in the California desert, which she bought in 2019 through a mysterious trust for $1 million.

How Much Money Does Amber Heard Make A Year?

According to some reports, Amber Heard’s annual income is over $500 Thousand.

How Did Amber Heard Become Famous?

Heard began her career in the pageant world when she was just a kid in suburban Austin, Texas. Since then, she has spoken out against the beauty pageant industry, which she believes turns “objectification” into a commodity. An atheist who loved acting, she dropped out of high school and left “God-fearing Texas” to work full-time in show business in her teens. She eventually got her GED.

In 2003, Heard starred in the music video for “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney. Her first TV role was as Liz in the pilot episode of Jack & Bobby. She then had small roles in the films Friday Night Lights, SideFX and The Mountain as Shay, Riley and Maria. She played a saleswoman in The O.C. and in the 2005 music video “I Was not Prepared” by Eisley. Heard played young Josey in North Country and Candy in Drop Dead Sexy the same year.

In 2006, Heard starred in Alpha Dog with such stars as Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde and Sharon Stone. She also played Trish in Price to Pay and had a small role in an episode of Criminal Minds. She also had her first leading role as the title character in the thriller All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

In 2007, she had other small roles. She also played Greta in the short-lived series Hidden Palms ( TV ) and had a guest role in an episode of Californication. Heard experienced a minor breakthrough in 2008 thanks to the success of Pineapple Express, in which she played Seth Rogen’s much younger lover Angie Anderson, and The Informers, in which she starred as Christie. 

Heard did not have another big role until 2011, when The Rum Diary came out. In 2009, she had a small role in Zombieland.

Amber Heard’s Most Famous Movies

Amber Heard’s first leap to acclaim happened with the teen slasher film ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Love’. It received mixed reviews, but Heard’s performance was widely praised.

She rose to prominence with ‘The Rum Diary’, an adaptation of the novel by Hunter S Thompson. She played Johnny Depp’s love interest, and the chemistry between them was instantly noticed. She won her first award for this film.

Amber Heard Movies

  1. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
  2. Zombieland (2009)
  3. Aquaman (2018)
  4. North Country (2005)
  5. Friday Night Lights (2004)
  6. The Danish Girl (2015)
  7. Pineapple Express (2008)
  8. Alpha Dog (2006)
  9. Never Back Down (2008)
  10. The Joneses (2009)

Amber Heard’s Childhood & Early Life

Amber Heard was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, to Patricia Paige, an Internet researcher, and David Heard, a contractor. She has a younger sister, Whitney. She was raised a strict Catholic.

The death of her best friend when Heard was 16 affected her deeply. She became disillusioned with religion and turned to atheism, being heavily influenced by the ideas of Ayn Rand at the time. She finally dropped out of school at 17 and moved to New York City to work as a model.

Amber Heard’s Personal Life, Girlfriend, Boyfriend and Husband

Amber Heard has refused to use conventional labels to describe her sexual orientation. She came out at an event in 2010, admitting that she has relationships with both men and women.

Valentino Lanus, a Mexican actor with whom she dated for a year before breaking up in 2006. She had a brief romance with American actor and singer Mark Wystrach before splitting in 2007.

From 2008 to 2012, she had a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree. During this relationship she came out publicly.

During the filming of ‘The Rum Diary’ in 2011, she began a romance with her co-star Johnny Depp, and they soon moved in together. On February 3, 2015, they married in a private civil ceremony and filed for divorce on May 23, 2016.

In April 2015, she and Depp were accused of violating Australian biosecurity regulations by failing to declare their two Yorkshire terriers to Australian customs when they flew on a private jet. They pleaded guilty and were fined $1,000 and given one month’s bail in exchange for their good behavior.

Her marriage to Depp was a difficult time. Depp had verbally and physically assaulted her, so she obtained a restraining order against him. Many other cases of abuse were revealed in a series of court cases. People magazine published photos of her injuries.

Depp and Heard reached a settlement on August 16, 2016, and the divorce was finalized later that year. She was reportedly awarded $7 million, which she plans to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

She dated Elon Musk, a business mogul, for more than a year before they split in August 2017. They are still good friends.

How Rich is Amber Heard?

As per the record of media, Amber Heard’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 Million in 2022.

FAQs About Amber Heard

How tall is Amber Heard?

Amber Heard is 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall.

How old is Amber Heard?

Amber Heard was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, United States. She is 36 years old as of 2022.

Favorite Amber Heard Quotes

My very best friend died in a car accident when I was 16 years old. That was the hardest blow emotionally that I have ever had to endure. Suddenly, you realize tomorrow might not come. Now I live by the motto, ‘Today is what I have.’

Amber Heard


You can’t respect yourself if you’re afraid to be who you are.

Amber Heard


I’ve always been a private person, and I’ve always valued my private life.

Amber Heard


Even though I don’t believe in God, I feel strangely compelled to fight the atheist label.

Amber Heard


I’m thankful for the work that feminists like Gloria Steinem have done. I am a feminist, but the geography for women today is vastly different than it was in the ’60s.

Amber Heard


You feel better when you’re eating food that retains nutritional value.

Amber Heard


I was raised by my father; I was daddy’s girl.

Amber Heard


We didn’t take Charlize Theron seriously until she did ‘Monster’ and became physically ugly. I would love to see women be able to be powerful, complex, smart, opinionated and taken seriously, even if they are beautiful.

Amber Heard


School was a waste of time for me. I was bored and left at 16. I started taking correspondence courses at college instead. I did incredibly well. I won an award for my grades.

Amber Heard

View our larger collection of the best Amber Heard quotes.

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