Amazon Moments: How to Use It For Your Business?

Do you know what Amazon Moments is? Should You Use Amazon Moments to boost your business? This article is going to discuss everything you need to know about Amazon Moments.

Since every product under the sun is available online through hundreds of ecommerce websites, Amazon realized that in order to increase customer engagement, they’d need to sweeten the pot a bit. 

Amazon launched a loyalty program called Amazon Moments in 2019. 

Amazon Moments implements a “cost-per-action” (CPA) model that rewards users with physical or digital items when they perform certain actions. 

The rewards could include $10 Amazon gift cards, electronics, toys, clothing, and more. Amazon sells and fulfills all products.

In this article, we’ll explain how Amazon Moments can benefit your business in the long run and what you need to know about it.

I’m going to cover the following topics about Amazon Moments:

What is Amazon Moments? 

The goal of app and web developers has always been to keep their users on their platforms longer. Amazon has introduced a service that it hopes will help developers accomplish this. 

With Amazon Moments, developers will be able to create actions (or “moments”) that they want users to take. You could, for instance, get a subscription to a news website or stream a number of episodes. There are also physical rewards available.

Amazon moments were first launched in 2019. 

With Amazon Moments, you can reward your customers with both digital and physical rewards. Apps, websites, or games only require your customers to perform certain actions.

Using Amazon Moments, marketers can offer customers digital and physical rewards to increase engagement. Websites and apps usually offer incentives in exchange for specific actions. 

As an example, Disney offered players of its ‘Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’ game a $5 Amazon credit when they reached level 15. The Discovery Channel also offered a $25 Amazon credit to its app users who streamed 10 hours of content. 

One of the rewards of The Washington Post’s acquisition marketing campaign was an Amazon Echo Dot for new subscribers.

Discovery Channel has used this innovative loyalty feature to increase app downloads by 73%, World of Warships has used it to double referrals, and Disney has used it to generate 680% more revenue from one game. 

In light of these impressive numbers, let’s see how Amazon Moments works and what it can do for your business. 

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Why Should You Use Amazon Moments? 

You may be wondering what is the motivation for investing in Amazon Moments now that you understand how the service works. 

What sets Moments apart from other loyalty programs? Can’t we just create our own loyalty program?

According to estimates, the global loyalty industry is worth $74 billion, of which $42 billion represents loyalty programs, providers, and platforms. 

In addition, the study found that companies invest upwards of 2% of their sales in reward programs.

A further advantage of Amazon Moments is that brands don’t need to handle fulfillment themselves. Shipments are handled by Amazon, the king of quick fulfillment. 

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How does Amazon Moments work? 

The global presence of Amazon allows brands to offer rewards to customers in over 100 countries. 

You can use Amazon Moments to encourage your customers to take specific actions, regardless of whether you run an international brand or a small business. 

However, it is not suitable for retailers or D2C brands competing with Amazon. Thus, Amazon Moments is especially popular with media companies and gaming platforms. It has been used by USA Today, SoundCloud, TikTok, and PlayStation. 

You don’t need to manage fulfillment or source rewards with Amazon Moments. Integration of the Moments API with your app or website will, however, require your development team. 

After you have done this, you can set up a campaign in just four steps using the self-service interface.

Step 1: Choose the ‘moment’ 

The first step is to choose the action or trigger that you want your audience to complete in order to receive a reward. 

Watching a video on your website or signing up for a subscription in your app can count as one of these actions. 

Decide on milestones that will help you meet your current needs. In order to reward users for downloading your app or making their first purchase in it, for example, offer prizes. 

Alternatively, if you’re promoting an established application, consider rewarding users who upgrade or refer their friends.

Step 2: Select the rewards

As part of Amazon Moments, customers receive product discounts and Amazon credit, while their physical rewards are free products. 

Amazon’s fulfillment service allows you to choose any item in stock. This means you can choose from literally millions of products. 

Think carefully about what will appeal to your audience. A more tempting incentive will result in a greater return on investment. 

Step 3: Creating a budget

Cost Per Action is the basis for Amazon Moments. You pay every time the customer completes a desired action, even if they never get their free gift.

CPA is equal to the cost of the reward you choose. In this case, your CPA will be $20 if your reward is an Amazon voucher of $20. 

When it comes to physical items, pricing is more complex, as the product’s price is based on historical pricing trends rather than its current cost. 

As low as $3 can be your CPA. Then you can set your overall campaign budget based on this. 

An Amazon Moments campaign can cost up to $5,000 each, and a brand can spend up to $15,000 monthly on its account. These limitations can, however, be changed by getting in touch with Amazon support. 

Step 4: Make your messaging more personal

For all of your Amazon Moments campaigns, branded copy and media assets can be provided. 

Customize display messages, emails, and landing pages to ensure consistent branding for your customers. 

To spread the word about your campaign, you can use social media, app notifications, and email marketing. 

Your customers can then redeem their coupon code on your landing page. In the case of digital rewards, the reward will appear on their Amazon account.

 If the item is physical, Amazon will pick, pack, and ship it to any country in its AmazonGlobal program.

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How to Make The Most of Amazon Moments?

Amazon Moments is a brilliant way to demonstrate your care for customers as well as boost your bottom line. 

However, campaign costs can really add up, so here are five tips for making the most of every campaign. 

1. Take advantage of free products rather than discounts 

Amazon reports that physical rewards generally perform better than discounts or credits. 

They are eye-catching, unique, and can be carefully chosen to suit the personas of your customers. 

Thus, physical rewards are usually more effective at driving conversions. Electronics and toys seem to be favored by consumers the most. 

2. Take tax and shipping into account when setting your CPA

The Amazon Moments feature charges brands every time a customer completes a specific action, regardless of whether they redeem their reward or not.

Nevertheless, you should do your best to redeem them all so you get value for money. The goal of getting customers to complete an action is great, but if they redeem their offer, they will likely develop brand loyalty, word of mouth marketing, and brand advocacy. 

Taxes and shipping may be excluded from your CPA, which may prevent redemption. If you are setting a CPA for campaigns in the US, remember to factor in sales tax costs. 

As an example, if your reward is a $20 toy, set your CPA at $22. It will cover the highest sales tax in the country, which is 9.55%. 

Those with Amazon Prime will receive their rewards free of charge when it comes to shipping. 

Non-Prime members, however, only receive free shipping if their carts total $25 or more in the US or £20 in the UK. 

Choosing rewards close to these amounts means your customers will receive free shipping if you pay a little extra. 

3. A/B test rewards 

Provide your audience with various incentives to get them involved in your campaigns. By doing so, you can understand which ones contribute most to behavior change and toward your goals. 

In a single campaign, setting up multiple ‘moments’ and triggers will allow you to determine what is most effective.

4. Select triggers that will generate revenue

There is no denying that physical rewards are the most impactful incentives, but they are also the most expensive. In other words, you need to make sure that the action you’re driving is worth the money you’re spending. 

You should choose an action that generates revenue for your brand. Amazon Moments are often used for increasing paying customers, retargeting current customers with new products, improving customer retention, and re-engaging lapsed audiences. 

In addition, you should consider linking the value of your rewards to that of your customers. 

As an example, you might offer a $5 reward to new customers and a $30 reward to those who upgrade. The Amazon website recommends setting CPAs of $3-$5 for app downloads and a higher CPA of around 25% of your customer lifetime value to encourage paid conversions. 

5. Set a deadline for your offers

“While supplies last” offers can motivate consumers to act, so they’re ideal for Amazon Moments strategies.

Campaigns in Amazon Moments expire by default after 30 days. 

Amazon’s guidelines also encourage developers to include ‘while supplies last’ caveats in their terms and conditions. 

Be sure to emphasize this information in your promotions and customer messages. After the time has expired, you can change the reward and begin again.

Who Can Use Amazon Moments?

Except for South Africa, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Switzerland, all Amazon developers can use Moments. 

The only requirement for customers is that they have an Amazon account.

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How Much Does Amazon Moments Cost?

Brands of all sizes will find Amazon Moments an ideal tool because it’s scalable. You’re only paying for completed actions, and you can choose a CPA starting as low as $3. 

The following are other monetary considerations:

  • Allowing for taxes – Amazon recommends setting up a CPA that includes taxes
  • Limit – Your total monthly budget limit per campaign is $5,000 USD; your monthly budget limit per Moments account is $15,000 USD
  • Shipping – Depending on whether the customer is a Prime member and what the reward costs, they might have to pay Amazon direct shipping

What Kind of Amazon Moments Rewards Can You Offer?

It’s totally up to you which rewards your company chooses for Amazon Moments. 

A Washington Post newspaper subscriber received an Echo Dot in 2019 through the Amazon Moments program.

One caveat is that all prizes will be items that Amazon already carries (which still leaves you with millions of options). 

Having gathered customer data since its inception, Amazon reports that customers typically prefer:

  • An actual reward rather than a discount
  • Electronics, toys, and Amazon credit
  • A free physical item 

How to Choose Your Moments Rewards?

Through the Moments console, only customers will be able to select rewards.

Consider your client base when deciding on rewards.

What could be more appealing to your audience than a reward? It can boost your campaign’s effectiveness and return on investment.

There are two types of rewards.

  1. Choose products in a particular category that qualify for discounts
  2. Each campaign allows you to choose up to five products for free or one category at a discount.

So what do you need to know when choosing a reward?

Physical rewards are more effective than Amazon credit. It’s more like receiving a prize.

There is a higher conversion rate for campaigns that offer a full reward than those that offer discounts. The customer would rather have a free $20 cap than a discount of $20 on a $40 cap.

A/B testing will give you a clear picture of what rewards are most appealing to your customers. Electronics, toys, and Amazon credit are the most requested rewards.

If the campaign date falls on a weekend, the rewards will expire 30 days after the campaign date.

In the unlikely event that an item is out of stock, Amazon will offer an alternative value.

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What are the Amazon Moments Success Stories?

TikTok, Bravo, Discover, Sago Mini, and Disney are some of the brands that have found success with Amazon Moments. 

Amazon reports that Disney increased net revenue “nearly sevenfold” after offering gamers $5 in Amazon credits for reaching level 15.4 of its Disney Heroes Battle Mode game. 

Do you need more convincing? Let’s look at the stats of two of the following Amazon Moments users.

Sprint Success Story

The 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup soccer tournament was the official wireless event sponsored by Sprint. Sprint developed the Futbol Mode Rewards platform ( to reward users for completing challenges. 

Sprint was able to increase engagement with Amazon Moments three times over during this period. Let’s take a look at their campaign.

Sprint customers participated in this 2019 campaign by downloading the Futbol Mode Rewards Wallet Pass, which offered challenges during each of the five stages of the actual tournament, from pre-tournament through the finals. 

The Sprint Futbol Mode Rewards store on Amazon allowed users to spend Amazon credits earned during each stage.

  • User engagement was driven by challenges that:
  • Refer friends to the reward program
  • Upload photos and videos of yourself engaging with Sprint content 
  • Provide predictions of the winner of Gold Cup matches for a set amount of Amazon credits

According to Sprint’s case study, the final challenge generated the highest participation rate — 74% of those who registered completed the challenge and claimed their reward. 

The high campaign-ending participation rate strengthens the argument that Amazon Moments can provide positive ROI in the long run, even if the campaign is only five weeks long.

Discovery GO 

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is undoubtedly its most popular summer television series.  

Discovery and Amazon partnered in 2019 to make Discovery’s 2019 lineup the most-viewed in its 30 year history. With both the Discovery GO app and Amazon devices, the campaign aimed to engage users.

Discovery saw a positive response to their Amazon Moments campaign:

  • 73% increase in activations
  • 83% increase in hours watched per customer
  • 40% increase in active customers
  • 68% increase in hours watched post campaign (ahem, long-term ROI!).

Let’s look at their campaign strategy. 

Discovery GO used Amazon’s Stream it Forward cause-marketing campaign, rewarding customers who streamed content during program intervals with a charitable donation. 

For every hour a customer spent in the app, Discovery GO donated $1 to Oceana, a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting marine life. Each of the first 1,000 registered customers who streamed at least 10 hours received a $25 credit. 

Discovery Go not only significantly increased their user engagement, but they also raised $75,000 for Oceana. 

The Amazon Moments campaign is a great example of a smart brand taking advantage of what is most important to the company and its users. 

Discovery knew that many of its Shark Week viewers would naturally donate to a cause like Oceana since they already have an established interest in protecting marine life through the Discovery Channel and Shark Week.

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What are the benefits of Amazon Moments?

1. These rewards are truly unique

Amazon has a large customer and seller database. Nearly 5 million sellers offer a variety of rewards. Customers buy from many different sellers.

Amazon customers have the option to purchase digital and physical gifts, which is one of the best things about the site.

You can use Amazon credits to purchase products from sellers on special occasions. Rewards can be used for any purchase.

2. Turning benefits into rewards

Other types of Amazon bonuses are also available to customers. 

If you redeem the Amazon moment’s reward, you can also claim other Amazon parks. Prime memberships are included in these parks.

Because the moment’s rewards are being delivered faster, you have shifted your rewards to categories of quick and easy gating rewards.

3. There are no additional fees for shoppers

Amazon moments are easy to use and highly effective for customers. Amazon moments don’t require customers to do anything extra to receive their rewards. All they have to do is shop. The loyalty program doesn’t require customers to do anything.

Customers can often claim their rewards by playing any game or using any app. The reward app can be used for claiming rewards and the games are free to play.

The rewards are free for customers. The greatest advantage of Amazon Moment is that customers can choose what kind of reward they would like to receive. Both digital and physical gifts are available.

What are the Amazon Moments Best Practices?

You can use Amazon Moments to accomplish your campaign goals. The key is to know what your metrics are. 

You can use Amazon Moments to increase the number of attendees, retainers and payer conversions.

You have three options for testing your campaign, depending on your goal.

Retarget users

You can use this to promote an IAP on sale, new content, or new features. Email and notifications can be used to promote the reward.

Convert better

Depending on the app, choose a reward. You can offer your users a basic subscription if your app requires subscriptions. 

They will be able to receive a digital or physical product equal to one month of their subscription. 

There may be rewards for purchasing expensive items through IAP apps. These apps can also be used to introduce existing customers to premium products.

Engage users

Motivate users with interesting experiences, such as challenging levels, new features adoption, and limited-time events.

Conclusion: Use Amazon Moments For Your Business

As a rule, rewards programs require a lot of logistical planning. Scaling and managing them across multiple territories is also challenging. However, Amazon Moments simplifies the process. Using the API, you can easily launch, monitor and optimize multiple campaigns.

Amazon Moments, Amazon’s loyalty program, has been used by major brands since it launched in 2019.

With this service, developers can reactivate inactive users and reward top users based on their app activity by giving them digital and physical prizes.

You can create targeted campaigns, reward buyers with digital and physical items, and track actions using Amazon Moments.

Using the Moments console, you can choose the date, reward package, or product that you wish to offer. You can customize your reward landing pages or promotional messages to give users a unique experience. Customers can be encouraged to complete tasks on your app or site using social media posts, notifications, and messages.

It’s a great way for customers to feel appreciated and make extra money.

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Amazon Moments FAQs

1. Can you use the Amazon logo?

For your Amazon Moments campaign, you can promote your rewards with a “Delivered Through Amazon” badge.

2. What support is available for customer service?

If a customer encounters any problems after clicking on the reward link, they can contact Amazon Customer Support. 

Any other issue before clicking the link is dependent on your customer support, since you are the only one with access to your app or site.

3. Is it possible to promote trademarked rewards through my Amazon Moments campaign?

If you use the same product detail page images as on Amazon, be sure to comply with these requirements:

  1. Available only online. Do not use the trademark in printed materials.
  2. Connect it to Amazon somehow, such as by having the reward fulfilled by Amazon.
  3. Images cannot be changed in any way
  4. Sponsorships and endorsements are not permitted. Amazon may ask you to cease using any item at any time.

4. Is it possible to return rewards?

Yes, customers are eligible for refunds as long as they happen during the campaign period. They will receive Amazon credit if they get a physical reward. 

The discount reward will have Amazon credit associated with a specific category if it’s a discount reward. 

In the event of a return, there will be no refunds once the campaign ends.

5. Is Amazon Moment available as an app?

Amazon launched a mobile game and application marketing tool called Moments. 

You can use this service to reward consumers in more than 100 countries using iOS, Android, FireOS, and other platforms.

6. What Are NA Amazon Moments?

Employees can log in at the NA Amazon Moments Login website. 

Use your Global Identity to log in and begin your shift if you’re an Amazon Customer Service North America Team employee.

7. Where can I find my Amazon Moments login information?

As an employee, you can access Amazon moments by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Moments Console or Amazon moments login page with your Amazon credentials. It’s free and easy to create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • By registering your app, you will receive an API key.
  • Start experimenting with Moments by creating a campaign.

8. How Does Amazon Moments Reward Work?

Amazon Moments are a special pay-per-action rewards program. 

You can reward your users for completing essential tasks in your applications, games, and websites with actual or digital rewards.

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