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Although the socialist economies, including those led by communist parties in various parts of the world, have been beset by economic and political problems (including the ‘ oppression ), the aims and objectives that have previously attracted people towards socialism remain still important as they were fifty years ago. The concepts of social justice are also constantly re-emerged after they were weakened by the difficulties encountered in implementing various projects.

Individual freedom as a social commitment (Ch. 2.5, p. 51)


Although capitalism is, in principle, strongly individualistic, it has contributed in practice to reinforce the trend to integration, because it has made our lives more and more interdependent. Moreover, the economic well-being unprecedented in modern economies that have produced meant that they could be accepted social obligations that previously no one could ‘afford’.

Individual freedom as a social commitment (Ch. 2.7, p. 53)


Famines are easy to prevent if there is a serious effort to do so, and a democratic government, facing elections and criticisms from opposition parties and independent newspapers, cannot help but make such an effort. Not surprisingly, while India continued to have famines under British rule right up to independence … they disappeared suddenly with the establishment of a multiparty democracy and a free press. … a free press and an active political opposition constitute the best early-warning system a country threaten by famines can have

Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation


the identity of an individual is essentially a function of her choices, rather than the discovery of an immutable attribute

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity


Development requires the removal of major sources of unfreedom: poverty as well as tyranny, poor economic opportunities as well as systematic social deprivation, neglect of public facilities as well as intolerance or overactivity of repressive states.

Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen


What people can positively achieve is influenced by economic opportunities, political liberties, social powers, and the enabling conditions of good health, basic education, and the encouragement and cultivation of initiatives.

Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen


A defeated argument that refuses to be obliterated can remain very alive.

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity by Amartya Sen


Justice is ultimately connected with the way people’s lives go, and not merely with the nature of the institutions surrounding them.

The Idea of Justice by Amartya Sen


Democracy has to be judged not just by the institutions that formally exist but by the extent to which different voices from diverse sections of the people can actually be heard.

The Idea of Justice by Amartya Sen


What matters most is the examination of what reasoning would demand for the pursuit of justice – allowing for the possibility that there may exist several different reasonable positions.

The Idea of Justice by Amartya Sen

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