Adsly Review – Ads Creation Software Scam? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Adsly review? Is Adsly a scam?

To survive in 2020, there are many “gurus” advising you to increase your social presence. The truth is, even if you increase your online presence, you will not get the same results.

There are so many algorithms that determine who sees your regular posts. In other words, it’s not in your control! Only 5.5% of your 1000 fans (55 people) see your Facebook page. Last year it was 7.7%.

Ads are a great way to control your traffic as organic reach continues to decline. You want ads that grab viewers’ attention and make them stop and take action, not just any ads.

To help you make an informed decision, I have done thorough research about Adsly in the past few weeks, so I can tell you everything you need to know.

Adsly Review – Key Takeaways

  • Product Name: Adsly
  • Website:
  • Special OfferGet A Special Offer Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Adsly Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit software for creating high-converting ads
  • Who is it For: Any businesses that need affordable software suite for creating beautiful ads

In this Adsly review, I’m going to cover the following topics.

What Is Adsly?

3.6 billion people are active on Facebook and Instagram combined. Surely your target market is among them. Would not it be great to get targeted traffic almost immediately?

Take advantage of this huge market! What you need is a tool that will do all the work for you! With Adsly you can now create image ads on nine social platforms.

Three simple clicks are all it takes to create high-converting ads and skyrocket your traffic! Adsly lets you create highly effective image ads on 9 social media platforms.

The details of Adsly are that it lets you create high quality, converting Image Ads for 9 social platforms and 50+ different placements.

Moreover, the software provides you with all the resources you need to create a successful ad. With an ad text generator, target audiences from 50 different niches, detailed ebooks on each platform on how to place ads, ad checklists for all platforms and 100+ high converting ad themes.

These features come with a commercial license so you can sell your ads to potential customers.

Create ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest & TikTok with Adsly.

Adsly lets you easily take advantage of all these traffic sources. It includes over 100 pre-built templates that allow you to create high-converting ads in any niche in three easy steps.

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Who is the Creator of Adsly?

Reshu Singhal and Eileen Dias founded Adsly. The co-founder of AdsCrisp and StockKosh, Reshu is an expert in creating sales videos. With her products, her clients have achieved great results and reaped great benefits.

In the past, she has created global hits that have sold tens of thousands of units around the world. Now let us take a look at the next part of this Adsly Review and see what it has to offer.

What Can Adsly Do For You?

The organic reach of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is decreasing faster every day. You need to know how to create high-quality ads to solve this problem and get noticed. You can do this with Adsly software.

With this tool, you can create high-quality ads for your customers in just a few minutes. Without tools like Adsly, creating an ad that converts well would take hours.

With Adsly, you can choose from over 2000 templates for 50 different niches. The library of templates has been created by professional designers and tested by 1000s of marketers selling ads online. This is one of the best ways for you to learn which ads work and which do not.

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How Does Adsly Work?

Step 1

Sign up for Adsly and enter your details

Step 2

Choose the ad platform for which you want to create ads.

Step 3

Choose a pre-made template or customize any template of your choice and pick the placements (where you want your ads to appear).

What are the Features of Adsly?

In just a few minutes after logging into your Adsly account, you’ll wonder what you ever did without Adsly! Adsly has so much to offer that it will blow your mind.

Technology for creating ads by dragging and dropping

Howdy Ad’s drag and drop editor lets you create your ads incredibly fast! All you need is a few mouse clicks to drag what you want into the editor. It’s that simple!

There are all the settings you need for text

There are H1, H2, H3, H4, paragraph text, overline, underline, strikethrough, bold and italic options.

A Vast Shape Library To Make Your Ads Pop

Includes basic shapes, dividers, abstract shapes, badges, e-commerce images, arrows, banners, holiday images, buttons, social images, emojis and symbol objects.

Ad templates for 50 niches with 100 pre-made, high-converting templates

The 100 templates are ready to use. With just a few clicks, selections and edits, you can create an ad with a high conversion rate.

100 professionally designed ad templates are ready for you. Create compelling banners with 100 professionally designed ad templates. Advertise on social media, the web, and more.

Integrate more than 10 million HD images or upload your own

Do you need an image for your ad or would you like to select one from your computer? That’s fine. You can search images from Pixabay, Unsplash, or your own device folders. As an Adsly editor, you can do whatever you want.

Make Your Ads Even More Engaging With The Background Editor

Pixabay and Unsplash are also good choices here. Alternatively, you can add patterns, gradients or colors to your ads to make them more appealing.

You can create unlimited ads for life

This will not change, and there are no free tickets from prison. You can run one ad or a thousand. It is not a big deal. Adsly can meet all your requirements without breaking a sweat.

Design 45 different ad placements for 8 different platforms

Adsly can be used on any platform. Also, the platform allows you to create any type of ad you need for that platform.

Targeted Audiences Done For You For 50 Different Niche Areas

By providing you with this information, they eliminate any confusion and help you make money faster than you could on your own.

Exclusive Training

With only $5/day you can reach 1000 potential customers

In this special training, you’ll learn how to tap into thousands of potential customer contacts and sales for just $5 per day.

Create all your eCommerce ads in one place

Tried and tested. Design ads that sell your brand. Promote your business with impressive and converting ads. Design your best ads quickly and easily.

Colorful and Elegant Styles

The new templates feature bright, colorful designs that increase visual appeal and drive more clicks, leads and sales through your ads.

Define Your Style

Make quick edits and customize templates using PowerPoint only. Change the text, replace the images and improve the visual appeal. Easy to use, no special skills required.

All Online Ad Templates

Become a pro and create top-notch ads for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, SnapChat Ads, Yahoo Ads and Tumblr Ads.

The Insider Ads Profit Workshop

During this live workshop, Adsly experts will reveal the exact strategies for creating ads with high conversion rates. The methods they have developed have allowed them to make huge profits with Facebook ads.

Proven Converting Niche Specific Ad Copy Pack Done For You

These ads are exactly what the title says. They convert demonstrably. You do not need to guess, because this solution is made for you. All you have to do is copy and paste them.

The 100 Best High Converting Ads

The company has also compiled a list of the 100 most effective ad campaigns currently running. The ads generate a lot of revenue for advertisers.

The Adsly Private FB Group

There are many opportunities here to connect with like-minded people and share experiences, but it’s also a great community where creators share their knowledge of what works with ads.

The Adsly Quick Start Checklist

Use this checklist to get a head start on creating a successful ad and remove any guesswork from the process.

By following the steps and checking them off one by one, you’ll be able to place profitable ads in no time.

Pack of High Converting Marketing Materials

Using the creators’ marketing materials, you can replicate three of their top-selling products. StockKosh, AdsCrips and Adsly are just a few examples.

You get both the sales page text and the sales video script so you can model your own products for success. Six-figure sales prove that these products are winners.

The Done For You Freelancing Gig Template

Use this template to quickly attract clients to your freelance ad writing business. Just follow the steps.

You just need to make a few changes to the template, upload it and you can start accepting orders so you can get paid quickly.

The 8 Steps to Ad Creation On All Platforms – An Ebook

This will get you started quickly and show you how to maximize your success for the 45 different ad placements available across all 8 networks.

This will get your ads up and running quickly on any platform.

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What are the Benefits of Adsly?

  • Ensure your ads are driving traffic, leads, and social media sales conversions.
  • Training courses on each platform will teach you how to run profitable ads on that platform.
  • Your ads will be able to be sold to potential customers if you have a commercial license.
  • Savings of $100s in advertising costs.
  • There is no limit to the number of ads.
  • Create more ads to sell in your spare time to save time.
  • Create an ad in minutes without having to design it yourself.
  • Visibility on social media platforms can boost your business.
  • You can create different profitable ad campaigns with a few clicks.
  • All future updates are free of charge.

Who Is Adsly For?

Adsly is for people who struggle with advertising on social media. Many people have the vision to create something, but do not know how to advertise it on social media or if their ad has been clicked by the desired audience. Fortunately, Adsly can help.

eCom Owners

You can use Adsly to promote your eCom store on social media if you are an eCom store owner. There is also training for creating ads with Adsly if you are not familiar with it.

If you want, you can also hire someone to create great ads for your business and give them the commercial license for Adsly.


Adsly offers affiliates the opportunity to earn money by referring it to people who struggle with advertising.

It is now possible to create great design ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms using software. You will then receive a commission.

Business Owners

As a business owner, Adsly can help you promote your business on social media. When you use this software, you can create an unlimited number of ads, so get started and make a lot of money. You will earn more money if your ads convert well.


Adsly is a great option if you are a creative person who loves to create things. With just your creativity, you can create great ads and sell them on sites like Fiverr, UpWork, etc. If you want to make money without limitations, you can use a commercial license.

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Why is Adsly Better Than Other Software?

Create High Converting Ads

Nine different social media platforms can be used with the software to create ads. Also, the software provides guidelines for creating good ads. This is helpful if you have no experience with creating ads and want to learn how.

There are more than 2000 pre-made templates available in the Adsly software. The ads can be tailored to different niches. You should use pre-made templates when you create an ad to reach your target audience.

Getting the Right Results

When running campaigns, the software allows you to set the right criteria. If you set the right criteria, you will get the results you want. Both experienced marketers and beginners can use the software.

Effortlessly save time and effort

The software provides you with a variety of resources and materials to create your own ads, saving you time and effort.

In addition, the software allows you to work on multiple ads at the same time. This saves you time and effort that you would otherwise waste creating different ads separately.

Commercial License

With the commercial license you can sell image ads created with this software to potential customers.

Apart from profit-oriented use, it is also useful for clients who want to learn how to create ads.

Using this service will save you time that you would have otherwise spent on hiring professionals to teach you how to create good ads for your clients or business.

Adsly Pricing and Discounts

Adsly is not expensive. It only costs $47.

You will get the following for your purchase:

  • Ad design software that’s premium
  • Create ads that convert
  • 50 niches with target audiences
  • Premade templates that convert 2000+
  • Training on how to reach 1000s of potential buyers
  • A live workshop to learn how to create converting ads using Adsly
  • More than 50 placements (along with training)
  • Ads without limits (no limits)
  • A proven track record of converting ads (niche specific)
  • Screenshots of the best 100+ ads
  • Checklist for Facebook ads
  • Done for the Freelancing Gig template
  •  9 Ebooks – step-by-step instructions for creating ads for all platforms
  • License for commercial use included
  • A sales page and VSL copy of 2 products that have done over $450,000 in sales

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What are the Upsells of Adsly?

The uspells are optional, but I take all of them to get the most of out it.

OTO1- Adsly platinum ($67)

The following is a list of features included in OTO1

  • Images for Facebook Covers
  • Templates for Facebook Covers that convert 100 percent
  • Integration of unlimited traffic in one click
  • Profits are unlimited with LockerKosh Affiliate Link Cloaker
  • Integrate 10 million+ HD stock images
  • Module for acquiring clients
  • Ninja Remarketing Training
  • Software for generating ads
  • Using Facebook’s 20% rule checker
  • Creator of automatic content
  • Triggers of psychological conversion
  •  Unlimited Commercial License for OTO1

OTO2-Adsly professional ($67)

The following is a list of features included in OTO2

  •  Template Club for a One-Time Fee
  •  FOR 12 MONTHS, 20 templates per month
  •  Templates 275 for DFY
  • Five template options are available for template requests
  •  Adsly Templates can be imported and exported
  •  Users can sell their projects to other users
  •  There are 20+ premium fonts available
  •  Private Fb Group Access

OTO3- Adsaly ultimate ($67)

The following is a list of the OTO3 features

  •  The auto-job finder
  •  Pre-made proposal templates that convert well
  •  Profile gigs that are highly converting
  •  You can highlight and save your favorite jobs
  •  System for managing projects
  •  System for Project Review

OTO4- Adsly Reseller Licenses ($97)

Adsly Premium Ad design software can be resold for 50 or 500 licenses.

The front end commission is 100% and the upgrade commission is 50%.

  • Reseller License
  • 20 licenses for $67
  • 50 licenses for $97
  • 500 licenses for $127
  • 100% commission on Front End &
    50% Commission on OTOs

Adsly Bundle deal ($247)

Adsly Bundle Deal allows you to get Adsly commercial license with all upgrades and bonuses included at a LOW ONE-TIME FEE.

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What are the Positive and Negative Feedbacks of Adsly by Customers?


  • User-friendly
  • Creating ads is no longer a guesswork
  • No more figuring out how to create an advertisement
  • You no longer have to waste hours searching for the best freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork
  • Create ads instantly and convert them 45 ways
  • Every time you run an ad, it is profitable
  • Ad expert’s brain and instant ROI at the core of this software
  • The world’s largest platform for creating ads
  • Included are commercial rights
  • It is possible to sell ads
  • Ads that convert in just 3 clicks
  • It takes real-time, skill, and money to create you.
  • There are no other ad placement options left inside Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin & Tiktok that are not covered.
  • Ads based on templates are proven to convert, and you can prepare them in a matter of seconds without having to put your face on them.


  •  Not everyone can afford Adsly
  • Adsly cannot make you rich overnight
  • It takes time to learn how to maximize the benefits of Adsly

Adsly Review: Final Verdict 

Thank you for reading my Adsly review. You should now be able to decide if this software is right for you. If so, you can download Adsly here.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask me in the comments below and I will respond as soon as possible. You should check out this tool if you want to make more money with social media.

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Adsly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Adsly?

Adsly lets you create high-converting image ads on 9 social platforms and 50+ different placements.

Moreover, the software gives you all the tools you need to run a profitable campaign. The collection includes an ad text generator, a target audience of 50 niches, detailed ebooks on how to place ads on each platform, an ad checklist for all platforms, and 100+ high-converting ad designs.

The ads you create can be sold to potential clients with a commercial license.

2. In what ways does Adsly work?

Users can create ads on Adsly and then publish them on various social media platforms. You can create ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok with Adsly.

With pre-made templates, Adsly users can create high-quality, convertible images. Adsly’s presentation is more professional than similar programs.

3. What is the cost of Adsly?

Adsly costs only $47 once, so there are no monthly fees.

4. What is the Money-Back Guarantee?

Adsly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this time, Adsly customers can contact support and request a refund if they are not satisfied with the product.

5. Who Would Buy Adsly?

Whoever wants to post their ads on social media, whether it’s for a personal account or a business account. Anyone can do it.

You can also use it if you have used similar programs in the past and now want something more professional.

Freelancers can also benefit from Adsly because there are well-designed ad templates and training videos to learn how to use Adsly.

6. When will my order be delivered?

After you make the payment, you will receive your access details instantly.

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Adsly Review

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