A Broke Millionaire’s Mindset

One of the things that most people stumble upon is the thought that their dreams don’t match their reality. They practice the law of attraction, mindfulness, and all sorts of techniques, yet they still seem to get the same results. This leads them to doubt their potential and the infinite abundance that’s available to each and every one of us.

They carry this feeling of doubt throughout all areas of their lives and as a result end up sabotaging themselves. Their old selves start to confirm their doubts by having a third dimensional perspective of their life. In other words, they’re not operating from the quantum field, but from physical reality.

This tragedy plays out over and over again. Such people often attend tons of personal development courses and seminars, and read all the information that is out there on the topic. They think they’re doing something wrong, but the truth is their identity is not where it needs to be.

As I‘ve already mentioned, choice and recognizing your power to direct it is critical for your success. Most people adopt a powerless position upon entering the world of self-help and aren’t willing to let go of the victim mentality. However, the truth is that this is just one reality of existence. You have the power to choose another reality and live according to it.

Your mindset determines how long you will exist in that reality. When you make the decision to change your beliefs and perspectives, your old identity is going to do its best to pull you back. After all, you’re comfortable there. Your brain knows what to expect and there are no surprises. A lack of surprises means the brain can function on autopilot and doesn’t have to expend much effort, even if it causes you misery.

In order to ensure you remain in the identity that conforms to your new life, you need to train your mind to think differently. So how do you do this? Well, this is what I’m going to teach you in this module. It might be titled “The Broke Millionaire’s Mindset,” but the attitude is anything but broke!

The Abundant Mindset

Your mindset determines your world. This much is true. The universe’s sole mission is to deliver to you exactly what you want, and your mindset is a reflection of whether you’re allowing this to happen or not. Many people use their words in a positive manner and think that this qualifies as communication with the infinite consciousness that is the universe.

However, the universe listens to more than just your thoughts and emotions. In fact, this is where most people get it wrong. You can think the right thoughts and feel the right emotions at certain moments, but if you’re not embodying the combination of the two, you’re not undergoing a real and sustainable transformation. These positive thoughts and emotions should be your new normal. An abundant mindset is the realization that the universe is capable of manifesting anything you want. All it takes is for you to become aware of it.

Infinite Realities and the Receiving Mode

You’ve learned about the presence of infinite realities from module 1. You’ve learned how the universe functions on the basis of vibration, and that choosing a new reality is simply a matter of choosing to vibrate at the frequency that matches your desire.

The underlying idea behind the abundant mindset is to recognize that everything you’re ever going to need is available for you right here and right now. This is why living in the present moment is so essential. If you were to live from the past you would only get the same results you have right now. Living too much in the future will keep you unaware of the opportunities that are in front of you. Avoid trying to escape the present moment by reminiscing on the past or wishing for a better future. This is the only moment we have, and in order to realize our dreams, we need to live fully in it.

Scientifically, the present is the only time that truly exists. It is the door to the quantum field where infinite creation is possible. There is no ego in the quantum field, therefore there is no past nor future identity, there is only now. This freedom allows your thoughts and emotions to flow and open up to more possibilities than you ever thought possible. Presence is the key to limitless creation.

When you begin to think in this way and embrace the present moment, you’ve entered a state that is called the receiving mode. It’s where you’re in full communication with the universe and the infinite intelligence it possesses. You start gaining clarity and insight that you never would have thought of with your conscious mind.

Because the present moment doesn’t take into account the ego and the identity you’ve created for yourself, this is also where you take the leaps necessary to change your identity. You can only choose to act, think, and feel different right now. If you keep waiting for things to change, you’re not creating. If you’re not creating, then things aren’t changing. When you allow yourself to fully embrace your limitless potential to create your own reality, this is when the magic starts to happen.

Everyone has access to this magic. Unfortunately, we’ve become so accustomed to cluttering our mind and emotions with fears, worries, “what if” statements, and limiting beliefs that we fail to open our eyes to the wonders of the present moment.

The wealthiest person on the planet, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, is no different from you and I. Bezos isn’t some alien, even if he might behave like one occasionally. He just thinks differently from you. The fact that he has additional zeros to his name doesn’t change the fact that he’s a human being as well and that he’s worked with all the resources he’s had access to.

“Frugality drives innovation, just like constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” – Jeff Bezos

Your job is to do your best with the things you have been given. No matter how small, you always have something to build on. This is the essence of the abundant mindset. While on the surface, it’s about believing that you have enough of what you desire, when you get down to it, it’s also about believing that you have a lot of things to build on and are never lacking resources.

Bring your focus to what’s available to you right now rather than what’s missing. Instead of working your way out of lack, work your way towards abundance. It might be a small distinction, but it proves to make a world of difference.

Just like how the peak of Mount Everest is never going anywhere, the abundance of resources at your disposal will not either. Your destination awaits you. Start your journey working with what you have first, and the universe will thank you with dividends for appreciating what it has given to you. This leads us to our next topic.


When you’re in the right mindset, do you think you’ll waste time fretting about how terrible things are in your life? Life will not be perfect when you have money. After all, you’ll still be human and you’ll still be a part of this world, which means you’ll still be dealing with problems.

However, do you think you’ll spend your entire day sitting around and moping about how unfair everything is in your life? Or do you think you’ll take a look around you and appreciate where you’ve reached in life? Appreciate where you are and the possibility you have to go wherever you want to go in relation to your goals and aspirations.

Many self-help books encourage you to be thankful and to have gratitude (mine included), but I prefer to take it a step further. Appreciation as an emotion is far more powerful than gratitude. Appreciation involves acknowledging the abundance in the universe. It implies your recognition of the infinite possibilities that exist in the field. While gratitude is still a positive emotion, there is an element to it that is still attached to feelings of lack. You are recognizing the possibility that things could be worse for you. You compare to those that don’t have what you have.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. Gratitude is great. However, if you have the ability to go higher up the emotional scale, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Don’t just merely thank the universe for what it has brought to you. Go ahead and appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Look with wonder at the things that are around you and appreciate both the abundance of opportunity you have as well as your own ability to manifest the reality of your dreams. Appreciate not just your surroundings but also who you’re becoming. Celebrate your will to create this new reality and appreciate how strong you’ve become.

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

Appreciation isn’t something you indulge in when things have gone your way. As much as possible, you should cultivate it even in your current situation. No matter how much money you manifest you’re always going to want more. If you want to manifest 10k per month, once you reach that you will want 15k per month. There is never an end point to manifestation, even if the desire shifts. After making the desired 10k per month, you might decide to want to spend more time with your family, and thus another desire is born.

So no matter at what stage you are in life, you must appreciate it for what it is. If you don’t, not only will it make the journey unenjoyable, but it’ll take longer to manifest what you think you want. Feel good about going somewhere instead of feeling bad that you are not there.

Your choice to focus on the positives in your life deserves appreciation. How many people have the strength to focus on these even when things are falling apart around them? Not many! 

Whenever you feel happy and light, look around you and make it a point to appreciate your surroundings and these emotions. Keep practicing this behavior consistently and you will have no problem believing in the abundant universe.

The Millionaire Self

It can seem as if being positive is the very opposite of what you ought to do in such situations. The way to override these paradigms is to instead create a self- image that supports your new reality and underlines your chosen behaviors. The way to believe in abundance isn’t to simply parrot a few lines to yourself over and over again.

Instead, you need to move into a new reality, and this means you will need to become the person who lives in that new reality. In short, you will need to develop a new self-image. The money you want is there for you to receive, thanks to the wonders of the quantum field. However, in order to align with the reality you want, you need to become the person that is in a vibrational match with it.

I’ve used the analogy of climbing Everest before, so let’s stick with it. You cannot climb to the peak unless you train beforehand and practice all of the skills you will need to execute the climb. You can’t roll out of bed and simply expect to succeed at this task. Try this, and you will almost certainly experience humbling failures without useful feedback.

Instead, in order to achieve the goal of climbing Everest, you need to become someone who can climb it. You need to train and study, but you also need to think and move like someone who is capable of climbing Everest.


Awareness is like a headlamp you can use to navigate the wilderness at night. Every time you step outside of your current reality and try to manifest something new in your life, you’re moving into the unknown. Your mind fears this, since it does not wish to change. Often, the fear of change is far worse than the event itself.

There are many ways of cultivating awareness, and being aware is a habit just like everything else. It begins with you establishing your intention to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and impulses. This is as simple as taking a “mental step back” from all the conscious movement that’s going on inside your head, and taking a deep breath. Review the thoughts, emotions, and actions you were just taking and decide whether these thoughts, emotions, and actions are in alignment with what you want to experience.

The first habit that you will notice about yourself when you become aware of your old identity is you will start to judge it. This is a form of egoic thinking and goes against what we’re trying to accomplish. This is what causes people who want to be confident to go from being shy to arrogant. Instead of getting angry, judging, or labeling your old self, focus on accepting it for what it is and gently guiding it towards your new behaviors.

Habits and Repetition

Your aim is to match vibrationally with what it is you desire. When you operate at the new frequency and practice your new habits, your new paradigms will be reinforced in your mind. Because of the work you did to believe in the potential of your new paradigm, your habits will receive positive reinforcement to confirm these beliefs. Thus, creating positive momentum towards the new version of yourself.

This work takes time to have an impact. Although you can choose to identify as a new version of yourself now, it isn’t as if you’ll wake up tomorrow and be a changed person. Expectations of this kind are not a true reflection of the transformation you’re trying to achieve. Instead, focus on repetition. Repetition creates habits and habits build who you are.

This may seem exhausting at first, but only because you’re operating from the old sense of self. To ensure you take the right steps forward towards your new identity, practice altering your physical environment to strengthen it. Start off by slowly changing the things in your immediate environment. The people you hang out with to the stuff you own. Notice the things you talk about that are still attached to your old poverty-stricken perspective. The will to move into a new reality will help you take the right action and enforce the new behavior you want to install.

The idea here is not to drop everything for an identity that doesn’t resonate with your authentic self. Remember, expressing your authentic self is already naturally aligned with all of your desires. You do not need to become someone you aren’t in order to get to where you want to go. Focus simply on removing the filters that are covering up your authentic expression and creation. The best way to do this is through repetition.

As you begin to enact change in your life, you’ll notice yourself disconnecting from your old environment, or the things that conform to your old self-image. This is normal, and you should expect some resistance from the people and things around you. They will say things you might not like, and your old impulses will get harder to contain, however, with time, this will all go away.

What is the fastest way to learn French? Is it to learn it online from a teacher or is it to actually live somewhere in France where no one speaks English? While the first method is great, there’s no denying that the immersion the second method provides will force you to learn a lot faster.

Repetition and immersing yourself in the environment get the ball rolling, and the elevated emotions this brings will win the game.

Technique #4: Appreciation Meditation

For this technique, you’re going to do a mindfulness meditation and fusing it with the act of appreciation. In order to do this, find a comfortable and quiet place to sit either in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening. Take a couple of deep breaths to tune you into the present moment.

After you’ve tuned in, think about a person or an object who has recently supported your journey towards financial freedom, security, and abundance. This could be something as small as a pencil you use to write, or as relevant as a financial consultant who’s helping you deal with a few issues.

The subject matter is not important. What is important is that you express appreciation to it/them both logically and emotionally. Let’s take a look at the example of the pencil. Logically, the pencil is helping you write down your intentions for the day, thus helping you carry out your work with more vibrational resonance. Emotionally, the pencil is helping you take one step closer to manifesting the financial freedom you desire.

This is a very powerful technique because the vibration it builds can carry to other areas of your life. When practiced daily, this creates momentum and can lead to days on end of high vibration, which can result in faster manifestations. Work your way into abundance, and not out of lack.

Technique #5: Content Shift

The Content Shift is a technique that is more in line with this 21st century way of living. We have more access to information today than ever before in human history. This can cause our minds to clutter with useless information or be influenced by news, opinions, and events that ultimately lower our vibration.

In a world where politicians, corporations, and government officials control everything you see on the screen, it’s important to filter out what doesn’t serve you and your purpose. When it comes to negativity related to local or national politics or economics, only give enough attention to be informed but not enough attention to be consumed.

The idea behind this technique is to simply be aware of the content that you consume and the time that you put into it. Ideally, you want to be consuming content that benefits you vibrationally. In other words, content that makes you feel good, inspired, motivated, creative, and aligned with who you’re becoming. Rather than putting your focus on things that don’t benefit you, put your focus on things that do.

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