A/B Testing With Instagram Ads

Images are probably the most important part of your advertisements–they represent 75% to 90% of the advertising performance. That’s what that means, you are changing an image on an Instagram promotion could result in an important change in campaign results.

In this article, we will discuss how to use the A/B test to optimize your Instagram ads.

What is A/B Testing With Instagram Ads?

The A/B test is just what it sounds like – take two different images or ad types, mark one A and the other B, and track to see what type of response you get for each.

Some of the A/B tests you can use:

Your Ad Audience on Instagram – target people in a variety of locations, age groups, and interests

Different Ad Types – use Carousel and Video ads and test them as well as regular image ads

Various Ad colors – use the psychology of color to learn which colors attract more users to your ad.

Stock photo vs illustration – some people gravitate to images that are animated while other people have a preference for photos.

Text vs. No Text in Image – check to see how many customers opt for the image with or without text embedded. The numbers may be surprising. 

Can You Ab Test On Instagram?

Make your own A/B test on Instagram to see which gets the most views. Optimizing Instagram and Facebook ads via A/B testing is a good idea: it works with all audiences.

In A/B testing (also known as split testing), two versions of a web page, email, or another marketing asset are compared to see which version performs better. Using this method, you can create two versions of a group, one for each group.

Your copy, visuals, and CTAs will become more precise as you refine them.

How Does A/B Testing Work On Instagram?

Test which micro-content, or post, works the best for your business using A/B testing. Additionally, you should determine what types of imagery, post texts, headlines, and Calls To Action (CTA) work best for social media campaigns.

Take a look at versions A and B, which show your product and someone using it in context.

When you show the ad to similar audiences, you will get accurate results. Display versions A and B to the same group of people.

Be patient with yourself.

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