8 Step Process Personal Change Blueprint For Manifestation

Before we explore the eight-step process of creating your Personal Change Blueprint, I want to outline each step ahead of time to help put this in perspective. The prerequisite to designing your Personal Change Blueprint is to choose a manifestation topic that is meaningful to you. It can be anything from getting a new car to getting into bed on time each night, keeping up on the housework, or anything in between. Choose something fun and easy at first to manifest and take your time filling out your Personal Change Blueprint.

In the chapters following, I explain each of the eight steps in more detail and provide examples of possible answers based on a hypothetical choice of either manifesting financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or a dream career.

Looking at examples of how other people have answered the questions in the eight-step Personal Change Blueprint will make it easier for you to understand how to create your own blueprint. If you happen to choose the same topic as any of the examples, personalize your answers. We could all choose the same topic to focus on, but our blueprints would all be different.

Step One – Your Payoffs and Your Now Statement

There is a belief that behind every behavior, there is a positive intention. I agree with this statement, but it deserves some explanation. Sometimes we have to look back in time to when a specific behavior was created to see what the positive intention was at the time the behavior became a habit.

For example, I started smoking cigarettes at a young age. By the time I was an adult and was ready to quit, there was no positive intention for the smoking habit, none at all. But, at the time the smoking behavior was established, it was full of positive intentions. It was fun! I loved hanging out with the older kids. It made me feel part of something, I was accepted, and I liked the rebelliousness of it as well. As an adult, there was no payoff, but there was an original payoff that was created at the time the behavior was established.

In step one, you will be asked to identify any possible positive intentions or payoffs related to the absence of what you want. These will be positive intentions that were, or could have been, relevant when your unwanted habit, behavior, or belief was established. These are the subconscious payoffs for maintaining that undesirable behavior. Remember, once a behavior is established and firmly rooted in your subconscious mind, it is boxed up and stored away. It does not keep pace with your personal growth and development. These payoffs can be decades old.

Once you have identified one or more possible payoffs for that unwanted behavior, you are ready to let your subconscious mind know that you appreciate that positive intention but that you are ready to thank it, bless it, and send it on its way.

This is where you craft your NOW statement. This is where you tell your subconscious mind that the past is over, things are changing regarding this behavior, and that now this is how it’s going to be. You are explaining to your subconscious mind why you are willing to give up the payoff.

Perhaps you gained a lot of weight when you went through a divorce. The payoff from that bad habit was the comfort of eating yummy foods that took your mind off your troubles for a few minutes. You acknowledge your awareness of that payoff to your subconscious mind. You let it know that you appreciate its attempts at helping you. You acknowledge that “at that time” it was helpful, but now, you’re ready to reclaim your health and to be free from the need to comfort yourself with food. The examples in the chapter on step one will help clarify this process and explain how others have answered this question.

Step Two –Crafting your Outcome for Exactly What You Want

If you were writing a story about your desired manifestation, this step could be the title of your story. Here you are identifying in a simple statement exactly what you want—not the result of having what you want, but what you actually want. This is an outcome statement. Many people think they want to lose weight but what they really want is to have a healthy relationship with food. Weight loss is the result of having what they want.

In the chapter explaining step two, I provide guidance and examples of possible outcome statements based on the choice to manifest either financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or your dream career. Again, these are examples intended to help you understand how to develop this part of your Personal Change Blueprint. Your answers will be specific to you and your topic. Your outcome statement must be a statement of what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Step Three –Your Evidence

Once you reach this step, you will be answering the remaining questions, including this one, as if you had already accomplished your outcome, meaning you have manifested your desire. This is important. Here you get to practice your pretending skills to the max. I suggest that as you work your way through this Personal Change Blueprint, you go back to step two each time, re-read your outcome, then answer each question from the perspective of having already accomplished the outcome. Read it back to yourself in a way that sounds like this: “Because I have manifested (fill in the blank with your desired outcome), I notice (the evidence).” Or, “When I think about having this change in my life, I see (the evidence).”

In step three, you will be identifying the evidence proving and demonstrating to you that you have, in fact, accomplished your outcome. What changes will you notice, what will be different? If you find yourself saying things like, “I’ll have more energy,” or “I’ll be more productive,” flesh that out a little more. What kinds of things will you be doing with that energy? What will you be accomplishing because you are more productive?

As you develop your Personal Change Blueprint, you will be creating a magnificent mind movie to review in self-hypnosis. Make it rich, colorful, and full of detail. The sky is the limit!

Step Four – Imagery Associated with Your Manifestation

In the chapter outlining step four, I will ask you to identify any imagery that comes to mind when you think of having accomplished your outcome. I will remind you later, but it’s important to note that it’s alright to repeat some of the information from one step to another.

As you approach this part of your Personal Change Blueprint, you will ask yourself, “When I think of all the changes happening in my life because I have accomplished my outcome, I see …” Your answers may be literal or figurative. If you see yourself on the hillside dancing in the sunlight, then so be it. The more time you spend focusing on the results of manifesting what you want, the more you stimulate ideas and images at the subconscious level. The more time you spend focusing on the results of manifesting what you want, the better you align the vibrational frequencies of your conscious and subconscious mind.

Step Five – Sounds Associated with Your Manifestation

Have you ever thought about the changing sounds in your environment once you have manifested something new in your life? If you are focused on the manifestation of a new vacuum or a new stereo, then the answer is probably yes. However, most of us don’t pay much attention to sounds.

In step five of your Personal Change Blueprint, I will ask you to do just that. First, go back and review your outcome, repeat it to yourself a few times and then ask yourself what kind of sounds are associated with the manifestation of your outcome? If you are stuck on this one, I’ll give you some hints. An associated sound could be the voice in your head, your internal dialog. It could be comments from other people, or it could be the absence of a particular sound. These sounds can be literal or figurative, and perhaps because you have manifested your outcome, you hear angels singing, or you hear the sigh of relief. Those are perfectly good answers.

Step Six – Feelings Associated With Your Manifestation

In step six, I want you to connect with the emotional and physical feelings you notice because you have manifested your outcome. When you look back at the answers, you filled out in your Personal Change Blueprint, and if you are like most of us, you will notice that many of your answers describe feelings. Not to worry, you don’t have to transfer those details to the “feeling” section; just add the new ones. If you feel free, describe what you feel free to do. If you feel happy, describe what you are happy about. If your body feels better because you manifest better health, describe how good it feels and what a relief it is to be free from the old discomfort. That creates much better imagery than saying your feet aren’t on fire anymore.

Step Seven – What Change Does for You

Your Personal Change Blueprint is coming along nicely by the time you reach step seven. Before you answer step seven, I will ask you to review all the information you have added to your Personal Change Blueprint so far. You may think of new ideas to add here and there. After you have reviewed your blueprint in its entirety, I want you to sit back and look at the big picture. Look at what you are creating. Look at the magnificence of this manifestation and all that comes with it, and then ask yourself what having this change will do for you.

If you were building a new home and you designed every square inch of it just the way you wanted it, what would having a new home built to your specifications do for you? Why is this manifestation important? What’s the big deal about this manifestation? Take the time you need to reflect on this question. It is important.

Step Eight – Positive Influences on Your Relationships, Career/Finances, Health, Self-esteem, and Spirituality

At first glance, the questions in this eighth step seem like the questions in the preceding steps. But as you work your way through each step and allow yourself to mentally and emotionally experience the perspective of already having what you want, your creativity and imagination will start to flourish. You will notice that more and more details come to you at this stage, and it’s perfectly fine to go back and add more information to any step you want.

I think of this last step as the domino effect. After all, you get to take a good look at how many things are going to improve because you are manifesting this one change in your life. And it’s an all-positive change.

Step eight allows you to tie up any loose ends by identifying and describing the positive influences you will notice because you have manifested your outcome. Here you will be prompted to think about how your relationships will change, relationships with family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and so on. You will reflect on the positive influences you will notice regarding your career and finances. When you think of the changes in your health, you will see better emotional, physical, psychological, and intellectual health in many cases. Describe those in detail.

Perhaps the most significant positive influence will be on your self-esteem. How can you feel anything but proud of yourself for manifesting your outcome and realizing that you now have the key to manifesting anything you choose in any part of your life? And finally, if you have a spiritual practice, you may see a positive influence on the rituals and routines that you enjoy. If you do not have a spiritual practice, no worries, just leave this part blank.

When designing your Personal Change Blueprint to master the Law of Attraction, you can take as little or as much time as you want to complete your blueprint. I recommend taking a few hours and creating your blueprint in one sitting and then coming back to it after a few hours or a day and reviewing your answers. There is no hurry to any of this and if filling out one question every day or so works best for you, then do what is best for you.

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