3 Unconscious Reasons Why You’re Not Manifesting Money

People often wonder why their physical manifestations are taking as long as they are. The universe takes its time manifesting your new reality physically, and given that it knows far more than we can ever comprehend, it stands to reason that everything will happen in its own time, when you’re vibrationally ready. There’s nothing to be worried about.

Worry drives people to perform actions that end up blocking the abundance that is coming their way. They sabotage themselves, and even worse, continue to believe they’re living from a state of abundance when they’re clearly not. This Module is going to spotlight three of the most common mistakes that people make.

Most of these mistakes portray a superficial view of reality. In other words, they are a perspective that only takes into account the physical part of reality. You are not living with presence and in alignment with every moment of your day, rather you are chasing something that is outside of you. Again, the first step to changing these behaviors and patterns is to become aware of them.

Mistake #1- Acting and not Being

One of the most repeated mantras of success is “acting as if.” Everyone from rappers to movie stars advise people to act as if they’re already where they want to be. This is both true and false. What’s more important is that a person “be” who they need to be in order to successfully manifest. If they’re in this state then they won’t just be acting, but they will be behaving in line with the reality that they desire.

If they aren’t being, then acting takes on a negative connotation. It implies that you need to hide your true reality and superimpose a fake persona in order to convince the world you’re someone else. This is a hard thing to do! Moreover, it’s a viewpoint that is focused on the outside world and isn’t centered around your inner compass.

It removes you from listening to the universe and to your intuition because you’re busy listening to what someone else is telling you. How could you possibly manifest anything from this state? The only possible result is that you will end up unhappy because you will either notice the lack of your desired manifestation physically or you will lose yourself trying to please everyone else around you.

Being is far more important than acting. Being implies your beliefs, perspective, actions and reality are in alignment and you’re receiving the full flow of information from the infinite. You’ve chosen to be a certain way, and this means the outer reality is not as important as the inner one.

Change always occurs from the inside out, not the other way around. We make the mistake of looking at other people’s results and think that the results are why they’re successful. The fact is that the fancy car is a result of them being a certain way. It isn’t the cause of it.

As an example, let’s say you wish to manifest a new BMW for yourself. Sticking a BMW label on your Honda isn’t going to turn it into something it isn’t. The interiors are the same, the shape of the body is the same as is the engine and the transmission. Slapping a label onto the Honda is a bit like “acting as if” without the power of “being as if.”

Financially successful people get that way because of who they are and how they view themselves. They are rich on the inside and thus vibrationally align themselves with the frequency of money. They view it as a natural state of being. Those who moan about their lack of physical money, focus on the absence of it, and thus vibrationally align themselves with the frequency of lack.

So focus on being, not acting. Surface level actions get you nowhere. It’s the change on the inside that really counts and removes all the negative filters from your old identity. Positive thoughts allied with elevated emotions followed by inspired actions is what attracts your desired manifestation to you.

Mistake #2- Judgment

There are a whole host of issues that emanate from an attitude of judgment. Judgment itself implies that you’re imposing your views upon a certain situation that is acting outside of you. It implies that instead of being and remaining in the moment, you’re rushing to process the information through your perspectives and beliefs.

More often than not, judgment leads us down wrong paths. For example, if you see someone who is financially wealthy with a nice car and clothes, your mind, or better yet ego, will immediately start comparing what you have to what they have.

On the inside, this can start generating negative emotions or patterns that enforce a perspective of lack upon yourself. In such times, it’s important to remember that you always have a choice. Tapping into your intuitive hunch to believe in your own potential to be happy and successful has nothing to do with what’s going on in someone else’s life.

You have full control over your own reaction to external events. You don’t have control over the external event itself. A lot of people try to control the external. We wish that those around us would behave a certain way so that we can be content. We wish for others to carry out certain actions that will result in greater prosperity for ourselves.

In order to enforce this point of view, we judge their behaviors and actions. What we miss is that by doing so we’re giving up our choice of reacting to the external positively. We’re giving away our power to the external and are falling into the trap of acting instead of being.

Your only choice is to talk to the external and choose your own reality. Judgment is a way of surrendering this choice and power. It is trying to live in a fantasy world where you have full control over the external, when you don’t. Allow your reality to change by choosing what you want instead of trying to make it happen and pushing away what you don’t want.

Mistake #3- Impatience

Patience is a huge sign of abundance. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll understand why. When you are patient, you are expressing your belief that everything is happening according to the universe’s plans for you and that everything will take as long as it needs to take. After all, the universe is in control of the external events in your life, so there’s no need to worry about how, when, and where your desire will manifest.

Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic on your way to an important meeting. This meeting is between you and a client who is ready to sign a lucrative contract that will bring you a ton of money. Naturally, you want to get there on time and not sabotage your chances. Being stuck in traffic might breed impatience within you.

Where does this impatience come from? When it comes down to it, it stems from a belief that you’re going to lose this contract if you’re not on time or that you’re not going to achieve your desired reality of making more money. It’s from a place of lack. You believe that the money this client is going to pay you is the only money that is available to you in the world and that the universe has no more in store for you.

Let’s take a step further back and examine the implications of these beliefs. First off, how could you possibly know that this traffic jam is going to cause you to be late? How can you know that the client is going to decline signing a contract with you because you were late? How could you know that the jam is a bad thing?

Perhaps there’s an accident that’s about to occur down the road that would put you in the hospital. Would you rather be late due to a traffic jam or late due to needing hospitalization? When you struggle against your external world by expressing impatience, you’re building resistance within your reality. You’re leaving the serene world of the present and are time-traveling into the future and past. You’re giving your power away to something that isn’t in your control and judgment soon follows. “I should have anticipated this traffic jam,” “This is why I’ll never be successful,” “Bad things always happen to me right when something good is about to take place”, and on and on.

Impatience causes us to make rash decisions and to assume that we know better than the universe. It only breeds more frustration and sets us on a negative spiral. Break out of this by shifting your awareness back into the present moment and by choosing to respond to your environment instead of reacting to it.

It’s important to note that there is a difference between being patient and being complacent. Being patient means that you’re working to better yourself internally, because the better you feel with yourself despite the situation, the more your reality will reflect this. If you’re complacent, you’re not really changing your reality. What you’re doing is waiting for reality to change for you. This is yet another superficial perspective that contradicts the science of manifestation. If you’re waiting for reality to change, you’re not in the process of creation, and if you’re not in the process of creation, your reality is not changing.

Be comfortable with not being in control and recognize that the universe is always connected to the vibrations that you’re emitting. All you need to do is continue creating from an aligned state and be patient!

Technique #14 – Neutralization

The Neutralization technique is very similar to the Generalization Technique we talked about in Module 2. The only difference is that this neutralization technique works in relationship to your external intentions and desires. In other words, we’re going to be focusing on detaching you from the outcome and helping you view life through the present moment.

Before I explain how it works, I’d like to highlight the difference between neutrality and complacency. Neutrality is the absence of strong or extreme expressions of something. Complacency is the act of being overly content or uncritically satisfied. The difference between the two is that neutrality takes into consideration the access we have to infinite abundance, while complacency doesn’t.

The idea behind the Neutralization technique is to simply be neutral to all the ideas, opportunities, desires, and situations that arise in your life. A state of neutrality removes you from the egoic way of thinking. The ego is constantly needing and chasing after something that validates its identity. This way of thinking ends up repelling all of the evidence that you’re looking for in your physical reality. The goal here is to simply keep your eyes open and allow the opportunity, the evidence, or the manifestation to show itself to you rather than going out there to look for it.

“Stop trying to leave, and you will arrive. Stop seeking, and you will see. Stop running away, and you will be found.”

Lao Tzu

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